Friday, November 25, 2005

Actualize Your Innate Divinity

Actualize Your Innate Divinity

“ In our ordinary waking state, we primarily experience beta brain waves (which vibrate at a frequency ranging from about 13 to 30 hertz or cycles per second). During deep relaxation, we move to alpha waves (8-13 Hz) and we ordinarily only experience theta waves (4-7 Hz) in those brief moments between waking and sleeping. The ultra slow delta waves (0.5-4 Hz) occur during sleep. Scientists have found that when meditators reach a state of deep awareness and internal mental serenity the two hemispheres of their brain--which ordinarily generate brain waves of different frequencies and amplitudes--become synchronized, both hemispheres generating the same brain waves. The left and right hemispheres of our brains appear to produce different brain functions. The left hemisphere is active in linear, logical, practical, and time orientated activities while the right hemisphere seems to be much more non-linear, abstract, creative, wholistic, and non-logical.” Brain Mind and Altered States of Consciousness, Norman D. Livergood

“... behold the Kingdom of God is within you.” Yeshua Ben Joseph

The mind control apparatus of the ruling oligarchy is actively dummying us down, desecrating (debauching our divinity) us and orienting us towards total manipulation to the point the whole world becomes subsumed in their debased values, virulent class stratification, wage and debt peonage. The ruling elites’ goal is to debase and devolve humanity so the masses are easily duped and controlled. Their predatory and perverse will and agenda to dominate the world includes a nefarious plan to reduce us to lower than animals. Look around you, the AmeriKKKan economy, the AmeriKKKan political system are crumbling and the psycho-social fabric of AmeriKKKan culture is degenerating to barbarian levels. The fascism now taking hold of AmeriKKKa is just the beginning of a planned nightmare that will make life under the likes of Stalin, Hitler and Idi Amin look like the good ol’ days. What can we do to derail their vile schemes? Do we need to take to the streets, is massive civil disobedience or revolution the solution? A wise man once said, “before kingdoms change, men must change.” By that reckoning revolution may not be the answer. I’m not suggesting a change of government in AmeriKKKa, one based on the highest ideals of humanity, truth, justice, harmony and righteousness (what our ancient African ancestors called Ma’at) is not possible. What I am saying is for that to come into reality we must change our consciousness, change our self-image and change how we relate to one another. The key to the fascists winning and dominating the world is to allow them to continue to manipulate our thinking with and by their fiendish propaganda apparatus. One way to beat them is to become discerning and discriminating about the media, images and information we consume. Ideas and images rule the world, whose ideas and images are you internalizing. If you are internalizing what you see on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post or L.A. times you need to cease and desist! If you think all we are is flesh and blood and the universe is the result of a random, unplanned accidental explosion think again!
We are powerful beings in our own right. Even the depraved religions that are tearing up the world with their doctrinal bickering and internecine wars, whose elites profess to follow the revelations and commandments of their glacial god, holy books tell us “ye are sons and daughters of the most high.” Unfortunately the hierarchies of these religions are too busy amassing temporal and financial power to teach their followers the profound implications of this message! There is more to us than meets the naked eye. We are physical beings animated by a vital energy or life force that originates from the CREATOR, the source of all creation. As such, we are divine beings. On the physical plane some of this animating energy can be measured by mechanical instruments. For example an EKG can measure the beats of the human heart by electrical recording. An EEG is a machine that measures the electrical output and patterns of the human brain. It is obvious part of the human make up is electromagnetic and there are machines that can measure or chart some of our innate dynamism. It is interesting to know that prolonged watching of television actually alters the viewer’s brain waves. This has been proven. In effect we are giving our power to others to use to manipulate us, bamboozle us and trick us into doing things that are not in our best interests such as eating certain foods or engaging in certain behavioral patterns.
We are powerful beings, sentient entities with the power to think, cogitate and create within our mind’s eye, images, pictures and scenes and act upon them with varying degrees of industriousness. These ideas can be either for our good or our detriment. By watching too much television and consuming too much, media we allow others outside of ourselves to influence our thoughts and ideas about life, ourselves and the world. We have the ability to think for ourselves make independent assessments of reality and define the world for ourselves. Let’s use this power, let’s strengthen our mental faculties by thinking, applying ourselves and solving challenging problems rather than giving up or imitating the duffus caricatures we see in the media. We can do much to control our destiny, our health and our futures. We can actualize and harness the full power of our brains by employing simultaneous hemispheric processing (whole brain functioning). We Africans have a long tradition of activating and using the right hemisphere to reach into the spirit world for information, inspiration, intuition and altered states of consciousness. We developed rituals and ceremonies that induced traces, “possessions” and altered states of consciousness that provided deep insight into and powerful solutions to human problems beyond the realm of mere sensory input. This whole brained functioning lead to a deep understanding of the complexities of the human make up and established ways of governance that created societies stressing good character, high morality and ethics, co-operation, complimentary gender roles and mutual assistance. Now we are being programmed for incivility, violence, predation, social balkanization and cannibalism by the ruling elites and their media flunkies. We don’t have to go out like this!
Learn to meditate and lower your brain wave activity. Learn to relax and utilize the Alpha and Theta levels to program (reprogram) your subconscious mind. Consciously use these techniques to improve your self-image and expectations. Actualize your aspirations (destiny and DIVINE mission) and fashion your immediate environment by visualizing what you want and how you want your world to be during the pre-sleep and pre-waking stages, then let the images go by turning your visions over to the universe and waiting expectantly but still do whatever is essential to actualize your dreams. Change the way you think. Change the way you use your innate powers of cogitation, visualization and emotion because energy follows thought (ideas, symbols and images). Before kingdoms change, people must change. Change requires thinking, believing, feeling and acting differently. Your degree of change will determine the changes in your life/world.



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