Thursday, November 10, 2005

Live Your Life Fully

Live Your Life Fully

“A man should live so that his funeral is not the biggest event in his life.” Vernon Johns

All of us are here for a purpose, there is no such thing as an illegitimate child. We are literally designed for success, we have a personal destiny, purpose and mission that DIVINE INTELLIGENCE and INFINITE WISDOM have ordained to benefit the whole human collective. You are so important and valuable your talents, gifts and aptitudes have been given to you by the CREATOR specifically so you can make your contribution and add to the mosaic of human genius, development and progress. Your gift may be as a healer, a teacher and supporter. You may have the ability to fix things, take them apart figure out how they work and improve upon their function. You may be an inventor, a researcher, a truth seeker. You may have talent as an artist, a singer, a word smith, you may be a visionary with the talent to form images, designs and put them on paper. Everyone born on this planet, even those we might deem in our ignorance as handicapped has something to offer. Life is about growth, change and expansion. From a single sperm cell united with an egg in the human ovary life and growth begins, cells multiply and organs are formed. We are constantly replenishing ourselves, our cells die but we aren’t aware of it, all we feel/experience is life. We were born to grow, flourish and develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our main responsibility is to manifest our innate greatness, divinity, demonstrate and contribute to the world that which nature and DIVINE SPIRIT have so graciously bestowed upon each of us!
What keeps us from accomplishing our divinely ordained mission, our destiny and our purpose? For one, ignorance. We live in a culture that is aspiritual, predatory and exploitative. Yes they have religions but they are, for the most part, tools of conquest, exploitation and oppression. We are ignorant of who and what we are. In this culture we are dummied down and the mind control apparatus keeps us focused on the baser elements and lowest common denominator so they can sell us products we don’t really need by manipulating our fears, sexual urges and profaned self-image. Life is more than that! In many First World societies rites and rituals are conducted to determine why a new soul is incarnating into their midst. They use divination, altered consciousness (trace states) of consciousness to contact the spirit world for information or occult sciences like astrology are employed to help them understand who is coming and what they offer. Once they know why the soul is coming, they make a social contract to assist that soul in fulfilling its destiny. In some cultures this is not done prenatally or right after birth but later in the child’s life. Often this is done during the rite of passage into adulthood, the destiny is discerned and the person’s adult name within the community reflects what his or her mission or talent is. The social obligation, the reciprocal agreement between the community and the individual is to facilitate this destiny so it benefits both.
Oppression is another reason we fail to discern or grasp our life’s purpose. Oppression is the foe and opposite of expansion. Oppression is constriction, restriction, cruel and unjust force to keep others down. Alien invaders with a cultural tradition of war, rape, pillage and plunder have captured us and subjected us to their vile world view and customs. Everywhere they’ve set foot on planet Earth, this has been their MO. They have no sense of a connectedness to anything and their virulent xenophobia is the result of their deep-seated alienation from the greater flow of life. Melanated people do not suffer from this deep psychosis. Unfortunately, we’ve been coerced brutalized and conditioned to internalize Eurocentric values and imitate European lifestyles. Our passive acquiescence to their values and negative energy causes us serious psychic pain, physical discomfort, emotional distress, mental anguish and spiritual disorientation. If we are to heal ourselves, we must redefine ourselves and transform ourselves. No one can save us but us! Part of this healing and redefinition means we must rethink what it means to be human and what it means to be alive. Our ancestors understood the importance of the universal vitality of a spirit world that interpenetrates and undergirds all that exists, including us! The West denies and attempts to negate this reality. We must reconnect with this universal vitality/intelligence and use it to transform ourselves. We must ask and answer for ourselves the age old questions, who am I, why am I here, what is my purpose? Once we refocus our energies on answering these questions we will be on the road to restoration. But I must warn you, it will not be easy. It means going against the grain, voluntarily opting out of the Eurocentric Matrix of passivity, insanity and illusion and beginning the arduous work of constructing a world of purpose, actualization, individuation ( where we recognize and develop our unique talents, aptitudes and abilities) and empowerment. We are already powerful, we just don’t realize how powerful we really are. The last thing the ruling elites want is self-determining, self-actualizing, independent thinking people. People like that are their worst nightmares! They want comatose, media induced zombies and sycophants. For us, empowerment and freedom mean being yourself, living a life of purpose, meaning and fulfillment. Real freedom means being who the CREATOR in INFINIE WISDOM and DIVINE INTELLIGENCE intends for us to be! If we live life with gusto, creativity, resilience and adhere to our inner moral compass and guide we will each demonstrate our uniqueness. Our lives will be positive role models for others and we will experience great joy and satisfaction despite the sorrows and hardships we may encounter. If we live confidently by embracing and actualizing to our best ability our purpose and life destiny, when we make our transition to the spirit realm, our funerals will certainly not be the biggest events in our life!



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