Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More Bizzaro World Spin From Bu$h

“In a Veterans Day speech on Friday, delivered to troops and others at the Tobyhanna Army Depot in Pennsylvania, George W. Bush veered from the usual commemoration of sacrifice to strike at critics who have questioned whether he steered the country into war by using false information. This has become a tough and troubling issue for his presidency. A poll taken before his speech found that 57 percent of the respondents now believe that Bush "deliberately misled" the nation into war. That is astounding and, I assume, without precedent in history. Has there been another wartime period during which a majority of Americans believed the president had purposefully bamboozled them about the reasons for that war? Addressing this charge is tough for Bush because it calls more attention to it, and the on-ground-realities in Iraq only cause more popular unease with the war. But Bush and his aides calculated that it was better to punch back than ignore the criticism, and that's a sign that they're worried that Bush is coming to be defined as a president who conned the nation into an ugly war. So Bush tried.”- www.davidcorn.com 11-14-05

Out of sheer desperation the Bu$h cabal and their NeoConmen cronies are out to salvage what is left of the administration’s shrinking credibility. Weekly public opinion polls reveal Bu$h’s approval rating are sinking lower and lower and fully over half of the AmeriKKKan people now say they distrust Bu$h. They think he deliberately “mislead”( a corporate media euphemism for lied) to invade and occupy Iraq. So on Veteran’s Day Bu$h began his campaign to reinterpret history and defend his imperialism. Unfortunately for Bu$h and Co. the people know there weren’t any WMD nor did Saddam Hussein attempt to secure uranium from Niger to facilitate a nuclear weapons program! The chickens (lies) are coming home to roost. But Bu$h the cheerleader he was, is going to give it the ol’ college try, he and his snake oil selling NeoConmen are set to hype up his lies he acted on the information he had, the world is a better place now that Saddam Hussein is gone and AmeriKKKa is doing God’s work spreading freedom and democracy in the region. Yeah right. If you believe that I have some swamp land to sell you real expensive. Over 2,000 US fatalities (the number is really higher when you count all the wounded who died in route to hospital in Germany and in the hospitals once they arrived) the ignominy of the prison abuse scandals, over 100,000 Iraqis killed in senseless operations like Fallujah, the world shrieking in disgust and loathing at AmeriKKKa’s fascist imperialism and the US treasury awash in red ink to pay for this debacle (to the tune of two billion dollars a day) Bu$H expects us to go for more of his okie-doke? I don’t think so. The damage is already done. Too many folks are waking up and singing along with John Newton, “I once was blind but now I see.” They see the NeoCon for what they are, ruthless warmongers who will send other people’s children to die to fatten their pockets and pursue the geopolitical interests of Israel. You have to give him credit, feeble as he is, at least his handlers sent him out on Veteran’s Day to attempt to bamboozle and dupe the people one more time. Bu$h is credited as once saying, at a fund raising event ,“You can fool all of the people all of the time, these are the ones we want to concentrate on.” As Ronald Reagan would say, “There he goes again.” Not only is Bu$h hitting back but the diehard NeoCon media are backing him up now also. In the past few days there has been a rash of statements speeches and articles by $h supporters debunking the notion they lied to send the nation to war and defending the “intelligence” Bu$h used to justify the carnage of “shock and awe” and the resulting post invasion disaster.
The warmongers are panicking and are trying to spin reality to make it seem like Bu$h used the best intelligence and the full US Congress was well informed and they went along with the invasion based upon well founded intelligence about WMD. What else could he say other than come clean and say, “Yeah we lied.” That’s not going to happen. Bu$H is a sociopath and as such, Truth is totally foreign to him. As the war drags on and as casualties escalate and the cost of war skyrockets to the detriment of social program and the economy, the people will get increasingly restless. Now there is evenmore talk about impeachment. The indictment of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby (what kind of adult still calls himself “Scooter”?) Dick Cheney’s top aid in the Valerie Plame outing has further damaged the Bu$h-Cheney cabal’s credibility. Bu$h and Cheney aren’t the only ones feeling the pinch. Newspapers in general and papers of record like the New York Times are also taking a hit. Readership is down, people are tired of being lied to. So both Bu$h and the media are on the offensive. The problem for them is the more they lie the more they damage their credibility. If Bu$h were Pinochio his nose would be the size of the Empire State Building! They are really desperate, their war for oil and dollar hegemony is not going well and they have to dupe the AmeriKKKan people so they cannon fodder and suckers to wage perpetual war in Iraq, Afghanistan as they try to steal the oil from Iran, Syria and Venezuela. The public is hip to the con game of bogus color coded terror alerts and as more and more truth is revealed, Bu$h and his cronies get increasingly desperate. So be prepared for more lies and distortions. Look for more NeoConmen of various stripes, to sell their snake oil of AmeriKKKan imperialism touting the benefits of war crimes and torture. The more they do this, and the worse the situation in Iraq becomes; the more uneasy the public will get, the worse his approval ratings will be.



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