Friday, November 04, 2005

The Real NeoCon Priorities

The Real NeoCon Priorities

A $50 BILLION hole is about to be blown in our national safety net for the poor, including:
• $9.5 billion in Medicaid – CUT. It's a direct hit to those needing health care – including children
• $5 Billion in Child Support Enforcement – GONE. Without it, deadbeat parents are off the hook again, plunging hundreds of thousands of children back into poverty.
• $844 Million in food stamps – ELIMINATED. Do we even need to explain the implications here?
The list goes on. It is about to happen at the U.S. Capitol, where Congress has proposed perhaps the cruelest, most immoral budget ever to reach the floor. Its rationale: to help pay for Katrina recovery. Yes, Katrina recovery will be expensive, but do we really believe punishing the poorest among us is the best answer? If this budget if passed, Katrina victims will the FIRST to feel its sting. It makes no sense. Adding insult to injury, the proposed budget also contain massive tax BREAKS for big corporations and the ultra-wealthy few. -

As the corporate media attempts to trivialize the indictment of Vice President Cheney’s resigned top aid I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby and downplay the US Senate’s attempts to curtail US torture policies around the world, the mind control apparatus is completely suppressing news of massive cuts in key social programs. The corporate media is doing the bidding of their board room masters in conjunction with government sycophants and lackeys to keep Joe and Jane Sixpack befuddled, confused and comatose. On the Website of Faithful America which describes itself as a “ progressive, inclusive, and responsive interfaith electronic advocacy community dedicated to providing a powerful collective voice to help advance the cause of compassion and justice in public policy ; we also see a blurb about the upcoming US federal budget. The notice urges its’ membership to take action to bring the attempt by Congress to cut Medicaid, the Food Stamp program and Child Support Enforcement to a halt. It is said you can tell a lot about o society by the way it treats its most vulnerable, its children and its elderly. Looking at the proposed budgetary changes one would conclude the United States of AmeriKKKa is a callous and cruel culture. The same bill that includes cuts in vital social programs for health care, nutritional supplements and child support enforcement also includes shameless tax breaks for large corporations and the super rich. At a time when the federal deficit is at economy wrecking historic levels, Congress plans to cut additional taxes, taxation being one of the forms of government revenue, for a cash strapped and bankrupt US Treasury. The irony of all this is Congress is doing this in the name of helping to pay for Hurricane Katrina recovery?!
It’s bad enough Hurricane Katrina’s devastation was a direct result of US policies that cut funding to maintain and upkeep the New Orleans levee system, funding cuts to the US Army Corps of Engineers and the cruel ineptitude of the Bu$h administration and FEMA; but to blame these budget cuts on the Hurricane is criminal. Everything we do individually and collectively reflects our consciousness and self image. Despite hypocritical verbiage about democracy, freedom, peace and social responsibility, the US government demonstrates daily what its real priorities are: warmongering, good ol’ boy, corporate favoritism and fraud. No amount of spin can justify or rationalize these budget cuts in light of present socio-economic realities; as the gap between the rich and poor widens. On top of the fraud, mismanagement and carnage Bu$h’s “war on terrorism” is causing, his discredited, unpopular and failed policies are bankrupting the nation. To add to Bu$h’s woes the majority of AmeriKKKans now believe he lied to justify his invasion and occupation of Iraq!! The US Treasury is broke. Bu$h and Co. borrow two billion dollars a day, that’s billion with a “B” a day, just to keep the government afloat. The two billion includes money for the Iraq and Afghani occupations. This is borrowed money, it must be paid back. Who is going to pay that back plus the debt service and interest? Economists admit wages are stagnant despite corporate growth. Where is the money coming from to pay off our increasing fiscal debts?
That sucking sound you hear is your children and grandchildren’s future slurping down the drain! This is the real NeoConmen agenda, to get rich while they bankrupt the nation via perpetual war, as they reduce us to third world status economically via legislative and fiscal skullduggery while gutting social welfare programs that provide a minimum safety net for the poor. We don’t have to go out like this. We have options: we can raise a ruckus; call, FAX, E-mail or write your Congressman and Senator. Let them know you know what they are up to, that you don’t like it one bit and if they don’t oppose these budget cuts you will remember them come election time!



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