Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Our Own Consciousness vs Propaganda

Our Own Consciousness vs Propaganda

“Why is it important to understand the techniques of propaganda and how they work? Because - tucked in places and designed in ways you might not notice, propaganda designers have been putting hidden messages into television commercials, news programs, magazine ads and more. These messages have been carefully designed to influence our opinions, emotions, attitudes and behavior. Their purpose is to persuade us to believe in something or to do something that we would not normally believe or do. Most importantly, these messages have been designed to benefit someone, and that someone may not be you! The techniques of propaganda are used every day, in the military, in the media, in advertising, in politics, and in all sorts of human relationships. It's not as easy as you might think to spot hidden messages. Propaganda designers know you are on your guard. To get around your guard, they don't put one message into a piece of propaganda - they put lots of messages into each piece! The more you know about propaganda techniques and how they work, the less likely it is that someone will sneak something by you!”

“Keep Thine Heart with all diligence for out of it flow the issues of life” Proverbs 4:23

Unlike totalitarian regimes where the ruling elites control the media and there are few if any other options other than the crude mind control apparatus of the state, AmeriKKKa’s mind control and psychological warfare techniques are more varied and subtle. In AmeriKKKa we have access to literally hundreds of channels, radio stations and publications spewing out propaganda messages hidden within the images, music, advertising, news, fake news and “entertainment” all designed to influence our thinking, beliefs and behavior. The goal of the propagandist and psy op specailists is to program our minds in such a way that we internalize their ideas, values and agenda but think it is our own ideation, thoughts and volition. This explains why at one time over seventy per cent of AmeriKKKans actually believed Saddam Hussein had WMD and was associated with 9-11! Why? Because the corporate media and Bu$h and Co kept pounding that message day and night, that Hussein and Iraq posed a dire and eminent threat to AmeriKKKa. Everyone in the Bu$h administration was involved in the charade even the one man in the cabal who had any real credibility, Colin Powell, which he immediately squandered by his shameful and disingenuous performance at the UN. Propaganda is all around us. Our psycho-social environment is permeated with it. AmeriKKKa boasts whole industries (advertising, PR, entertainment and news) that do noting but lie to us, trick us or play on our fears, inadequacies and hidden desires and fantasias. It is all part of a nefariously ingenious mind control process designed to make us outer directed and totally dependent upon the propagandists and psy op manipulators for our image of ourselves and our sense of reality! Thus far it has worked like a charm for them. The prime example is 9-11. They used that event which most thinking people realize could not have happened without at least some government involvement to further their own villainous agenda. Ponder this, only through overt propaganda, trickery and psychological manipulation could a man who went into the Air Reserves to escape going to Vietnam, who eventually went AWOL from his unit, be depicted as a “War President” and a fitting "Commander in Chief"!!
Propaganda, even the sophisticated brands employed by the ruling elites and the corporate media, Hollywood and Madison Avenue can be easily defused and countered simply by thinking for ourselves. Remember the goal of the propagandist is to trick us into accepting their “reality” as self- generated cogitation. Critical thinking counters propaganda every time. Why, because it is self-generated thought from within us and not outer induced mind control. Think of propaganda as hypnotism, where the psy op specailist plants suggestions, images, sounds and disinformation while we are in a relaxed, unsuspecting and receptive state. This is exactly what happens every time we watch television, listen to the radio , the iPod or read. But if we maintain an attitude of scepticism and critical thinking they cannot get to us as easily. If we think using our thought processes with our memories and discerning their patterns and how they operate we will be less susceptible to their tricknowlogy. If we refuse to turn our mind over to the programmers they cannot succeed. If we question everything, if we maintain a state of disbelief until we mull the information and meditate on what we are being told we will be less inclined to go for their okie-doke. For example the Native Americans know the white man can’t be trusted, so their experiences with Europeans should make them suspect the motives of whites in everything. Our history at the hands of Europeans should make us leery of just about everything they say. We know first hand about their depravity, their terrorism and torture. So there should be no doubt in our minds the US military and CIA are torturing the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Abu Ghraib pictures should not have surprised any black people. After Hurricane Katrina, can we doubt the cold-blooded heartlessness of Bu$h and his minions? Yes forgiveness comes into play but forgiveness doesn’t mean we are to be stupid! Guard your mind. The boxing referee tells the combatants, “protect yourself at all times”, so should we! Think thoughts, create and utter affirmations that allow yourself to discern the TRUTH of your life situations and what is going on around you. Visualize peace and work towards inner tranquility and allow that to radiate outward. Do not consume mass doses of media uncritically. Scrutinize and analyze everything you watch and read. Ask yourself, who does this benefit, why did they say that, why did they do that and this is true according to whom? Once you are satisfied with the answers your higher self and higher consciousness gives, proceed based upon this inner guidance rather than being outer directed by the advertisers, propagandists and psy op specialists. It is better to think for yourself using trial and error than totally accept someone else’s version reality and become their zombie.



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