Saturday, December 24, 2005

PEACE on Earth Begins Within

Peace on Earth begins Within

“In the old African belief, as depicted by the Egyptians on wall paintings and scrolls that have survived desecration, was a scene of judgement day. In it stand the spirit of the deceased calmly watching as symbolically his heart is placed on the balance of the scale opposite a feather. The feather is the ancient hieroglyphic symbol of truth! Therein was the standard which was necessary for anyone to achieve everlasting life in the here-after. If one were true to the Earth around him, true to the people who stood before him and had passed before him, and true to himself and the god that dwelt within, only the righteous way of life could prevail.” J Asar Jubal Black Truth page 232

It’s supremely ironic that as the West prepares to celebrate the Christ Mass supposedly acknowledging the birth of their messiah who according to their scriptures is the champion of truth, justice righteousness and the Prince of Peace, AmeriKKKa led by a self professed “born again” evangelical Christian is waging unrepentant war on the world. To make matters worse his wars are based upon lies, deception, skulduggery and treasonous actions! Here on the day before the date ascribed to the birth of Yeshua Ben Joseph (misnamed Jesus by the Romans) the cold blooded warmongers are scrambling to justify yet another unlawful act domestic spying on AmeriKKKan citizens. Christmas is supposedly a time of peace and joy, a time of celebration because of the reconciliation between the ONE and all creation. Of course the notion that we are somehow separated and estranged from the very source of our being is a reflection of the warped mentality of the leaders of Western religion and culture. It is a symptom of their deep-seated psychic alienation from themselves, nature and the rest of humanity. We can discern this alienation and estrangement int heir behavior towards their own kind, thousands of years of continuous internecine warfare pillage and plunder that they exported around the world in every place they set foot on planet Earth. Another irony is that this rapine, looting, plunder and murder were done in the name of their god and the very Messiah, this Prince of Peace they claim to worship. These barbarians who used to howl at the moon and cannibalize their young (especially their female young) and eat their dead have the audacity to depict themselves as civilizers, bringers of freedom and enlightenment. They have forced this delusional self-image on the world at gun point, deceit and economic thuggery. They have even corrupted the season, high jacking it from one of supposed religious significance to one of crass materialism, consumerism and debauchery.
But the good news is TRUTH never sleeps, Ma’at has been enthroned in the universe by THE ONE since day one and in due time the UNIVERSAL SOUL’s message will resonate to all its offspring despite the illusions and deceptions perpetrated by those whose calcified pineal glands prevent them from hearing the still small voice within them. THE UNIVERSAL SOUL’s message is urging, prompting and guiding us back to THE SOURCE in which we live move and have our being. This SOURCE is not outside ourselves or alien to us. Because it is, we exist. The animating life force that pulsates throughout our being contains energy, intelligence and varying frequencies of consciousness that we can tap into at any time we choose. Truth is available to us today, right now, if we only seek it. PEACE is available and immanent if we seek it. SERENITY is closer that our very skin if we really desire it, it will materialize. POWER is already here all we have to do is tap into it and allow it to guide us along the PATH to THE WAY. On this day, with so many messages urging us to be outer directed, turn within, discover the real you discover the KINGDOM of GOD within you. Let it lead and guide you. Fear nothing for the ignorant and the foolish have no power over you once you tap into THE SOURCE. On this day, turn from ignorance and the worship of the material and embrace SPIRIT. The world may not change but everything will be different and you will be too. Discover the peace that was meant to be. The CREATOR has a MASTER PLAN, PEACE and HAPPINESS for every one. Experience and enjoy!


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