Wednesday, December 07, 2005

pearl harbor One More Precursor To 9-11

Pearl Harbor One More Precursor to 9-11

“Until now. After decades of Freedom of Information Act requests, Robert B. Stinnett has gathered the long-hidden evidence that shatters every shibboleth of Pearl Harbor. It shows that not only was the attack expected, it was deliberately provoked through an eight-step program devised by the Navy. Whereas previous investigators have claimed that our government did not crack Japan's military codes before December 7, 1941, Stinnett offers cable after cable of decryptions. He proves that a Japanese spy on the island transmitted information--including a map of bombing targets--beginning on August 21, and that government intelligence knew all about it. He reveals that Admiral Kimmel was prevented from conducting a routine training exercise at the eleventh hour that would have uncovered the location of the oncoming Japanese fleet. And contrary to previous claims, he shows that the Japanese fleet did not maintain radio silence as it approached Hawaii. Its many coded cables were intercepted and decoded by American cryptographers in Stations on Hawaii and in Seattle.”- Cover Notes From Day of Deceit by Robert B. Stinnet

Odd, on this sixty-forth anniversary of the “sneak attack” on the US Navel base at Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu in Hawaii by the Japanese navy and four years after the 9-11 “attacks” which helped the AmeriKKKan ruling elites launch a psychological war against the minds of the AmeriKKKan peole to convince us this country being attacked by radical fundamentalists of the Islamic religion, little or nothing about that seminal incident in US history has been said today. Why? Could it be because credible research and scholarship have now shed new light on what happened on December 7, 1941? Could it be because there is ample evidence the attack on Pearl Harbor was not unforeseen, was not unanticipated and in fact had been instigated precipitated and alerte to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in advance? To many who view Pearl Harbor and the resulting WWII as AmeriKKKa’s greatest hour, her best example of democratic ideals and most gallant defense of Western civilization this seems blasphemous. But now many are convinced December 7, 1941 was a “Day of Infamy” not because the Japanese government launched an “unprovoked attack” on the US Naval fleet at Pearl Harbor, but because a closed clique including President Franklin Delano Roosevelt himself who had once served as Under Secretary of the Navy actually manipulated circumstances and AmeriKKKan policies to intentionally goad Japan into attacking AmeriKKKa. Why would a man like Roosevelt who campaigned promising to keep AmeriKKKans out of the foreign entanglements in Europe do that? Because he knew the AmeriKKKan public would not intervene in raging wars in Europe and Asia unless AmeriKKKa was “attacked” first!
From the very beginning there was anger at what happened on December 7, 1941 and many right wingers of that day even accused Roosevelt of treason for what several called a ‘back door entry into war”. Over the years as with many things the historiographies have been written and circulated by the people with the most power a vested interests in maintaining one particular perspective or by people who wanted to please and be rewarded by one or both groups. Up until recently the party line held the Japanese snuck up on the US Naval facility unannounced using aircraft carriers and bombers catching the US servicemen off guard at 7:55 AM Hawaiian time. While there were others who disagreed, their voices were muffled and suppressed. It has only been in recent years that revisionists’ work have cracked the public psyche. The most famous is Robert Stinnet’s book Day of Deceit However there is a mountain of evidence by earlier writers and newer researchers like brother Mamadou Chinyelu whose book Motive Means and Opportunity Probable Cause for Indicting George W Bush, his Sponsors and Aides for the Attack of September 11, 2001 makes the case 9-11 was not the first time an AmeriKKKan president manipulated or allowed an attack on US property or positions to facilitate a war. Using Roosevelt administration member’s personal diary entries and other credible sources Chinyelu establishes at clear pattern (by also including similar incidents throughout US history) of US manipulation to justify going to war. “A final act of manipulation to force Japan’s hand came in the form of a communique to Japan from Cordell Hull, secretary of state dated November 26, 1941. The document has since been characterized as an ultimatum. Hull’s proposed peace agreement include a ten step plan. Step number three stated, ‘The government of Japan will withdraw all military, naval, air and police forces from China and Indochina.’ FDR and his aides knew full well that japan would not accept the ten terms outlined in Hull’s communique. Japan considered it ‘A humiliating proposal’ Reportedly the US Ambassador to Japan referred to Hull’s ultimatum as ‘The document that touched the button that started the war’. As expected Japan responed to Hull’s proposal with an attack on Pearl harbor December 7, 1941.” page 113-114. I suggest you purchase Chinyelu’s thought provoking book because it will provide insight into 9-11 and demonstrate it to be the Pearl Harbor of the twenty-first century in more ways then one. Serious researchers will see similarities in every war since 1812! The MO is the same because human beings are creatures of habit on the macro level our habits are calle "culture". We do what we think works or we dont things unconsciously, by rote! In this case the warmongers dupe the masses who will serve as cannon fodder into supporting a long planned ahead war after the ruling elites have infuriated an adversary or created an enemy where one did not exist (ala Saddam Hussein). They provoke the new bogeyman into making aggressive moves so the rulers can claim the moral high ground via righteous indignation. They then turn around and wage barbaric and brutal wars based upon lies and propaganda and justify it if they win as national pride and "history"! AmeriKKKa did this to foment the Mexican-AmeriKKKan War, the Spanish AmeriKKKan War, WWI , WWII, Vietnam and on 9-11. Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.



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