Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Countdown To War?

Countdown To War?

“Iran is about to begin pricing its oil in euros. Unfortunately, just about everyone would benefit--except the United States- Without some form of U.S. intervention, the euro is going to establish a firm foothold in the international oil trade. The U.S. dollar has been the strongest currency of the world for more than half a century, with about 70% of percent of all currency reserves in American dollars. This could be a logical explanation for why the Islamic republic would be the U.S.’s next target. This is closely related to the fact that oil, the most important commodity traded in the world, is mostly priced in U.S. dollars. The majority of countries that are oil importers have to buy their oil in U.S. dollars, which forces them to keep most of their foreign currency in dollars.”

The news out of Iraq is not good despite Bu$h’s mantra that “the democratization” of Iraq will eventually stabilize the region. No one in their right mind believes that. It’s wishful thinking, fantasy or pure BS! The US is bogged down in a no win occupation of Iraq that in spite of recent calls for withdrawal of US troops by a minority of US Congress and Senate members, is not going to happen any time soon. Why? Because the “democratization” of Iraq was never the real goal. That’s just the okie-doke the ruling elites used to justify their imperialist aggression. You cannot impose "democracy" on another country. One country cannot dictate how another country sets up its government and political system and say with a straight face the people of the second country are free and self-determining! But that’s exactly what the US is doing in Iraq. At first Bu$h rejected open elections. The NeoConmen’s original plan was to have an AmeriKKKan proconsul like Paul Bremer or John Negroponte administer the colony and set up a puppet regime like they did in Afghanistan with a pro-Western/CIA connected and trained stooge like Ahmed Chalabi as its titular head. The plan fell apart when the most influential Muslim clerics in Iraq who took a wait and see position after the invasion demanded direct elections and Bu$h was forced to concede for fear they would incite wholesale jihad against his illegal occupation amidst a growing resistance tothe US occupation. So now there are over 130,000 US troops in Iraq still unable to pacify the region and the long standing ethnic and religious divisions will one way or another be the undoing of Bu$h’s plan of imperial overreach. He was motivated to invade Iraq to placate the rabid right wingers in Israel’s Lukid Party and save the US dollar’s hegemony as the world’s preeminent exchange currency. Now Bu$h has other problems. Early on in his administration, he identified Iraq , Iran and North Korea as “an axis of evil” and he has been constantly rattling his military sabers at each of them. Iraq was the first to experience the shock and awe of US military overkill and regime change Based on trumped up lies about WMD and ties to 9-11, Bu$h invaded Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein. The real reason he did so was because in 2000 Saddam Hussein began trading Iraqi oil and oil for food in euros rather than US dollars. At the time the US dollar was stronger than its European Union counterpart currency. However by 2002 the euro had eclipsed the US dollar and several additional OPEC nations began contemplating switching from the dollar to the euro as their prime currency exchange. Globally this would have been disastrous for the US as the agreement to make the US dollar the world’s primary petrol exchange currency and the US military’s readiness to back it up was the only thing keeping AmeriKKKa from being reduced to a second rate player on the world stage!
The AmeriKKKan economy is not what it used to be and a shift from the dollar to the euro would mean more central banks would exchange their supply of dollars for euros or call their Treasury Bill notes causing a virtual run that could sink the US economy. In 2004 Iran announced plans to open an international oil exchange in March of 2006 with the (disastrous for the US) intention of trading all their oil in euros rather than US dollars. This is the real reason (in addition to the fact the destabilization and castration of any Arab country benefits Israel) the US is circulating reports Iran is producing nuclear weapons. If a country producing nuclear weapons was such a big deal, why didn’t Washington use the military option against India or Pakistan for developing nuclear weapons; or for that matter why doesn’t the US ever chastise Israel for having nuclear weapons? Ask yourself this question, which country do you think would be more likely to use nuclear weapons (don’t count the US because it has already done so in Japan and Iraq), Israel which has a history of preemptive strikes against Arab nations or Iran? The US and Israel crying crocodile tears over Iran’s nuclear program is a repeat and replay of the same thing they said about Saddam Hussein and his supposed WMD. That is pure disinformation and propaganda for the dolts, imbeciles and simpletons’ consumption. The real reason the NeoConmen are about to risk WWIII is because Iran is months away from pulling the rug out from under US global economic hegemony. How will this play out is anyone’s guess because a US or Israeli strike against Iran probably will not go unretaliated. Iran will strike back at both targets in Israel and at US troops in Iraq. Plus Iran has treaties and alliances with Russia and China and support of other OPEC nations so it could escalate into a regional if not global armed and economic conflict sucking in NATO on one side and galvanizing increased Islamic hatred against the US and Israel on the other while raisig the cost of oil for everyone! The immediate target of global Muslim ire, would be the puppet governments in Saudi Arabia and Egypt who stood by and allowed the US and Israel to attack Iran. In addition to the scandals (illegal NSA domestic wire taps, the Enron and DeLay trials and recent Abramoff deal) and economic woes facing the Bu$h administration; the Iran oil bourse poses an major challenge for AmeriKKKa’s future as a global power. Don’t depend on the corporate media for information about this! Look to the foreign papers, Websites and alternative news because this is potentially one of the biggest stories of 2006. Keep your eyes and ears open as well as your mind!



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