Thursday, January 19, 2006

How They Dupe and Bamboozle Us

How They Dupe and Bamboozle Us

“One of the most powerful ways of by-passing critical rationality in America has long been the posture of religious piety and moralism. That’s how the Music Man sells River City on a boy’s band. “These leaders must have integrity, they’re so religious,” I heard on my call-in radio show. People who have been betrayed by the false piety of the Jimmy Swaggarts and Jim Bakkers of the world will still assume that one who speaks often enough of his great faith can be trusted. That’s the way that the wolf of unbridled self-aggrandisement hides behind the sheep’s clothing of false righteousness. (That’s how political leaders who are only serving their lust for power and their greed can get legitimacy and compliance.)
There is another venerable template in American political culture: the pattern of rhetoric by which governing elites inflame peripheral issues to distract their followers from seeing the truth of their exploitation. In the South, race long served as the imflammatory distraction to enable the few to dominate the many. In our times, the pseudo-alliance to preserve white purity has been largely replaced by a pseudo-alliance to maintain moral purity. What’s not noticed is that while the leaders just keep these hot-button moral issues (like abortion and gay rights) festering, unresolved, they make sure that the agenda of the rich and powerful (the regressive tax cuts, the dismantling of environmental regulation, etc.) actually gets accomplished. While the con itself is not new, the scope of today’s successful deception of the American people is unprecedented.” What Makes Americans Susceptible to Manipulation? by Andrew Bard Schmookler

It is truly amazing to see just how thoroughly effective the media mind control apparatus is at brainwashing supposedly intelligent humans into falling for the lamest okie-doke imaginable. Throughout human history the masses have allowed an elite few to lead rule and manipulate them. In by-gone eras many of the leaders were motivated by a higher calling and held accountable by the tribe or clan to live upright and represent. Our African ancestors established the first systematic articulation of ethics they called Ma’at. The Africans spread this notion of divinely ordained teleological order, rectitude, righteousness, truth, equilibrium, justice harmony and reciprocity as they spread out and populated the earth. Behavioral deviants, lepers, mutants and social outlaws who refused or could not abide by the notions of Ma’at were banished from the group. Subsequently due to isolation and perversion they incestuously inbreed with each other resulting in a pale skinned genetically mutated culturally abhorrent psychopathic species. This species has made it’s impact felt since 2,000 BCE. When they overran the darker skinned peoples of Sumer and likewise when they poured into the Indus Valley and destroyed the Harrapan cultures after a long series of wars. Today their genetic and cultural descendants rule the world using brute force to intimidate and frighten, they use lies, disinformation and deceit to manipulate the masses to maintain their hegemony over their own people and the rest of humanity. The tools of their trade are lies and deceit coupled with brute force, torture and terror. Western history is replete with examples of their modus operandi: the ongoing internecine tribal invasions and warfare, the Spanish inquisition, the ruthless and brutal efforts of the Catholic Church to suppress the Reformation, the Salem Witch trials and the stark savagery Europeans have unleashed on people of color everywhere they encountered us on planet earth.
Today we live in an increasingly technological age where advanced technology is used to dummy down, misinform and manipulate the masses. We are now learning the US is using this technology to illegally spy on and monitor the communications and the comings and going of the citizenry. In many ways consumer technology we use and believe is so vital for our daily living are merely Trojan Horses we unwittingly allow into our lives and homes that will eventually defeat and debase us. Most AmeriKKKans are not critical thinkers. This is by design and purpose. An uncritical and mindless people are viewed as sheep to be sheered and lead around by those more cunning, powerful and ruthless. An example of the gullibility of the AmeriKKKan people is the official version of 9-11, espoused by the government, the corporate media and the 9-11 “Whitewash” Commission. Their narrative that a band of Muslim fanatics operating out of caves in Afghanistan were able to either by pure luck or astute planning circumvent the multi- billion dollar intelligence, military and civil defense systems of the United States is highly unlikely yet most AmeriKKKans unquestionably accept this nonsense as fact. Only an misinformed idiot would believe this stuff unless the mechanisms they depend upon for news and information keeps repeating this madness over and over while suppressing and discrediting any questions or challenges to such an improbable narrative. Our addiction to the medium of television is the Trojan Horse that allows the ruling elites to brainwash us and we not even realize what is being done to us. “Television, including video tape recording (VTR), is one of the most effective media for persuasion. It offers many advantages for propaganda operations, and its wide application in other fields contributes to its acceptance and use. It is appropriate for use in limited, general, and cold war and is particularly effective in FID (Foreign Internal Defense) and consolidation operations... Television is an all encompassing-mass communication medium. Like radio, it makes use of the sense of hearing to convey an idea. Like printed material, it makes use of the sense of sight, adding the element of motion. And like the motion picture, it combines sight, sound, and motion. Television is immediate; in effect, it places the viewer in two locations simultaneously, creating the illusion of participating in a distant event.” The more we uncritically watch television and unwittingly internalize the subtle and overt messages contained in the programming the more at risk we place ourselves to be brainwashed, indoctrinated and duped. The media is the conduit for a message and the primary message of AmeriKKKan media is white supremacy, global dominance and fascism. One way to thwart their intentions is to consume less media, period. When you do read or watch television do so with a skeptical and critical eye. Ask yourself, is this true? Ask yourself why should I believe this stuff? Ask yourself what messages are they trying to instill and how are these images affecting me? Start being aware of the modifiers, the adjectives, adverbs and other descriptive words used in the articles which will give you a better idea of how the story is being slanted. Start paying attention to the pictures and images in the papers and on the newscasts. They will give you insight into how the images are being used to manipulate your opinions and emotions. Note the placement of black people in commercials and in scenes in the movies and on television. Ponder the fact we are in a global war and everything our oppressors use are designed to gain an advantage for them. How they dupe us is by promoting and selling technology they will use to brainwash, dominate and subjugate us. Now that you know, act accordingly.


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