Monday, January 30, 2006

Our Moral Compass Is Still Working

“100% of the African Americans in the poll-- 109-- now believe that the Iraq war was unjustified. Zero percent of the African Americans polled support the appointment of Alito to the Supreme Court. 80.3% oppose it and 19.7 percent are not sure. That helps explain the huge drop in support PA Senatorial candidate Bob Casey sees from African Americans when they learn his positions. How huge? Casey loses virtually 50% of his African American support (think Philadelphia and Pittsburgh) I was shocked until I checked the poll's issue question demographics and found how strongly the African American Community feels about those two issues.” 01-29-06

A recent Zogby/ People public opinion poll on a wide range of topics indicated not one African in AmeriKKKa polled thought the invasion and occupation of Iraq was justified. Now I know most thinking people are skeptical about public opinion polls because they are often used as propaganda or disinformation tools to sway public opinion one way or anther. But in this case I am hearted for several reasons. First Zogby is an honest pollster. Thus far he and his group have maintained their integrity and have not been bought off by the political elites unlike many public relations firms and professional pollsters who are in fact on the CIA and White House payrolls. John Zogby’s company, Zogby International is known for tackling the tough questions, looking at the critical issues in AmeriKKKan social and political life and treading where most corporate connected pollsters fear to go. For example a recent Zogby poll revealed a majority of AmeriKKKans favor the impeachment of George W Bu$h for illegal spying on US citizens. “By a margin of 52% to 43%, Americans want Congress to consider impeaching President Bush if he wiretapped American citizens without a judge's approval, according to a new poll commissioned by,, a grassroots coalition that supports a Congressional investigation of President Bush's decision to invade Iraq in 2003. The poll was conducted by Zogby International, the highly-regarded non-partisan polling company. The poll interviewed 1,216 U.S. adults from January 9-12. The poll found that 52% agreed with the statement: ‘If President Bush wiretapped American citizens without the approval of a judge, do you agree or disagree that Congress should consider holding him accountable through impeachment.’ 43% disagreed, and 6% said they didn't know or declined to answer. The poll has a +/- 2.9% margin of error.” In 2004 Zogby International published their Impressions of America study a six nation survey of altitudes towards AmeriKKKa by Arabs in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and United Arab Emirates; countries that are generally pro Western. The Zogby International survey found that most Arabs in these countries held negative opinions about US foreign policy .
The latest Zogby Peoples poll is interesting because it included Africans in AmeriKKKa. This in itself is unique because most polls, surveys and studies totally ignore black people. How many homes in black communities do you know that keep a Neilson log of the television shows they watch? How many blacks do you know who keep an Arbitron rating logbook? When was the last time a white person asked you your opinion on anything? Not that that matters because Africans in AmeriKKKa are very opinionated and hold strong feelings on a myriad of issues, it’s just that most whites could care less and most see us as invisible. The fact that none of the respondents to the Zogby question supported Bu$h is also a good sign. It means we have not fallen for the okie-doke or cracked under the pressure of fascist jingoist media propaganda, White House intimidation or right wing demagoguery. Good for us! We are still sane. Perhaps the Bu$h administration’s callous response to Hurricane Katrina and the suffering black folks in New Orleans pissed enough of us off that nothing Bu$h says or does resonates with us. Perhaps we knew all along the invasion of Iraq was morally reprehensible as well as a tactical folly. According to the Zogby poll black folks are also opposed to the Alito nomination to the US Supreme Court. Perhaps we know Alito or someone like him will tip the scales to full fledged fascism and give Bu$h and his ilk the votes needed to go buck wild creating a fascist police state. Maybe the stories about Bu$h ordering illegal spying on US citizens strikes a cord and we remember the massive abuses of COINTELPRO, the state sanctioned terror of the Jim Crow era or maybe we have something in our genetic memory that makes us uneasy and skeptical about someone like George W Bu$h.
I like to think the Zogby poll reflects a sanity and savvy within the African-AmeriKKKan community. I like to think black folks have not allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked and bamboozled by the media mind control apparatus. I like to think we oppose the invasion and occupation of Iraq because it is the humane, righteous and just thing to do! I like to think we oppose Alito because we know intuitively he is no good; because we know, anyone a man like Bu$h would recommend and nominate is morally flawed from the jump. While there aren’t many black spokespersons out front in the limelight like Martin Luther King Jr was in 1967 denouncing the war in Vietnam, to our credit black folks are hip to the real deal. We’ve stopped signing up to be cannon fodder in the white man’s imperialistic military misadventures, his wars for oil, US dollar hegemony, drugs and to be the world’s bully. Good for us! Perhaps our moral compass is still working?. Maybe just maybe we can influence world events just by saying no to war, injustice, US state terror and exploitation at home and abroad! Last month I purchased the book Without Sanctuary a graphic pictorial chronicle of lynchings and mutilations of blacks by whites throughout the United States. I display it prominently in my library/study/studio. I use it to keep me focused and to remind me never to fall for the Bu$hzzaro world newspeak okie-doke that war is peace, occupation is liberty, callousness and neglect are concern and compassion, ruthlessness and greed are humanitarianism or that white power is to be trusted. Zogby International didn’t ask me and probably won’t but I’m hearted and encouraged to know so many Africans in AmeriKKKa recognize Emperor Bu$h is morally naked, and they see the AmeriKKKan Empire for what it really is. Maybe just maybe all those good white folks (whoever and wherever they are) will wake up in time to turn Bu$h and Cheney out.



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