Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Real Criminals

The Real Criminals

“Crime and criminal behavior regardless of temporal or cultural definition, occur not in a vacuum, but within a complex matrix of interpersonal, social, intergroup relations and other econo-psychological forces. Crime and criminality, their existential vicissitudes and emblematic meanings can only be usefully and appropriately deciphered and pragmatically dealt with within the context of these forces. Crime and criminality are social phenomena and are reflective of the social system within which they occur. To discuss crime and criminality without reference to a social system is to engage in meaningless discussion.” Dr. Amos N. Wilson

projection: attributing one’s own traits, attitudes, or faults to others.- Dictionary of Psychology

It is becoming increasingly clear to even those who employ the ostrich syndrom, (sticking their head in the sand to avoid see what is going on around them) that AmeriKKKa is a full fledged criminal state. Even if by some chance you are so dim-witted you actually believe the government’s version of what happened on 9-11, you cannot believe the lies George W Bu$h and Dick Cheney continue to tell about the need to spy on innocent AmeriKKKans, for bypassing the established FISA Court protocols or that AmeriKKKa doesn’t torture people or that AmeriKKKa is not a bloodthirsty immoral nation. How can you not believe this? Look at the content of the entertainment industry, all the violence killing and war. Notice all the movies and television series promoting war, invasion and empire. Do you think this is purely coincidental? It is part of a mind control and psychological warfare campaigns directed at the AmeriKKKan public by the ruling elites and their corporate media partners in crime If you know the history of this country or you are of African ancestry or Native American descent, you know first hand the sordid horrors our people have been subjected to right up til now. If you doubt what I am saying go to and peruse the pictures there. Look at the expressions on the faces of those white men, women and children and ask yourself, do you believe George W Bu$h the man who as governor of the state of Texas executed more human beings than any sitting governor in recent history, when he utters nonsense like, “We do not torture.”? AmeriKKKa is and always has been a psychopathic enclave from its days as a colony for the nations of France, England, Holland and Spain. The genocide of the indigenous inhabitants is a testament to that, no matter how their mythmakers dress it up and try to obfuscate it in fancy gobbledegook and double speak. Honest AmeriKKKans are forced to admit this is true and are forced to look themselves in the eye in the mirror of reality and decide if they will allowing global terrorism to continue in their name? Will our consciences and morality win out over our stock portfolios and ebbing middle class lifestyles? It remains to be seen.
Most astute analysts and historians admit the aggressive policy of economic thuggery backed by imperialist military intervention did not begin with George W Bu$h and his NeoConmen cabal, it has been continually in progress since WW II under both Democratic and Republican administrations. “The wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq are part of the same ‘military road-map’. Confirmed by military documents, the US war agenda not only targets Iran, Syria and North Korea, but also its former Cold War enemies: Russia and China. We are dealing with a global military agenda characterized by various forms of intervention. The latter include covert military and intelligence operations in support of domestic paramilitary groups and so-called liberation armies. These operations are largely devised with a view to creating social, ethnic and political divisions within national societies, ultimately contributing to the destruction of entire countries, as occurred in Yugoslavia. Meanwhile, the US sponsored ‘democratization’ agenda consists in intervening in countries’ internal affairs, often with a view to destabilizing national governments and imposing sweeping ‘free market’ reforms. In this regard, the illegal invasion of Haiti following a US sponsored military coup, which was also supported by Canada and France, is an integral part of Washington’s global military agenda.
War and globalization are intimately related processes. Military and intelligence operations support the opening up of new economic frontiers and the remolding of national economies. The powers of Wall Street, the Anglo-American oil giants and the U.S.-U.K. defense contractors are indelibly behind this process. Ultimately, the purpose of America’s ‘War on Terrorism’ is to transform sovereign nations into open territories (or ‘free trade areas’), both through ‘military means’, as well as through the imposition of deadly macro-economic reforms. The latter, implemented under IMF-World Bank-WTO auspices often serve to undermine and destroy national economies, precipitating millions of people into abject poverty. In turn, so-called ‘reconstruction programs’ imposed by donors and creditors in the wake of the war contribute to a spiraling external debt. In a twisted logic, ‘war reparations’ financed by external debt are being paid to the US invader. Billions of dollars are channeled to Western construction conglomerates such as Bechtel and Halliburton, both of which have close links to the US Department of Defense.
Confirmed in national security documents, a central objective of this war is the conquest and confiscation of Middle East oil wealth. In this regard, the broader Middle East – Central Asian region encompasses some 70 percent of the World’s oil and gas resources, more than thirty times those of the US. The Anglo-American oil giants in alliance with Wall Street and the military-industrial complex are indelibly behind America’s war agenda. The next phase of this war is Iran and Syria, which have already been identified as targets. Iran is the country with the third largest oil and gas reserves (10%) after Saudi Arabia (25%) and Iraq (11%). The US is seeking with the complicity of the UN Security Council to establish a pretext for the bombing of Iran, which is presented as a threat to world peace.” Of course Bu$h calling Iran a threat to world peace is the kettle calling the pot black. The US and its tag along cohorts, Britain and Israel are out to bum rush the world and set up a global criminal axis using electronic surveillance, peer to peer spying, and ruthless police state tactics that will make COINTELPRO and Operation Chaos appear tame. They will accomplish this in the US by passing laws in the corrupt and compliant Congress so everything they do is legal (Watch how Bu$h is able to get Congress to extend the USA PATRIOT ACT despite wide scale uneasiness about his motives and his illegal abrogation of Constitutional rights. ) The best Congress money can buy will probably acquiesce to the NeoCon cabal and continue the Nazification of AmeriKKKa full speed ahead.
Perhaps the Bu$h fascism train will be derailed by the ongoing Plamegate investigation, or the inquiries into illegal NSA spying or the broiling Abramoff scandals. Bu$h seems undaunted and is pressing on with his fascist agenda. Remember everything Hitler did after the Reichstag fire in Germany was legal because the German parliament rolled over and played dead just like the US Congress is doing for Bu$h. Looking at the immoral and criminal history of AmeriKKKa, the slaughter of the Native Americans, constitutionally supported slavery, racial cast and state sanctioned apartheid, the '60's and '70's war in Indo-China and the recent invasion of Iraq that has been the cause of over 100,000 of innocent Iraqis being killed, maimed and displaced; is it any wonder things are going the way they are in AmeriKKKa.? The next time you hear George W. Bu$h use 9-11 as an excuse for his criminal behavior and his “war on turreriss”; ask yourself, who is the real criminal?



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