Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Random Thoughts On Current Events

Random Thoughts On Current Events

I find it ironic and symbolic that Queen Mother Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King who both were integral and catalytic players in a freedom struggle that forced their lives to intertwine as they attempted to reshape AmeriKKKan society and culture for the better made their transitions from this physical realm within months of each other. Their lives and destinies came together in Montgomery Alabama in 1955 and they continued to make a difference until the very end. Mrs. Rosa Parks became a venerated ancestor in October of 2005, Mrs. King made her transition two days ago. During the tumultuous times they struggled to break the death-grip of state mandated racial caste, oppression and brutality, they were spied upon, targeted by local psychopaths and police. State and federal authorities were leery of them simply because they dared to challenge the centuries’ old entrenched, institutionalized and systemic white domination, genocide, forced subordination and oppression of Africans in AmeriKKKa. Mrs. Parks and King both exemplified uncompromising courage to withstand virulent and vicious white reactionism while working to ameliorate conditions for their/our people. They passed within months of each other at a time when the psychopathic, racist and megalomaniacal mentality they battled in 1955 resurrected itself and is growing ever more pervasive in AmeriKKKa! These stalwart soldiers of human rights are no longer with us, yet the conditions of oppression, militarism and racial caste they fought so hard to eradicate, remain. Mother Parks and Mrs. King have gone on but we remain. What is the lesson in their loss for us other than the reality none of us is going to get out of here alive, we will all make our transition into the great initiation we call death? What is the message in this mess? Can we see beyond the veil of our awe of death and the sadness we may feel to realize, now is our time? Can we see this as our opportunity to make our mark on the world and leave it a better place like Mother Parks and Mrs. King attempted to do? Our challenge remains and is no less then the ones they faced. The evils of global white supremacy, fascist militarism, imperial hubris/overreach still threaten the world, its ecosystems and humanity; what are we going to do? Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King refused to sit idly by on the sidelines of life consigned to roles as passive spectators. They refused to take it any more. They had the courage of their convictions, they found the inner strength to oppose concentrated and virulent evil. Each in her own way got passionately involved . Each one was committed and each one willingly paid the price. What are we going to do? How will we live Ma’at (Divine Order, Harmony, Equilibrium, Truth, Justice, Righteousness and Reciprocity) and make it a reality amidst the chaos, hatred, fear, deceit, malevolence and selfishness that permeates this culture and resonates into the world? Perhaps the passing of Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King so close together may be signposts on the road of our lives and our struggle; reminding each of us it’s time to step up and make a difference in the world, make a world of difference and make the world different!
* * *
Is it me or are the people in the White House, US Congress and Senate and US Supreme Court drinking something strange in their water and coffee or smoking some wacky weed we don’t know about? I watched some of George W Bu$h’s ( I still can’t bring myself to call him President) State of The Union speech last night, and for the life of me I can’t see what all the standing and clapping was for. What did he say that was so profound, so uplifting, so truthful or so encouraging that those folks would break out clapping every few minutes. I know those things are scripted and staged that they are nothing but a show; but come on, be real. It must be the water in the Capital Building and White House. I know they are indoctrinated into their various philosophies; conservative and liberal (its all the same ol’ white supremacy) but every time I see Condoleeza Rice and look at her eyes you can’t tell me she hasn’t been subjected to even more severe indoctrination than the rest. Her body language and eyes tell me she has had something more than the usual Council on Foreign, Relations Trilateral Commission, right wing think tank brainwashing that people in her position get in order to function in those roles. Maybe she was part of the MK- ULTRA mind control of the CIA. Yeah that must be it. But what about the rest of them? I know most of the US Senators are millionaires and the Congressmen, many of them (as revealed in the current Abramoff scandal) are money grubbers, who are far removed from the daily hustle and grind most of us experience; but how could supposedly sane, knowledgeable and worldly people jump up and down to applaud the madness Bu$h was uttering last night? It was a pure dog and pony show. The networks and print media tried to create a phoney sense of anticipation; as if a man like Bu$h who has been duly and thoroughly exposed as a liar, fraud and incompetent could possibly have anything worthy or meaningful to say? Give us a break! To top the madness off, while Bu$h was ranting about AmeriKKKa bringing freedom and democracy to the world, Cindy Shehan the women who helped focus national attention on his debacle in Iraq this past Summer was arrested and detained by the Capital Police merely because she wore an anti-war tee shirt! Talk about irony. Just another day in Bu$harro world. We should make like the African AmeriKKKan folk hero Shine who turned his back on the frantic pledges of riches and the harlotry of the sinking white world and swam to safety. Yeah we should be like ol’ Shine. We should stroke on to sanity, swim on to truth and justice leaving the bedraggled Titanic (AmeriKKKa) to sink into the ocean of its self-inflicted Karma.



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