Friday, March 24, 2006

Lies Define AmeriKKKan Culture

Lies Define AmeriKKKan Culture

“Almost any debate about the problems facing the United States and its faltering government centers on truth - or the lack of it. Truth is an unneeded commodity in the political system that defines the American government. Even worse, truth may be a lost cause in American society. Pollsters often ask Americans if they tell the truth. Assuming they are telling the truth in their answers (and that's a big assumption), Americans admit lying as a natural course of life. More than half admit lying on employment applications as well as cheating on their income taxes... Our culture is built around spin, hype and make-believe. We too quickly buy into fantasy because it allows us to avoid the harshness of reality. As a teenager I lied all the time to young girls in an attempt to get them into the back seat of my 1957 Ford and out of their clothes. During service to my country, Uncle Sam taught me to lie about who I was, where I was going and what I did in the name of truth, justice and the American Way. Even my family didn't know the truth.” Doug Thompson Capital Hill Blue 03-24-06

Things must be really bad anytime a well respected journalist who is fighting to expose the cancers of corruption, malfeasance and treachery rapidly destroying the psycho-social fabric of this nation openly admits AmeriKKKa maintains itself on deceit and lies. I have long marveled that folks don’t seem to grasp the reality and implications that whole industries in AmeriKKKa are based on lies, prevarications, misrepresentations, propaganda and perverse fantasy: European history, advertising, entertainment, sales, so called news and even religion. Why are we surprised George W Bu$h lies, so did Clinton, they all do. Western culture unlike aboriginal first world human social organization is based on misrepresentation, lies and a dog eat dog predatory value system. So called primitive societies are built on trust, reciprocity, mutual assistance, obligation and support. The group is the paramount entity and the person sees him or herself in relation to his or her position within the group. In fact the high civilization created by our ancient African ancestors along the Nile Valley which spread throughout Asia was based upon an extremely high moral and ethical standard which placed truth, trust and adherence to that standard at the forefront of group dynamics and human relations.

Unlike the warmongering cannibalistic barbarians from the Steeps of Eurasia, whose modern day descendants we call white people or Europeans, the Africans and Africoid people of the Southern latitudes in the Afro-Asian world based their cultures on a more communal, nurturing and supportive way of life that respected and incorporated both the male and feminine element as complimentary interactions and relations. They fashioned their social organization based on tried and true values that were thousands of years old that encouraged justice and a social etiquette based on mutual respect, assistance and fairness. Long before there were major urban centers and a centralized government along the Nile Valley, the communities organized themselves in autonomous communities with their own leaders priests and officials as they spread out from the East African interior following the Nile River as it made its way North and throughout the rest of the continent and beyond. The roots of Ma’at (Divine Order, Harmony Equilibrium, Truth, Justice, Rectitude, Peace and Reciprocity) came out of this developing social organization created by the early Africans who transmitted it to their later descendants who settled further down the Nile in numerous locations. The ancient Africans, unlike the Johnny come lately Eurasians were deeply spiritual people who intuitively reckoned the CREATIVE ENERGY/INTELLIGENCE that undergirded the universe was imminent and intertwined within all creation including humanity. These Africans postulated that the CREATIVE ENERGY/INTELLIGENCE and its subsequent forces and energies called forth creation via speech. As created beings who possessed the divine spark of the CREATIVE ENERGY/INTELLIGENCE and the ability to speak, in their minds’, humans who could speak and utter speech had divine potential. Hence they created an empowerment (education) system designed to instruct students how to attain divine status here on Earth. These wise Africans postulated and later articulated the importance of what our beloved ancestor Jacob H Carruthers teaches us is Medew Nefer (Good Speech). Good speech to our African ancestors was far more than mere speechifying babbling or talking stuff. “Good speech, however was the domain of humanity. Individuals could choose between Good Speech and not-good speech as in mdw dw (evil speech) pronounced medew djew and tftf (idle chatter), pronounced teftef. Only Medew Nefer was in accord with Medew Netcher. In fact, it is through consistent practice f Medew Nefer that human beings finally attained Medew Netcher, Divine Speech.” Jacob H Carruthers MDW NTR Divine Speech A Historiographical Reflection of African Deep Thought From the Time of Pharaohs To The Present page 40. Medew Nefer meant speaking truth consistently, one who did so was recognized by his peers as a person of integrity in this world and by the DIVINE ENERGY/INTELLIGENCE in the next world as Maa Kheru (true voice) . Keep in mind this tradition was originally promoted within the early human African communities as a practical grass roots cultural value and lifestyle rather than one imposed from the top down or through physical coercion.

Contrast this cultural value with those of the West particularly in AmeriKKKa where lying has become a high art and is promoted at every turn and on every level. As Doug Thompson laments in his Capital Hill Blue Column dated 03-24-6, “A society built on deceit cannot heal itself by changing the political party that controls government or the occupant of the White House until it takes a long, hard look inward and realizes the problem is more widespread than just our elected leaders. Until we stop lying to ourselves and those around us we can never expect honesty in those who lead us. At this point, we don't deserve it anyway.” Alas lying and dealing in falsehoods are the AmeriKKKan way of life for most white folks and unfortunately us too as we internalize Eurocentric values and imitate our oppressors. Our Native American brethren stated it so succinctly when they said, “White man speaks with forked tongue.” Our salvation both in this dimension and the next is to return to our African roots of Ma’atian ethics: good speech, right action and righteous living. “Also key to Maatian economic ethics is communal sharing with others whether poor or not. It is again a clear case of Maat as rightness and effectiveness. For to do Maat is to create a moral culture in which individual and organizational prachas roots and reinforcement.” Maulana Karenga Towards A Sociology of Maatian Ethics: Literature and Context from Egypt Revisited Edited by Ivan Van Sertima page 361. Ashe!



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