Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mind Manipulation

Mind Manipulation

“As for hidden mind manipulation being hooey, that is exactly what big advertisers, major media, politicians, religious leaders and the U.S. government want you to believe. The more you believe that, the longer and more successfully the can secretly influence your purchasing and political decisions. ‘We hear very little about the subject these days,’ leading brain researcher Dr. Barbara Brown admits. But that is not because there is nothing to talk about. On the contrary: There is too much. ‘One always suspects government intervention when techniques to abuse mankind are suddenly banished from discussion. In any event, for some 20 years now there has been a steadfast denial of this extraordinary phenomenon by the experts.’ You may think you know what you know -- but thinking so may be dangerous to your mental health. As Dick Sutphen says, ‘In the entire history of man, no one has ever been brainwashed and realized or believed that he had been brainwashed.’ That's the terrifying part of brainwashing: Once it has happened to you, you will never know it.” Is Someone Doing Devious Things With Your Mind? by Robert McGarvey http://www.totse.com/en/conspiracy/mind_control/mindscan.html

Until recently I didn’t watch that much television. But about six months ago we purchased a new large screen television replacing the twenty- five inch screen we had for almost thirty years. Now I watch a little more but I’m still critical of the content and images shown. Why? Because they don’t call it the boob tube for nothing. This culture uses the mass media mainly the electronic media, radio, cable, television, motion pictures and the Internet to program and indoctrinate us, to manipulate our thinking our world view and reality. They are so thorough and efficient most of us don’t even realize we are being programmed and brainwashed. In effect the mass media are the gatekeepers of the matrix or what the Hindus call maya, illusion. Most of what we think is real may not be. As far as our government goes, for decades they have engaged in campaigns to hoodwink, befuddle, obfuscate and deceive us. For over fifty years the US CIA has been actively involved in an ongoing program to infiltrate, manipulate and totally control the media. The program called Operation Mockingbird started off with the fledgling CIA using their Ivy League upper class connections to persuade CBS, the Washington Post and other influential media to allow them to channel stories and information through them. Later they actually had journalists, anchors and editors on their payrolls. Now it is fashionable for whole networks to be cheerleaders and stenographers for the ruling elite and their minions. Judith Miller and Robert Woodward are two prime examples that come to mind but there are countless others. How else do we explain white folks allowing the government to trample long cherished “freedoms” and procedural rights in the name of national security when in fact 9-11 the supposed cause of the shift to a police state was on one level or another a government operation?! They used the emotional shock and trauma of 9-11, the pictures of the twin towers on fire, imploding just like the controlled demolition it was to program us for fear, vengeance and war. It’s an old trick the US government has been using since day one. If you look at all the major wars the US has fought including the so called “Indian wars” the wars were a result of an attack or the threat of an attack real or imagined on US personnel, ships or citizens. Never mind that the resulting wars, Mexican American Spanish American, WWI, WWII and Vietnam also had imperialist or geopolitical agendas attached that the AmeriKKKan people were not made aware of at the time war was declared.

The media is, as Robert McGarvey said in his Internet article, doing devious things with your mind. “Particularly chilling research is reported by Dr. Barbara Brown, who says that things as simple as the sounds of heartbeats can radically alter our reactions to pictures and ideas. In one experiment cited by Brown, scientists tricked subjects into believing they were hearing their own heartbeats while viewing photographs. They weren't. The heartbeats were prerecorded, yet as subjects heard faster heartbeats they automatically gave high ratings to the observed photos. Lower heart rates yielded poorer ratings. Theoretical as that research is, the impact is very powerful. Increase the rate of fake heartbeat sounds, and audience excitement will bolt upwards. Lower it, and audience enthusiasm drops. It is as elementary as that. The dimension this adds to political messages, advertising, and so on, is alarming. ‘This begins to have frightening implications,’ admits Brown. ‘It seems quite possible that certain types of propaganda or techniques of persuasion will take advantage of this.’ Commonly employed not only in revivalist/fundamentalist gatherings but in many public meetings and throughout the media, the six-to-seven cycle vibrations as well as the fake heartbeat can be used to hide specific information or commands. In fact, subliminal information -- ‘subliminations’ as it's called by professionals -- is a primary weapon in the electronic battle for your brain and your free will.” http://www.totse.com/en/conspiracy/mind_control/mindscan.html Programmers, producers and advertisers use sophisticated techniques of imaging, sound, light and music to entrap us emotionally so we are identify with their products as something that is pleasurable like the scantily clad women in the beer commercials or the black music videos or something that is to be avoided such as the old “ring around the collar” or “bad breath”. We are being programmed and dummied down to the lowest and basest levels. This media induced maya is phenomenal. It is so effective we don’t even realize we are being preyed upon, played and brainwashed. Researchers are always working at finding new ways to stimulate and manipulate us to do their bidding. McGarvey reveals newer forms of electronic sensory manipulation, “Again, this propels us into a murky area of research, but what science knows about brain physiology is that it consists of two hemispheres. The left half is logical and factual; the right half is creative and intuitive. Unmanipulated, all of us bounce back and forth between right- and left- brain states of consciousness. Some of us are more lopsided in orientation than others. Very little else is known at this point except this: THE RIGHT-BRAIN IS FAR LESS CRITICAL IN ITS ASSESSMENT OF NEW INFORMATION. And that opens up a giant opportunity for manipulators. If the left-brain can be numbed, the right-brain just may accept whatever is presented. Guess what? That television in your living room...and the one in your bedroom...and even the tiny one in your car all have the ability to rapidly thrust you into a right-brain stat. That's because TV, while appearing to be a static medium, is actually composted of millions of flickering lights that can easily put a large percentage of the audience into a low-grade hypnotic state. Once in that state, they are far more receptive to suggestions and, possibly, commands. Says Dick Sutphen: ‘Recent tests by researcher Dr. Herbert Krugman showed that while viewers were watching TV, right-brain activity outnumbered left-brain activity by a ratio of two to one.’ A second series of experiments, by psycho physiologist Thomas Mulholland of the Veterans Hospital in Bedford, Massachusetts, uncovered still more eerie findings. Mulholland wired TV-watching children to an EEG. Whenever brain-wave activity indicated the kids had entered a low-grade hypnotic trance, the TV automatically shut off. Since the shows were ones the kids wanted to watch, they were motivated to remain fully conscious. They could not. Virtually all the TVs flicked off within 30 seconds, which underlines how powerfully television propels viewers into semiconsciousness.” http://www.totse.com/en/conspiracy/mind_control/mindscan.html

The semi trance and trance states from television watching explain why our society is so lethargic, dummied down and passive. We are literally being programmed into a comatose, non critical state. Advertisers, psychopaths and fascists are using ancient techniques of group ritualistic music/ sound and light induced trance to create a society of zombies. Whereas in ancient times and in traditional West Africa cultures the drums and dancing were used as mediums to re-enforce the collective values of the village or tribe, but here we are being manipulated to buy, consume and acquiesce to someone else’s values, world view and reality (maya). What can we do to protect ourselves? We can limit the amount of programming we ingest, turn off the TV, the radio and limit the number of Trojan Horses (media) we allow into our homes and cars. Be more conscious and critical of the media we and our families consume. Practice keeping your mental guard up, remain alert and discriminating; use your conscious mind to critique and filter what goes into your subconscious mind!!! Be more skeptical and think for yourself. Remember just because they are out to get you and manipulate your mind doesn’t mean you are paranoid.



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