Friday, April 07, 2006

Demonizing Cynthia McKinney

Demonizing Cynthia McKinney

“Washington -- Under increasing pressure from House Democratic leaders, Rep. Cynthia McKinney took to the House floor Thursday to apologize for an incident in which she allegedly assaulted a Capitol police officer at a security checkpoint. Since the incident last week, not one of McKinney's fellow 200 House Democratic colleagues had publicly defended her conduct in the incident, in which the African American representative from Georgia claims she was the victim of racial profiling at an entrance to the Longworth House Office Building. ”

The weasels in the corporate mind control apparatus and the nefarious NeoCon and Zionist hatchetmen are engaged in another witch hunt to demonize and vilify Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Miss McKinney has long been a thorn in their sides, her boldness, honesty, integrity and incorruptibility upsets them and makes them extremely nervous. Her willingness to stand up against powerful special interests groups and the Bu$h administration (which many people think are one and the same), speak truth to power and question their motives and policies have made her numerous enemies around the country. The proof of her independent thinking and courage is the fact the reprehensible cowards in the Democratic Party are trying to distance themselves from her lest their handlers, bag people and puppeteers think they too have a sliver of integrity and real love of country. Following 9-11 and NeoCon attempts to muzzle any debate on the direction the fascistic Chicken Hawks in the Bu$h administration were leading this country, Cynthia McKinney dared to ask the question “Did George W. Bu$h have foreknowledge of 9-11?” For asking that question she was immediately vilified, castigated and attacked by the corporate media sycophants and the fascists within the Republican Party. Her Democratic Party colleagues were too sissified to even mount a defense or stand with her in support. When it later was revealed that indeed George W Bu$h had been warned by the CIA, the hell hounds in the corporate media, the Republican and Democratic Parties both acted like they never heard it. None of them offered Miss McKinney an apology nor did they follow up with due diligence about the fact the CIA informed Bu$h about bin-Laden’s plans to attack and Bu$h did nothing to prevent it!
Lo and behold it came to light later that not only had the US CIA warned Bu$h in a Presidential Daily Brief but several other governments including Israel, Germany, France, Egypt Morocco and Russia had also warned the US about pending attacks. Again the corporate owned mind control apparatus suppressed this information and never even bothered to do a follow up on the stories where they demonized her or attempted to exonerate Miss McKinney in any way. True to her calling, Cynthia McKinney kept pressing on anyhow. Her candor, compassion and sense of fairness soon got her in more difficulty, this time with the omnipresent and powerful Israeli lobby American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC). McKinney and another black Congressman, Earl Hilliard of Alabama were targeted for defeat by the Zionist lobby and rabid Jewish PAC for having the audacity to suggest the US take a more even handed and fair approach to the Israeli-Palestinian question! Again it appears Miss McKinney was on the right side of the issue as there is a brouhaha going on now about the impact of the Zionist lobby in influencing AmeriKKKan foreign policy. “Hilliard and McKinney join a long list of politicians who were defeated after advocating an independent U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East: Senators Charles Percy, James Abourezk, James Abdnor, and J. William Fulbright, and Representatives Paul Findley and Paul McCloskey. The careers of Adlai Stevenson and William Scranton were similarly ended after they supported a Middle East policy less tied to the interests of Israel. Only Michigan's veteran Representative John Dingell was able to stave off a recent assault from the powerful American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) in a match off with fellow Representative Lynn Rivers in a redrawn congressional district.” Crushing Congressional Dissent: The Fall of Hilliard, Barr and McKinney by Wayne Madsen Prior to the NeoCons and Zionists ganging up on her, McKinney had survived an attempt to oust her via redistricting. Her set back was short lived as she returned to Congress as feisty and iconoclastic as ever in 2004. She refused to not make waves and has waded into areas her more frightened Democratic colleagues wouldn’t dare tread, such as attending the Republican controlled House hearing on Hurricane Katrina or grilling General Myers and the Secretary of Defense about the live and simultaneous military and emergency management exercises that occurred on 9-11 and what if any impact they had on the failures to protect the nation that day?!
For these and other reasons, the powers that be (the mainstream media and NeoCon- Zionist cabal) are out to get Cynthia McKinney. The media is spinning the latest flap where she avoided the metal detectors in the Capital Building and pushed a Capital Police officer with her cell phone when he tried to grab her as some sort of indication of her instability or eccentricity. She has since apologized but even some of her jelly spined Democratic Party colleagues have been quoted as if she was some sort of major felon. Here is the slant of one paper on the affair, “The House's top Democrat, Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, distanced herself from McKinney and publicly expressed increasing exasperation Thursday just before McKinney issued her apology. McKinney's case had become a distraction for Democrats, who want to keep the focus on what they see as a corrupt and ineffective Republican-led Congress symbolized by former Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who announced his resignation earlier this week. The incident with McKinney began when she tried to go around a security checkpoint, as members of Congress are entitled to do. She wasn't wearing her members' lapel pin, and it appears an officer did not recognize her. She was challenged, but didn't stop. When an officer tried to stop her, and apparently touched her, McKinney allegedly struck the officer in front of witnesses. As the furor over the incident mounted in recent days, a federal grand jury was convened to consider possible charges against McKinney involving assaulting an officer. Witnesses to the incident, including an aide to Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel, testified Thursday before the grand jury. McKinney, who has been embroiled in other controversies in her six House terms, tried to defuse the latest incident with Thursday's remarks. ‘There should not have been any physical contact in this incident,’ McKinney said in a one-minute statement on the House floor. ‘I am sorry that this misunderstanding happened at all, and I regret its escalation and I apologize," she added, surrounded by a small group of Democrats, including Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland. Just an hour earlier, Pelosi made it clear that McKinney -- who since the incident has appeared daily on TV talk shows to publicize her claims of racial prejudice by the Capitol police...”
I find this truly amazing. I don’t remember House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi or any of the other 433 House members getting this worked up about the invasion of Iraq or the fact Bu$h lied about it, or the NSA spying situation or the spiraling and out of control federal deficits. Come on, lets prioritize the real issues here. Notice the only other Congress critter mentioned in the article who supported Miss McKinney was Barbara Lee of Oakland the only member of Congress who voted against the invasion of Afghanistan, seems like good company to me.



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