Monday, April 10, 2006

Food For Thought Some More Things That Make You Go, Hmm?

Food For Thought Some More Things That Make You Go, Hmm?

Days ago, Cynthia McKinney was a heroine to local Democrats because she was standing up for disenfranchised voters everywhere. The controversial congresswoman from Georgia was even worthy of taking center stage at a rally at one of area's most identifiable events: the Sarasota Film Festival. But that was before McKinney was accused of striking a Capitol police officer and became this week's target for late-night comedians. Now, Democrats are doing everything they can to distance themselves from McKinney, including canceling the rally. It wasn't public pressure that caused the cancellation, said Democratic Party Chairman Henry Bright. It was the fact that McKinney was becoming too much of a distraction from the original reason they put on the rally: fair elections. McKinney is in town to promote "American Blackout," a movie she stars in that accuses Longboat Key Republican Katherine Harris of helping Republicans steal the 2000 presidential election for President George W. Bush.” -

In yet another display of gutlessness, cowardice and milksop wishy-washiness, Democrats in Florida cancelled a rally to promote a film the intrepid Congresswoman from Georgia, Cynthia McKinney appeared in that focuses on the role of former Florida secretary of State, current US Congresswoman and US Senate candidate Katherine Harris and her role in the theft of the 2000 presidential election. The spineless Florida Democrats taking their cue from their amoeba party members, are shunning McKinney because they are too sissified and afraid to stand with her and support her as the fascist NeoCons target her for elimination. Makes you wonder if local and national Democrats won’t back one of their own who has steadily maintained a reputation as a grassroots champion for working class folks everywhere and one who addresses unpopular issues and raises cogent questions about policy; how vigorously will they fight for the interests of their traditional party constituents? Democrats have dropped Cynthia McKinney just like they abandoned organized labor in their time of need, just like they shy away from Civil Rights advocacy opting to pander to the right. Perhaps thinking people, people who want and need elected representatives to fight on their behalf should turn our backs on and drop those Democrats who are out of sync with our views on issues like perpetual imperialist wars under the guise of Bu$h’s bogus War on Terror, while facilitating class warfare here in AmeriKKKa via the attempted demolition of the social welfare system while expanding corporate welfare and funneling money we don’t have into military- industrial- pharmacological-prison complex boondoggles that benefit relatively few AmeriKKKans. The Democrats seem to relish their reputation for being punks. Why would anyone in their right mind continue to affiliate with or support a political party that has demonstrates gutlessness and a lack of moral fortitude? Food for thought .

* * *

“The immigration policy of Democrats is penalizing the struggle for jobs by poor Americans, so that future votes from illegal aliens they hope to make citizens, will enlarge their voting constituencies. Thus, Democratic politicians have joined forces with wealthy Republican employers who desire what amounts to slave labor. The surge of foreign workers (legal and illegal) has depressed wages for low-skilled workers, and especially for black and Hispanic youths who make up 70% of dropouts. Immigration redistributes wealth away from workers toward employers. This is what the Senate immigration bill is all about – a corporate strategy to keep wages low and the Democrats in office go right along with the program – which is another sellout of the worker, the very workers they supposedly represent.”- Robert Chapman

Is it me or are the Democrats shooting themselves in the foot on just about every issue imaginable? The went limp wrist and MIA in their support of US Senator Russ Finegold’s Bill to Censure George W Bu$h, they are absolute punks in not supporting Cynthia McKinney and now they are actually taking sides with right wing Republicans on the immigration issue in the hope the flocking immigrants will join the Democratic Party. If the immigrants both illegal and otherwise know what I know, they will shun both political parties because, it’s sad to admit what George Wallace lamented almost forty years ago is true, there’s not a nickel’s worth of difference between the two major parties. Opening the borders will cause working class folks’ wages and lifestyles to suffer as immigrants will work for less and not demand health and welfare benefits. It puts the working poor in this country in a Catch 22 position, college and other forms or post secondary education, are steadily moving beyond their means, which will result in them remaining in low skilled, low wage jobs if and the operative word here is if they can stave off the inevitable competition from the waves of immigrants coming into the country. Hi tech positions are being shipped overseas and many assembly type jobs are now being done by prison labor which means even fewer jobs for Joe and Jane Sixpack. To make matters worse, the front running Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Joseph R. Biden are not standing up for their AmeriKKKan working class constituents on these issues. Regarding Iraq and Iran they are warmongers just like Bu$h only they couch their bloodlust in multi-lateral terms and jingoistic doublespeak. They get their marching orders from the Council on Foreign relations, the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberger Group just like Bu$h so don’t expect much in the form of policy changes or peace initiatives from either of them.

* * *

“While politicians fight over air time, and report after report is issued, the mostly Black residents of the city (especially those who dwelled in the lower 9th Ward) are spread across the country, fighting FEMA for housing funds, seeking jobs, trying to put their lives together.
Meanwhile, corporate and city planning agencies are writing off vast areas of the 9th, and planning for a New New Orleans, one that will be, shall we say, a good deal less chocolate. Many former residents are crunched into tiny hotel rooms, some are squeezed into private homes, some are even homeless, while 100,000 trailers acquired by FEMA stand idle, empty, unused. It is a telling measure of social and class difference, that when so many people are living in such distress, the white corporate media goes into a silly cycle because the city’s mayor told a group of Katrina survivors that New Orleans would be a 'chocolate city' again.” Mumia Abu Jamal

One of the results of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina is, the city of New Orleans will be regentrified. The Hurricane is being used to reshape the landscape of The Big Easy as jailed freedom fighter and liberation journalist Mumia Abu Jamal pointed out in one of his recent articles. “A recent study on the future of New Orleans suggests that the 'New' New Orleans will be whiter, and wealthier than the city which was struck by the winds and waters of Katrina. The study, headed by John R. Logan, entitled “The Impact of Katrina: Race and Class in Storm-Damaged Neighborhoods” (, shows how 80% of black New Orleanians may never return. Indeed, nearly 50% of white working class residents may not return either. Logan, a sociology professor at Brown University reports that local and state political and business leaders are looking to make sure that New Orleans has a new constituency -- one whiter and wealthier than those who came before.” I suggest you download this study. It is worthwhile reading because it looks at Katrina’s impact on New Orleans through the prism of race and class, a perspective the Republican controlled Congress, Senate and the gate keepers of the corporate mind control apparatus certainly don’t want AmeriKKKans to share.
Shortly after the disaster I wrote that the Bu$h administration and FEMA used the hurricane to engage in ethnic cleansing in New Orleans. They used the situation ( which I still feel may have been caused or exacerbated using HAARP technology) as a dry run for a militarily lock down of a major urban area. Mercenaries, National Guardsmen with orders to shoot to kill and massive relocation and displacement have reduced the city’s black population significantly! Skewered media coverage designed to demonize poor blacks who were not able to evacuate the city helped set the psychological sage for such a maneuver. The Brown University Study clearly indicates the storm and the failure of government on all levels to respond appropriately will lead to a “New” New Orleans. “Closer inspection of neighborhoods within New Orleans shows that some affluent white neighborhoods were hard hit, while some poor minority neighborhoods were spared. Yet if the post-Katrina city were limited to the population previously living in areas that were undamaged by the storm – that is, if nobody were able to return to damaged neighborhoods – New Orleans is at risk of losing more than 80% of its black population. This means that policy choices affecting who can return, to which neighborhoods, and with what forms of public and private assistance, will greatly affect the future character of the city.”- John R. Logan Professor of Sociology, Brown University Director, Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences.
Dig this, New Orleans is at risk of not having 80% of its African-American population return to the city. If that’s not ethnic cleaning I don’t know what is! When you consider the fact Michael Brown the head of FEMA who was made to fall guy and scapegoat in all this, informed Bu$h the levy system was in danger and there is a taped video teleconference to prove it, the whole debacle takes on a more nefarious flavor. Did they deliberately allow the levies to be breached and then willfully withhold aid to the residents of new Orleans? Things that make you go, Hmm?



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