Thursday, April 20, 2006

Modern Day Sambos

Modern Day Sambos

“That's not, of course, the kind of story detailed in CORE's ‘Voices from Africa,’ where GM crops are presented as the only hope of salvation for resource poor farmers. Nor is it the kind of story told by CORE's Paul Driessen in his syndicated op-ed pieces, which were timed to coincide with CORE's UN "World Conference". Driessen informed his readers that "these safe, delicious foods" were vital for Africa because they could "replace staples devastated by disease -- including Kenyan sweet potatoes". Interestingly, just a week or so before Driessen made that claim, the Kenyan journalist Gatonye Gathura, received a Kalam award for journalistic excellence for his article on the sweet potato project, "GM Technology fails local potatoes." Gathura's piece blew the whistle on the abject failure of Monsanto's showcase project in Africa -- a project that had garnered literally thousands of column inches of positive press.” - The Uncle Tom Award Jonathan Matthews, 16 March 2005

Roy and Niger Innis of the Congress of Racial Equality have been up to some seriously treacherous dealing in recent years. Ever since the US Supreme Court installed George W Bu$h in the presidency Innis has been maneuvering and attempting to position CORE as the preeminent House Negro organization in service to the NeoCon globalist agenda. After 9-11 Innis went to the Bu$h administration and warned them to watch out for the Nation Of Islam and other African-American Islamic organization as they might be a source of sympathy for Muslim terrorists and a possible fifth column. So here we have a so called black organization ( I intentionally used small case) promoting racial and religion profiling and surveillance just to get in good with what the group they consider Mighty Whitie. In recent years CORE has sponsored a Martin Luther King Jr Dinner and to the angst of most Black folks they have invited key members of the Bu$h administration to speak or receive awards, in 2004 Tommy Thompson the secretary of Health and Human Services was the keynote speaker and in 2005 CORE invited Karl Rove the architect of Florida voting scandal that helped disenfranchise thousands of African-Americans.
Not only has Roy Innis and his tag along son Niger shifted CORE to the Right, they have jumped on the fascist corporatist bandwagon big time. As more and more black folks eschew the notions of self-determination and doing for self in favor of corporation hand outs, branding and prostituting themselves to corporate AmeriKKKa, Roy Innis has taken it to an even higher level. Innis has hooked his wagon to the Republican Party machine and now rivals Jesse Jackson and the Negroes on the Democratic Party dole as a serious money grubber. CORE has allowed itself to be used by companies like Monsanto the mad scientists who manufacture Frankenfoods who have virtually cornered the market on genetically modified (or altered) foods. In a 2005 article on the Website Innis and CORE are castigated for their support of genetically modified (GM) seeds and foods. Multinational giants like Monsanto need Black and Brown faces to support Frankenfoods as they target First World people (Africans Asians Pacific Islanders, South and Central Americans) as consumers and captive markets for their diabolical products. They use PR and Spin to make folks think GM foods are the latest and greatest innovative boon to mankind when in fact they are unproven, untested and potentially dangerous mutations that the FDA has rubber stamped but the European Union will not even allow in their countries. “Of course, such attempts to position biotech's soap box behind a black man's face neither began nor ended in Johannesburg. In late 1999, for instance, a street protest against genetic engineering in Washington DC was disrupted by a group of African-Americans bearing placards such as 'Biotech saves children's lives.' A Baptist Church from a poor neighborhood had, the New York Times revealed, been paid by Monsanto's PR firm to bus in the counter-demonstrators. But Johannesburg does seem to have been a kind of watershed. Since then, Monsanto's fake parade has really begun to hit its stride. And from US administration platforms to UN headquarters, from Capitol Hill to the European Parliament, we've been treated to a veritable minstrelsy of lobbying. Let's pick up the trail amidst the Martin Luther King Day observances in New York City this January. That was when the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) invited some 700 diplomats, scientists, journalists, and Gotham high-school students to come and consider the ‘implications and reality’ of biotechnology at UN headquarters. CORE's 'World Conference' was presided over by His Excellency, Aminu Bashir Wali, the Ambassador of Nigeria, and after lunch came the premiere of the film 'Voices from Africa', showcasing the results of ‘CORE's fact-finding trip to Africa’. The film opened and closed with comments by CORE's National Chairman, Roy Innis, who explained that it was his concern about hunger in Africa that led him to go there to see for himself and to investigate the potential for biotechnology. The film concluded with Innis saying, ‘We have to do everything possible to ensure that the African farmer has access to this new technology which potentially can do so much to improve his quality of life.’” . Another sad case of Negroes selling us out for a few dollars more and allow Ol’ Massa to pat them on the back or rub their heads as they grin, shuffle and buck dance for our enemies.
Innis is being used as a front man and puppet in a strategic campaign to positively spin GM in Africa for Monsanto. The truth is many African nations are resisting GM foods and seeds and rightly so. “The scramble for Africa is getting hotter today than it may have been during the Berlin Conference at which she was partitioned. The partitioning of Africa sowed the seeds of discord and conflict that we are reaping today... We are talking about the onslaught by the biotech industry... The siege is on. Many people imagine that the pressure on Africa to accept genetically modified grains or other crops as food aid ended with the widely known case with Zambia in 2002. That emblematic case rightly showed that every country has the sovereign right to determine what type of food to eat, irrespective of whether it is purchased in the market or is donated as aid. And it demonstrated to the world that the predicted catastrophe of Zambians starving never happened. Genetically engineered food has been presented as the ultimate weapon against hunger in Africa and the world. This is also seriously suggested in the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) meaning that this may be the direction efforts will be concentrated in the years to come. African leaders have largely been co-opted into thinking this way because they are warned that since the so-called Green Revolution train left Africa standing at the station they should not miss the gene train. It has been noted that the Green Revolution required extensive chemical and equipment inputs and although food production increased in some areas, small scale farmers were marginalized, the environment took a beating and on the aggregate hunger was boosted in the world.”
This campaign by Monsanto is part of a global push to bum rush indigenous farmers, undermine their natural farming techniques, control the market and push their Frankenfoods on unsuspecting masses like they did in AmeriKKKa with the help of the FDA. Only in Africa people like Roy and Niger Innis are being used (paid) to be the piped pipers for Monsanto. The sad part of all of this is Innis knows what he is doing but chooses to sell our people out for a few dollars more.



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