Thursday, May 25, 2006

Log Onto An Historical Internet Radio Forum

Log Onto An Historic Internet Radio Forum

“More important than the ideological warfare between Afrocentric and neo-con academics in the battle to win the minds of the Afrikan masses is the absence of an effective Afrocentric ideology network which influences the popular as well as the academic mind. Such a network would include not only academic publications but more crucially, the mass media, i.e. popular books, magazines, newspapers, radio and television programs, community education and training seminars and rallies.” Dr Amos N. Wilson Blueprint For Black Power A Moral, Political and Economic Imperative for the Twenty-First Century p 233-34

On Sunday May 28th beginning at 12 Noon Eastern time, running until 2 PM; the Harambee Radio Network will host an impressive and historic Internet panel discussion. The members of this panel are all pioneer Webcasters and Internet radio station owners, who have been stalwarts in creating, shaping and molding African centered Internet radio in the face of overwhelming challenges and obstacles. This esteemed panel will consist of: Neil Blake the founder and CEO of the Blake Radio Network, Keidi Obi Awadu founder of LIB Radio Brother Jamal long time broadcaster and founder of Inner Light Radio and last but not least Dalani Aamon the founder and CEO of The Harambee Radio Network These stalwart pioneers will discuss a myriad of issues pertaining to the future of the Internet and Internet radio. This will be the first time all four have been together in a media forum that will be Webcast around the world.
With the fascists (corporatist elite who control the government) moving to hijack the Internet and undermine what is called Net Neutrality, this panel will offer and share insights into how liberation oriented Webcasters will address this and other pressing issues. All four of these Brothers have a consistent history of assisting one another, sharing programming and they have been extremely supportive of each other over the years. They have helped several of the new generation of Webcasters coming online find their won nitch in cyberspace.. Their examples of cohesion, co-operation and mutual support are role models for our community as we grapple with issues of improving the information available to Africans around the world. Their co-operation is helping to counter global white supremacy and Eurocentric propaganda by offering venues whereby African people program the content and take responsibility for the message. They provide the means whereby African people can uncompromisingly engage in what our venerable ancestor Amos N Wilson called” the battle to win the minds of the African masses”. Make plans to join us on Sunday May 28th for this history making panel discussion and forum.
This program will offer a window into the thinking and psyche of four innovative, creative, resourceful and dedicated Africans who are all committed to offering an alternative to the mind numbing, self-denigrating programming being broadcast on both terrestrial radio and the Internet. We are in a war. The forces of fascism, predatory globalization and cultural imperialism are arrayed against us. We must have not only the means but a strategy to fight back while developing what Amos Wilson called, “an effective Afrocentric ideology network” to battle global white supremacy, inform, build and edify the psyches of Africans world wide. Each in his own way has staked out a place in cyber-space to rumble and struggle against the status quo. The existence of their stations and the new stations coming online are a living testament to the determination and urgency of Africans to provide an alternative to the menticide, self-negation and buffoonery that passes for entertainment on terrestrial radio. Not only have they agreed to come together on this venue (The Digital Underground) but their willingness to work together, support each other and expand the medium of Internet radio offers’ new weapons in the war for the hearts and minds of Africans world wide.
As the digital divide narrows, these Brothers and their growing counterparts will continue to play pivotal roles in the mental decolonization of our people’s minds. Log on this Sunday to hear their stories, their views, struggles and triumphs. Listen as they share their vision of African media, what it will take to survive while reclaiming the minds of our people and building institutions that uplift, educate and transform Africans. The program will be interactive, we will provide an opportunity for you to E-mail your questions for the panelists. This is the first of many joint programs that will allow the giants and pioneers of Afrocentric media to publicly interact with each other and pave the way for continued co-operation and accomplishment. Log on and learn, engage in mental decolonization. Free your mind, the rest will follow.



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