Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Problem Reaction Solution Con Game

The Problem Reaction Solution Con Game

“I have been watching with keen interest how the illegal immigration debate has unfolded lately. I always try to keep in mind that what passes for public policy debates is mostly orchestrated theater to set an agenda for the few who rule. Keeping this in mind helps to understand how we are manipulated and laws like the USA PATRIOT act, the Brady Bill and others are passed. Last week, millions of mostly Mexican illegal aliens (I refuse to call them undocumented workers) took to the streets, Mexican flags in hand, to protest the bills currently winding their way through the House and Senate, which would make it a felony to be here illegally. The Hegelian Dialectic is composed of three parts: thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. These could be clarified as problem, reaction and solution. Alex Jones talks about this a lot in his analyses of the New World Order. The idea is that you create a problem, foment a reaction to the problem, thus forcing a change in the system, which is the desired solution. The problem and the desired solution may not have anything directly to do with each other.” Too Much Tinfoil

The ruling elites are using the bogus issue of immigration to ratchet up their surveillance gulag system of repression and lock down. This is a classic example of what some call the problem-reaction-solution scenario where the shot callers manipulate or foment a situation like illegal immigration ( allowing immigrants to stream across porous borders spurred on by devastating economic conditions in their home countries exacerbated by IMF and World bank policies and unbalanced trade agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA) and they use the media mind control apparatus and staged events like the massive nation wide demonstrations we witnessed two weeks ago to create tension and controversy about an issue. This allows morons like Dubeyah to push for more border guards, the use of reservists to patrol the borders and for more money to fund prosecution of illegal aliens. Couple this with the $385 million contract Kellogg Brown and Root recently secured to build “emergency immigration detention centers” and we have more prisons, more prisoners, more government intervention and more money for the escalating prison profiteering complex. Call me paranoid (just because they are out to get you doesn’t make you paranoid) but when we look at Bu$h and Co.’s whole program since he was given the presidency by his father and James Baker III’s cronies on the US Supreme Court they have embarked on a series of problem reaction solution gambits that have made AmeriKKKa more like Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia! 9-11 was one. The Bu$h administration was indeed forewarned warned by the US intelligence community of potential terrorist plots. “The recently released Report of the Joint Congressional Inquiry Into The Terrorist Attacks Of September 11, and its dismal findings, have been well reported by the news media. What has not been widely reported, however, are the inescapable conclusions that must be drawn from a close reading of this bipartisan study. Bluntly stated, either the Bush White House knew about the potential of terrorists flying airplanes into skyscrapers (notwithstanding their claims to the contrary), or the CIA failed to give the White House this essential information, which it possessed and provided to others. Bush is withholding the document that answers this question. Accordingly, it seems more likely that the former possibility is the truth. That is, it seems very probable that those in the White House knew much more than they have admitted, and they are covering up their failure to take action. The facts, however, speak for themselves. One of the most important sets of documents that the Congressional Inquiry sought was a set of copies of the President's Daily Brief (PDB), which is prepared each night by the CIA. In the Appendix of the 9/11 Report we learn that on August 12, 2002, after getting nowhere with informal discussions, Congress formally requested that the Bush White House provide this information. More specifically, the Joint Inquiry asked about the process by which the Daily Brief is prepared, and sought several specific Daily Brief items. In particular, it asked for information about the August 6, 2001 Daily Brief relating to Osama Bin Laden's terrorist threats against the United States, and other Daily Brief items regarding Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and pre-September 11 terrorism threats. The Joint Inquiry explained the basis for its request: ‘the public has a compelling interest ... in understanding how well the Intelligence Community was performing its principal function of advising the President and NSC of threats to U.S. national security.’ In short, the Joint Inquiry wanted to see the records. Bush's public assertion that his intelligence was ‘darn good’ was not sufficient.” The 9/11 Report Raises More Serious Questions About The White House Statements On Intelligence By John W Dean
In addition to the US CIA both the Clinton and Bu$h administrations were also warned by Russian intelligence about the goals of Al-Qaeda, “While it could be argued that there have been intelligence failures, the more critical issue is why there was such a determination on the part of both administrations to avoid any serious action against the Al-Qaeda network or the Taliban. As JID revealed last year, Russia's intelligence services had been extremely active in using their extensive operations in and around Afghanistan to build up a very detailed blueprint of the Taliban regime, its close links with the Al-Qaeda organisation and the extent to which both were actively supported by the Pakistani military and the Inter-Service Intelligence agency (ISI). The Russian permanent mission to the United Nations provided a report on this subject to the UN Security Council on 9 March 2001 (see JID 5 October 2001). However, it is becoming clear that this was only the most high profile of a number of attempts by the Russians to alert the US and other members of the Security Council to the extent of the inter-dependence between the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and the ISI. According to JID's Russian sources, there was a regular flow of information from Moscow to the US dating back to the last years of the Clinton presidency. It seems apparent, however, that although this intelligence was being received by the CIA and other US agencies, there was a distinct lack of enthusiasm within political - as opposed to military - circles for the launch of pre-emptive strikes against either the Taliban or Al-Qaeda. However, given the detailed intelligence being provided by the Russians - and the fact that Bin Laden was making very clear threats to launch further strikes against US targets - it seems bizarre, to say the least, that no high-level political decision was taken to focus US intelligence efforts on Al-Qaeda and its international network, particularly following the bomb attack on the USS Cole in Aden harbour, Yemen, in October 2000.” Avoiding the real questions by Jane's Intelligence Digest Jane's Intelligence Digest 28 May 2002
Katrina was another problem reaction solution scenario. In 2001 the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) warned the Bu$h administration of the three most likely and potential devastating disasters: a level 4 or 5 hurricane hitting New Orleans, a major earthquake hitting San Francisco and a terrorist attack on New York City. As with 9-11 the Bu$h administration claimed not to have any foreknowledge or preparation to prevent such an event. So naturally when Katrina hit and they did nothing for several days their draconian solution was to lock down New Orleans using FEMA to prevent evacuations, stifle rescues, discourage volunteer first responders from coming in and limiting ingress of supplies, then they employed the military and mercenaries to enforce martial law once the situation became untenable! Finally, they got what they really wanted, use of the military during disasters and trying to do away with the Posse Comitatus Act! See a pattern here? The last example I’ll offer is the NSA spying flap. The NSA using its super secret Echelon global spy system has been spying on all US citizens and the whole world for decades. This is an incontestible fact. Out of the blue, the NY Times “leaks” the existence of a domestic spy program, more revelations ensue in the controlled media and we get hypocritical calls for Congressional intervention and oversight by Republicans like Arlen (single bullet theory) Spector no less!? Next we will see Congress rubber stamp both the NSA head who initiated the domestic spy program as Director of the CIA and they’ll expand domestic spying!!
See the pattern? The leaders deny they know anything about a problem, meanwhile theruling elites' agents foment and allow a problem to fester, then the media repetition and exposure create public controversy. Finally the leaders step in and pass laws that undermine constitutional rights and protections (USA PATRIOT ACT, use of military/mercenaries as disaster responders, increased border patrols, new detention facilities, society wide domestic surveillance etc). AmeriKKKa has become a fascist police state via the use of fear mongering to further the ruling elites' well worn problem-reaction-solution paradigm. A little historical research and critical thinking and you can see right through their scam. To make matters worse, theyflaunt it in our faces by doing it over and over. Unfortunately in a dummied down, media distracted (Bobby Bonds steroid use/home run chase etc) culture like AmeriKKKa; critical thinking, analysis and counter stratagems are the last thing going on.



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