Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Al Qaeda Bogeyman

The Al Qaeda Bogeyman

“But there was substantial evidence showing that, up to 9/11, Al Qaeda could barely hold its act together, that it was a failing group, hounded from every country it tried to roost in (except for the equally lunatic Taliban-run Afghanistan). That it didn't represent the mainstream view even in the jihadi community, much less the rest of the Muslim world. This is the reality of the group that the Bush administration has said would engage us in a "long war" not unlike the cold war—the group that has led to the transformation of U.S. foreign policy and America's image in the world. The intelligence community generally agrees that the number of true A-list Al Qaeda operatives out there around the time of 9/11 was no more than about 1,000, perhaps as few as 500, most in and around Afghanistan. It is also fairly well established that bin Laden and his No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri, were engaged in a fierce pre-9/11 struggle with their own meager band of followers over whether it was wise to take on the ‘far enemy’—the United States—when many jihadis really wanted to engage the ‘near enemy,’ their national regimes, like Egyptian autocrat Hosni Mubarak.” - The Myth of Al Qaeda Michael Hirsh

The ruling plutocrats and their elected lackeys need an enemy they can demonize so the military-industrial-technological hydra can continue to suck funds to justify the continuance of policies both overt and covert that maintain and expand the predatory hegemony that benefits the plutocrats. Behind the scenes the plutocrats and their “intelligence agencies” with help from a compliant mass media labor to create these bogeymen so the permanent war machine can continue to grind human rights into the dust around the world in the name of freedom and democracy and tighten the noose of heretofore “benign” fascism in AmeriKKKa. Al Qaeda is such a project. By now most people, thanks to the mass media, actually believe there is a global organization named Al Qaeda with the capacity and wherewithal to wreck havoc on their enemies; namely the West and its flunky regimes in the Muslim world. The fact of the matter is Al Qaeda is a creation of the US CIA with help from their British and Israeli partners and their Saudi and Pakistani puppets.
The common myth promoted by the corporate media is that Muslim jihadists flocked to Afghanistan to help repulse the Soviet invaders. But what Zbigniew Brezinski the former National Security Advisor to President Carter revealed is the Carter administration recruited, funded and trained a group of Islamic radicals and funneled them into Afghanistan through Pakistan prior to the Soviet invasion. In fact according to Brezinski, this was a deliberate move knowing full well the Soviets would intervene and thus the US could provoke Russia into a costly Viet Nam style no win debacle that would drain their resources and create problems at home. Brezinski’s strategy called for securing a hard core group of radical Muslims to go to Afghanistan to challenge the existing Afghani government which was under the influence of the Soviet Union. The Jihadists who poured into Afghanistan from across the region included one Osama bin-Laden. The US supplied the Mujahedeen with arms, training, money and materiels allowing the CIA to concentrate on more important things like running the opium trade out of Afghanistan. The US armed and funded Jihadists made life miserable for the Russians and eventually the Ruskis suffered their equivalent of AmeriKKKa’s humiliating defeat in Vietnam.
Buoyed by their success against the Soviets some of the Jihadists began to think on more global terms. But there was no global organization or global Islamic terrorist network at that time. The US used the contacts they made in Afghanistan to do their dirty work in Kosova, the Balkans and other places around the world. Osama bin-Laden has long been a CIA asset/agent. But there never was any global Islamic terrorist organization named Al Qaeda. The Al Qaeda the US corporate media incessantly talks about is a figment of the CIA and their media cohorts’ imaginations. “In summary, ‘al-Qaeda’ never existed in the form now claimed by the Bushites and the corporate media, ‘al-Qaeda’ was in fact a database of CIA recruited and trained Mujahedeen and an email connected to that database, Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with that database and thus all references in the corporate media claiming he is the leader of ‘al-Qaeda’ the fantastical terrorist organization are false (if not deliberately contrived lies), terrorists falsely attributed to ‘al-Qaeda’ were organized by the U.S. military and NATO and financed by a CIA front bank in Washington (connected to two principal Straussian neocon criminals) and unleashed in Bosnia (assisting the drug-running KLA mafia), and the CIA front bank later shared a connection with prominent Saudi Arabians who are suspected of financing the nine eleven hijackers (since the hijackers did not actually exist, this money was probably used elsewhere in the nine eleven operation). All of this information was predictably discarded by nine eleven whitewash commission.”
Now some segments of the corporate mind control apparatus are breaking ranks and beginning to see Al-Qaeda as a US bogeyman, an equivalent of Dracula or some other phantom creature. Not only doesn’t Al-Qaeda exist on the level the US media and government says it does but even those who are part of it, aren’t as fiendish as the US makes them out to be. “One doesn't have to graduate at the top of one's class to set off explosives in a satchel on a subway. Were most of them capable of hatching a minutely timed scheme to obtain and detonate a nuclear bomb in a city, or launch a biowarfare attack? No. ‘In an open system like a network, the bumbler level is always going to be high because of the ease of entry,’ says John Arquilla, an intelligence expert at the Naval Postgraduate School. ‘That's how someone like [American Taliban supporter] John Walker Lindh can walk into the high councils of Al Qaeda and meet bin Laden. And recently the bumbler factor has gone up considerably.’ Ironically the most competent ‘Al Qaeda’ leader in recent years, at least since the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in 2003, was Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi, who came close to subverting the American project and creating a sectarian war in Iraq. But he did that largely on his own, facilitated by the fortuitous conjoining of Iraq with the war on terror. Before the Iraq war Zarqawi was a nobody, hiding out in northern Iraq, largely unconnected to Saddam's regime even though Colin Powell, in his infamous Feb. 5, 2003, United Nations Security Council speech, claimed that Saddam had given Zarqawi ‘harbor.’ And he was not part of bin Laden's group.” The Myth of Al Qaeda
Before 9/11, Osama bin Laden’s group was small and fractious. How Washington helped to build it into a global threat.
The object of all this is to keep AmeriKKKans petrified, bamboozled and afraid of our own shadows so the ruling elites can impose a fascist police state on us, for our “protection” and “security” and bum rush the world to steal it resources. Most people now realize the Pentagon and their media sycophants created the legend of supper terrorist and Al Qaeda in Iraq “leader” Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi. The situation in Somalia is another example of CIA intervention gone awry. What the mainstream media is not telling us of course is the US armed both sides. The fact that an Islamic group, the Union of Islamic Courts routed the non Islamic faction helps the Bu$hites’ anti-Islamic propaganda and sets the stage for US military intervention in the Horn of Africa. They will go to fight Muslim extremist and terrorism and bring “Democracy”.
Domestically, the recent story about seven brothers in Miami supposedly plotting to join Al Qaeda and start a domestic jihad is another bogus bogeyman story. Those sorry Negroes were not Muslims, they had never met any real Arab Muslims nor did they possess the wherewithal to execute what the government is claiming they were plotting to do. This is a classic is psy op to keep Joe and Jane Sixpack on edge, petrified and gullible. In some cases it’s working. In other cases, the Bu$hites are being seen for what they are, pathetic psychopaths hellbent on destroying the world in their quest to dominate it. The only question remaining is, what are we going to do about it?



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