Thursday, June 15, 2006

Coming To Grips With AmeriKKKa's Insanity

Coming To Grips With AmeriKKKa’s Insanity

“As people who recognize the insane nature of our situation, which is to be sane in a world gone mad, it is our job to come to terms and deal with the collective psychosis that is wreaking havoc on our planet. It is our job, our calling, our vocation to deal with the indisputable fact that we are being ruled by people who have fallen into a state of collective madness. It is our responsibility to deal with the fact that everyone who supports Bush in his madness: his administration, the corporate, congressional, judicial, military industrial complex, the media, the voters that allegedly put him into office, and ourselves as well if we are doing nothing about our situation, have all fallen prey to a psychic epidemic that threatens the entire planet. If we continue to insist on being under-employed by not stepping into our power and creatively speaking our true voice to the abuse of power, we have no one to blame but ourselves.” Where Is The Voice Of Sanity By Paul Levy

“The most insane people on the earth today are used as the models for sanity. The sanity of the racist Europan itself is not questioned. The insanity of European normality is not questioned. The possibility that what we call normal is itself insane is not questioned; that the organization of this society, the nature of its human relations, the structure of its economic systems, the values that motivate it, are the result of the madness of a people... We must look at the psychopathology of everyday life and must recognize we cannot have it both ways. We cannot talk about a people who have enslaved us, who discriminate against us, who insult us, who do all manner of other things against us, and use them as models of normality.” Dr. Amos N Wilson, The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness: Eurocentric History, Psychiatry and the Politics of White Supremacy pages 70-71

How long will we continue to go about our daily activities pretending not to know what we already really know, the ruling elites of this country and most of their elected official flunkies are insane, mad, I mean truly psychotic. We know it, because it is the height of insanity to engage in war crimes and call it “liberation”. It is hubris and psychopathology to the nth degree to wax lies and propaganda about spreading freedom and democracy when the modern legacy of the US has been the overthrow of democratically elected leaders and a wholehearted support of ruthless, repressive dictators around the world. AmeriKKKan terrorism abroad, is merely an extension of domestic state sanctioned repression, violence and terrorism. As I write this, I’m glancing at a book on one of my shelves titled, Without Sanctuary a pictorial documentation of lynching in AmeriKKKa. This was just one form of violence and abuse employed by whites against Africans in AmeriKKKa under direct sanction and protection of the state. The government used all kinds of repressive tactics to squash dissent and any threats to the status quo. For years many KKK members were also prominent members of the Euro-American community. Remember the FBI’s COINTELPRO, the CIA’s Operation Chaos, MK ULTRA and the current NSA spying on all AmeriKKKans were/are all state approved operations.
The Zionist/NeoCon cabal’s bogus war on terrorism is merely an international extension of the psychosis that produced the lynchings, COINTELPRO, Operation Chaos domestically and the atrocities of Mi Lai, Operation Phoenix in Viet Nam and the myriad death squads in Latin America. The tortures of Abu Ghraib were standard operating techniques taught at the US Army School of The Americas, now called the Western Hemispheric Institute For Security Cooperation in Fort Benning Georgia. This place was notorious for training Latin American military, police and paramilitary officials in the vilest forms of abuse and torture. “The United States Army School of the Americas, located at Fort Benning, adjacent to Columbus, Georgia, trains commissioned and non-commissioned officers from Latin American militaries. Many of its graduates have returned to their home countries and committed such atrocities as rapes, disappearances, torture, and assassination; they have organized death squads and paramilitaries to counter insurgencies and maintain power. The SOA is accused of including torture in its curriculum, an accusation its defenders deny, although such a torture manual was released to the public in 1991. The ‘Hall of Fame’ at the SOA includes dictators and human rights abusers, and a number of guest instructors were invited to the school's faculty after they had committed atrocities.” “Scores of SOA’s graduates eventually became Latin America’s military dictators or their servitors, as well as becoming prime human rights abusers. They put their U.S. acquired military training to demoniac use in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Violations included detaining civilians indefinitely, employing torture tactics, ‘disappearing’ victims and engaging in an entire range of unspeakable abuses, which blatantly violated fundamental human rights. Its critics therefore insisted that the SOA be closed down, but sanitized by a name change, the facilities remained open. Critics argue that such torture facilities are un-American, and are not consonant with the best aspects of U.S. military tradition.”
What the US Army School of The Americas did in Latin American to bolster fascism and squash dissent, the CIA has long been doing around the world. “Washingtom: ,The Central Intelligence Agency's 'rendition' of suspected terrorists has spiraled 'out of control' according to a former FBI agent cited in a report by The New Yorker magazine. The magazine examined how CIA detainees are spirited to states suspected of using torture. Michael Scheuer a former CIA counterterrorism agent told the magazine ‘all we've done is create a nightmare,’ with regard to the top secret practice of renditions. In an article titled 'Outsourcing Torture' due to hit newsstands this week, the magazine claims suspects, sometimes picked up by the CIA, are often flown to Egypt, Morocco, Syria and Jordan, ‘each of which is known to use torture in interrogations.’ The report said suspects are given few, if any, legal protections. Despite US laws that ban America from expelling or extraditing individuals to countries where torture occurs, Scott Horton -- an expert on international law who has examined CIA renditions -- estimates that 150 people have been picked up in the CIA dragnet since 2001. The New Yorker report said that suspects in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East 'have been abducted by hooded or masked American agents' and then sometimes forced onto a white Gulfstream V jet. The jet, marked on its tail by the code N379P which has recently been changed to N8068V -- ‘has been registered to a series of dummy American corporations ... and has clearance to land at US military bases,’ it said.”
Keep in mind the CIA was doing this prior to 9-11 and when it didn’t outsource the torture, the agency used its own people to torture targets. The US corporate media, more so to see what the reaction of the masses would be; has softly exposed AmeriKKKa as a fascist police state domestically, and a ravaging wolf internationally. The sad fact is even the few of us who object to this sort of thing, take the easy way out. We write letters, we blog, we may protest or march but we most of us don’t do anything to directly confront or stop the madness. A few folks annually picket the Western Hemispheric Institute For Security Cooperation (the former US Army School of The Americas), they get arrested, they may fast or pray which are all helpful but thus far critical mass from raised consciousness has not happened.
The corporate media works around the clock to dummy us down, distract us, lie, spread disinformation and government propaganda to fool and befuddle the masses. Will AmeriKKKa go the way of Nazi Germany weakly acquiescing to a fascist takeover of the government and the institution of a police state? Keep in mind, Adolph Hitler didn’t do anything to the Slavs, Gypsies, the handicapped, homosexuals, political dissidents or the Ashkenazim that whites in the US hadn’t done to Native Americans, Africans, Chinese immigrants, Mexicans or the Japanese Americans. The same type people who backed George W Bu$h backed Hitler and created the conditions that led to their rise in power ! They are insane, they are psychopaths. We need to accept this fact and conduct ourselves accordingly. Remember a rabid animal doesn’t care who or what it attacks. Just as Adolph Hitler attacked the trade unionists, communists and certain clerics the NeoCons will demonize anyone who opposes their fascist agenda. That being the case we should expect to be attacked but gird up to take the spiritual, psychological moral high ground. If we are to survive we must mount an offensive to restore sanity and Ma’at to our lives and the planet.



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