Thursday, June 01, 2006

From GODS to dogs and Back to GODS

From GODS to dogs and Back

“In the Egyptian Mysteries the Neophyte was required to manifest the following soul attributes: (1) control of thoughts and (2) control of action, the combination of which Plato called justice (i.e. the unswerving righteousness of thought and action) (3) Steadfastness of purpose, which was equivalent to Fortitude, (4) Identity with spiritual life or the higher ideals, which was equivalent to Temperance an attribute attained when the individual had gained conquest over the passional nature. (5) Evidence of having a mission in life and (6) Evidence ofa call to spiritual Orders or the Priesthood in the Mysteries: the combination of which was equivalent to Prudence or a deep insight and graveness that befitted the faculty of Seership. Other requirements in the ethical system of the Egyptian Mysteries were: (7) Freedom from resentment, when under the experience of persecution and wrong. This was known as courage. (8) Confidence in the power of the master (as teacher) and (9) Confidence in one’s own ability to learn; both attributes being known as Fidelity. (10) Readiness or preparedness for initiation. There has always been this principle of the Ancient Mysteries of Egypt: ‘When the pupil is ready, then the master will appear.’ This is the equivalent to a condition of efficiency at all times for less than this pointed to a weakness”- George G.M. James Stolen Legacy p 30-31

To those of us who have even a hint of the real glory, legacy and tradition of African metaphysics, spirituo-social pedagogy and development; the current condition of our people worldwide can be quite disheartening, if we lose sight of certain principles. The wholesale clinical depression, sense of defeat, hopelessness, nihilism, lack of purpose, lack of vision, gumption re-enforced by the myriad self-destructive forms of ideation and lifestyle we see in our families and communities are symptoms of a deliberate program of menticide and destruction targeted at us by our enemies. These barbarians are determined in their psychotic and psychopathic way, to rule (ruin) the planet and subjugate humanity by dummying us down and orienting us to the vilest and basest vibratory levels of consciousness, action and behavior. They do that via their all pervasive mass media which now is a form of global hegemony Sistah Warrior Marimba Ani defines as cultural imperialism, “The systematic imposition of an alien culture in the attempt to destroy the will of a politically dominated people. The mechanism of cultural imperialism causes cultural insecurity and self doubt within the dominated group. Separated from their ancestral legacy, they lose access to their source of political resistance.” (From Yurugu An African Centered Critique if European Cultural Thought and Behavior XXVI ). Eurocentric cultural imperialism posits and foists the notions Indo-European (Aryan) predatory culture and racist worldview are superior to First World people’s longer, more profound and humane cultural legacies. Their ultimate goal to paraphrase Sistah Ani is the imposition of their Eurocentric culture in a vile attempt to destroy our will to resist and thrive independently of their rapacious domination. To accomplish this they have created values instilling institutions and social systems designed to confuse, discombobulate, falsify our consciousness, undermine our very purpose for living and create a perverted “reality” we will think is normal and emulate.
The ancient African system of personal development was called the Mystery System by foreigners, invaders and curious wanna bes who were initiated into the various lower levels but who could not grasp from a holistic point of view, the essence of the teachings. They failed to experience the higher initiations that guided the student into an innerstanding of his or her spiritual nature. The Greeks for example were not allowed to experience the teachings, training and initiations that showed them how to employ the divine intelligence within and how to actually utter and actualize the transforming words of power Anuk Ausar. Anuk Asar means “I am Ausar”, the righteous ruler/teacher, I have attained self-mastery and am one with the Divine Intelligence within. This was a lengthy process taking many years, trials, errors and experiences but at the end the initiates who persevered and were able to utter Anuk Asar were indeed divine entities, attaining at-oneness with Infinite Intelligence/Divine Energy (God) . This was our African legacy. You can see this from an historical perspective by reading George G.M. James seminal work Stolen Legacy. You can work at experiencing this transformation yourself by reading and applying the teachings of Ra Un Nefer Amen’s Metu Neter Vol I and II any of Muata Ashby’s books and workbooks or exploring the various African culturo-spiritual traditions.
We do not have to remain ignorant and bamboozled. We have a choice. We don’t have to go around calling ourselves dogs, bitches, hos, degrading and debasing ourselves for a few dollars more. Nor do we have to deliberately pattern our thinking and behavior to fit the vile stereotypes created by our enemies. We can do and be better!!! We can stop wasting our lives in pursuit of the things the West deems valuable but the pursuit of causes us to lose our humanity, our minds and our souls. We can stop being Zombies, pathetic caricatures, mindless drones and sock puppets for the ruling elites’ program of global domination and enslavement of humanity. We can choose life. We can decide to pursue a higher calling and purpose (mental decolonization) as opposed to self and group negation. We can cast off the grave clothes of Eurocentric values, world view and lifestyles and substitute the life affirming teaching and practices of our African ancestors. We can complete the circle going from Gods to dogs back to Gods again. It will take hard work but the rewards will be great: mental liberation, spiritual empowerment, political freedom and an improved environment.



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