Thursday, June 08, 2006

Same Ol' Tricks

Same Ol’ Tricks

“WASHINGTON, June 7 — A covert effort by the Central Intelligence Agency to finance Somali warlords has drawn sharp criticism from American government officials who say the campaign has thwarted counterterrorism efforts inside Somalia and empowered the same Islamic groups it was intended to marginalize. The criticism was expressed privately by United States government officials with direct knowledge of the debate. And the comments flared even before the apparent victory this week by Islamist militias in the country dealt a sharp setback to American policy in the region and broke the warlords' hold on the capital, Mogadishu. The officials said the C.I.A. effort, run from the agency's station in Nairobi, Kenya, had channeled hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past year to secular warlords inside Somalia with the aim, among other things, of capturing or killing a handful of suspected members of Al Qaeda believed to be hiding there.” -

The Euro-AmeriKKKan plutocratic elites are up to their usual tricks and plots, fomenting strife, war, social disruption and sowing seeds of destabilization and chaos; this time in the Horn of Africa. Recent news flashes have indicated “Islamic” factions have taken the capital city of Somalia Mogadishu. These Al (CIA) Qaeda Islamic “warlords” supposedly routed the faction supported by the US CIA according to Western press sources like the nefarious New York Times a long time CIA propaganda and disinformation conduit. In today’s edition we read, “Officials say the decision to use warlords as proxies was born in part from fears of committing large numbers of American personnel to counterterrorism efforts in Somalia, a country that the United States hastily left in 1994 after attempts to capture the warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid and his aides ended in disaster and the death of 18 American troops. The American effort of the last year has occasionally included trips to Somalia by Nairobi-based C.I.A. case officers, who landed on warlord-controlled airstrips in Mogadishu with large amounts of money for distribution to Somali militias, according to American officials involved in Africa policy making and to outside experts. Among those who have criticized the C.I.A. operation as short-sighted have been senior Foreign Service officers at the United States Embassy in Nairobi. Earlier this year, Leslie Rowe, the embassy's second-ranking official, signed off on a cable back to State Department headquarters that detailed grave concerns throughout the region about American efforts in Somalia, according to several people with knowledge of the report”
Don’t believe the hype. The Times and the Western press want to create the impression the bogeyman terrorist organization Al Qaeda actually exist and is flourishing in Somalia. What the Times is not telling us is, the whole of East Africa including Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Mozambique and the island of Madagascar are rich in oil and natural gas deposits. The major Western oil consortiums and transnational oil companies desperately want to get their hands and drills on the oil and natural gas in the region. Not only are Peak Oil and their greed major factors they must now compete with China a bourgeoning oil consuming nation that is aggressively trading in Africa. As per their five hundred plus year legacy of rapine, pillage and plunder, the European trading companies and their Euro-AmeriKKKan corporatist heirs will instigate internecine wars to divide the people, stir up animosities and foment war so they can come in with their military, covert forces and “humanitarian” legions (the modern day equivalent of their religious missionaries) to secure up the region and gain access to the oil and natural gas. Hence the AmeriKKKan CIA is spreading mad money arming all sides but interestingly has not dealt directly with the government of Somalia. The Somali government which is attempting to reestablish stability following the collapse of the government of Gen. Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991 has also had to deal with the break away rebellion of the Northwestern region of the country which calls itself Somaliland. But to date, Somaliland has not been officially recognized by the rest of the world. The CIA, by arming antagonistic warlords throughout Somalia is exacerbating the situation which is exactly what they want. The Western countries are arming the warlords via proxy agents in Ethiopia, Eritrea two neigboring countries that have also been subjected to Western arms sales and geopolitical intrigue. “In May, the United Nations Security Council issued a report detailing the competing efforts of several nations, including Ethiopia and Eritrea, to provide Somali militias and the transitional Somali government with money and arms — activities the report said violated the international arms embargo on Somalia. ‘Arms, military matériel and financial support continue to flow like a river to these various actors,’ the report said. The United Nations report also cited what it called clandestine support for a so-called antiterrorist coalition, in what appeared to be a reference to the American policy. Somalia's interim president, Abdullahi Yusuf, first criticized American support for Mogadishu's warlords in early May during a trip to Sweden.‘We really oppose American aid that goes outside the government,’ he said, arguing that the best way to hunt members of Al Qaeda in Somalia was to strengthen the country's government."
President Yusuf doesn’t realize the West has no intention of strengthening nor assisting his government. The so called anti-terrorist coalition the Times refers to are really shock troops designed to destabilize Somalia by arming all comers and instigating conflict. Especially the “Islamic” factions so they can demonize them and say they are part of a global Islamic terrorist network. The Times and the rest of the media mind control apparatus will make people think Somalian Muslims are terrorists to create a pretext to launch an intervention campaign, either a supposedly “humanitarian” one like Clinton did in 1994 or a military one like the Bu$hites are itching to do in Sudan. Their real goal is to gain access to the oil and natural gas there. These devils don’t have a humanitarian bone in their bodies and we should always sniff and scratch beneath the surface to discern their real motives. Most of the time it will be their quest for their god, gold (or other mineral resources) gas another g word, oil or drugs.



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