Saturday, June 03, 2006

Spying on All AmeriKKKans Is A Pervasive Affair

“CALEA required that telecommunications carriers ensure that their equipment, facilities, or services provided the following four capabilities (assistance capability requirements): 1 . expeditiously isolate the content of targeted communications transmitted within the carrier's service area; 2. expeditiously identify information regarding the originating and destination numbers of targeted communications, but not the physical location of the targets, except as could be determined by the phone number; 3. transmit to law enforcement intercepted communications and call-identifying information to a location away from the carrier's premises; and 4. carry out intercepts unobtrusively, so that targets of electronic surveillance were not made aware of the interception and in a manner that did not compromise the privacy and security of other communications. According to the FBI, CALEA was intended to bring about a fundamental shift in how the telecommunications industry viewed its electronic surveillance responsibilities. Although Title III and FISA required telecommunications carriers to provide any assistance necessary to accomplish an electronic interception, the question of whether telecommunications carriers had an obligation to design networks that facilitated an authorized interception had not been decided. In short, CALEA sought to ensure that the telecommunications industry considered law enforcement’s need and authority to conduct electronic surveillance as a basic element in developing its telecommunications products and in providing service.” -

Most of us have heard about Bu$h ordering the National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on AmeriKKKans in blatant disregard and violation of the US Constitution and existing FISA laws. What most AmeriKKKans don’t know is that their government has been secretly spying on them for decades under the trumped up rationale of “national security”. This pervasive surveillance has been conducted, to protect us from a myriad of bogeymen and illusionary threats such as: anarchists, communists, organized crime, militant radicals and the newest demon, the omnipresent “terrorists” in our midst. We know about the USA PATRIOT Acts I and II the nefarious excuse to trample constitutional rights and privacy under the guise of Bu$h’s phony “Global War on Terrorism”. The plutocratic elites are using 9-11, which most thinking people have long since educed was a government false flag Black Op job, to usher in their coveted corporatist fascism. The corporate media, doing the bidding of their plutocratic cohorts, initiated a multi-faceted campaign of fear mongering, Arab xenophobia and crass militarism to accompany the draconian public policies enacted by their elected sock puppets. All this is designed and destined to turn AmeriKKKa into a sophisticated corporatist police state.
This is not merely a Republican NeoCon initiative. As George Wallace astutely pointed out back in 1968; there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two major political parties. The Clinton, Carter, Kennedy and Johnson administrations were all part of the fascist program too. The only difference is their “Democratic Party” agenda was not as obviously fascist to the naked eye of a naive observer. Their assignment was to alter the social landscape enough to keep the illusions and veneer of liberalism, “democracy and freedom” alive. The Republicans: Nixon, Reagan, Bu$h I and Dubeyah et al assignments were to accelerate the shift to a more right wing corporatist-government partnership, widen the class divisions and wealth gaps and usher in a more reactionary and repressive environment. Under Bu$h II this program expanded to the point George W Bu$h and his cronies have taken on an heightened arrogance given their successful theft of two straight presidential elections. Now he and his NeoCon co-conspirators think they can get away with anything!
One of the things Bu$h intends to make operational, is the wholesale spying on all AmeriKKKans, tracking our phone calls, E-mails, text messages, cellphones and soon, all our movements. Plans for national ID cards (using driver’s license) will soon be actualized and as soon as they can create an environment of acceptance, they will implement their program of Radio Frequency Identification chips (RFID). Keep in mind, spying on AmeriKKKans it is not just a Bu$h NeoCon prerogative. This has been on the drawing board for years. Go to and check out the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General Audit Division’s report on THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE COMMUNICATIONS ASSISTANCE FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ACT. You will be surprised to see how the FBI and US Justice Department (Injustice Dept?) have been pushing for implementation by telecommunication carriers the inclusion within their skeletal systems, special equipment that will allow the FBI, DEA and a host of other alphabet agencies to easily spy on all of us unbeknownst to the masses. “In the early 1990s, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) asked Congress for legislation to assist law enforcement agencies to conduct electronic surveillance. The FBI argued that advances in the telecommunications industry such as cellular telephones, call forwarding, and speed dialing challenged the ability of law enforcement agencies to fully perform electronic surveillance. In response, Congress passed the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) in 1994 to enable law enforcement to conduct electronic surveillance despite the deployment of new technologies and wireless services that have altered the character of electronic surveillance. In short, CALEA requires telecommunications carriers (carriers) to modify the design of their equipment, facilities, and services to ensure that law enforcement can perform electronic surveillance (for purposes of this report, the term electronic surveillance is used only in the sense of the real-time interception of information). To facilitate CALEA implementation, Congress appropriated $500 million to reimburse carriers for the direct costs ofmodifying systems installed or deployed on or before January 1, 1995. Effective implementation of CALEA relies heavily on the shared responsibilities of the FBI, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), telecommunications carriers, and telecommunications equipment manufacturers. CALEA also required the Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to conduct biennial audits of the progress of CALEA implementation.”
Don’t you wish our congress critters were as responsive and generous in their support of our needs as they have been to Executive Branch? Keep in mind this was prior to 9-11 and has been going on at a time when violent crimes statistics have been going down. Perhaps the FBI needs CALEA to track down all these white collar criminals and corrupt politicians we have seen in the news lately? Or maybe they want this system in place so they can spy on ordinary AmeriKKKans round the clock absent any probable cause? A cynic would point out the FBI’s Carnivor system and the NSA’s Echelon global spy system didn’t prevent 9-11 from happening so why go to all the expense and trouble to set up another form of spying?
The good news is that despite the fact the FBI has been paying to reimburse the telecommunications and ISP companies since 1995 to install the switching and monitoring equipment, compliance has not been enthusiastic. Just as Qwest turned down the NSA’s request for their records and to allow the NSA to monitor their customers phones, cellphones and Internet traffic, many telecommunications companies, according the DOJ’s own OIG report have not complied with securing the equipment for a variety of reasons. We should let our congress critters know we are opposed to any further intrusions and violations of our privacy and Constitutional Rights!! We should make this issue one of the key themes in the upcoming elections; along with fiscal sanity, anti-imperialism and ethics. Let the politicians and their plutocratic puppeteers know we’re not going to accept their fascist police state! Maybe if enough people raise a ruckus, things will change. If we make enough noise, maybe we can force the fascists to regroup and go back to their drawing boards.



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