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AmeriKKKa Has ALways Been A Pressive Police State

AmeriKKKa has Always Been A Repressive Police State

“Covert police methods have been used against progressive social movements since the founding of the country. Undercover operatives disrupted the historic efforts of rebel slaves and Native American, Mexican, and Puerto Rican resistance. Dissident journalists, insurgent workers, and rebellious farmers were arrested on false charges and jailed or hung after rigged trials. Through most of U.S. history, progressive activists faced the blatant brutality of hired thugs and right-wing vigilantes backed by government troops. As the country grew more urban and industrial, newly formed municipal police forces came to play a greater role. By the turn of this century, local police departments were running massive anti-union operations in collaboration with the Pinkertons and other private detective agencies.” WAR AT HOME
by Brian Glick

The ruling elites have used the educational system, religion and other mind and social control agencies to brainwash and dupe the masses into actually believing AmeriKKKa is “the land of the free and the home of that brave”, that liberty, freedom and opportunity are the birthrights of all citizens. Of course most white folks (except free spirited dissidents, radicals and non-conformists) have bought into this myth lock stock and barrel. People of color who have been the victims of white supremacist violence and oppression have had these lies seared into our consciousness through torture, terrorism, co-optation and assorted brainwashing techniques and inducements. The plutocratic shot callers cunningly used race as a wedge to divide the poor whites who were on the bottom of their socio-economic totem pole to prevent them from forging long lasting relationships with the Native Americans, Africans and other people of color mired at the bottom of AmeriKKKa’s racial cast hierarchy so as to undermine any threats to their elitist socio-economic and political status quo.
From the very beginning the US was a nation founded upon the notions or elitism and plutocracy. “In Colonial America, the rich were getting richer and the poor were getting much poorer. In 1687 in Boston, the top 1% owned about 25% of the wealth. By 1770, the top 1% owned 44%. In those same years, the poor--those who owned no property--represented 14% in 1687 and 29% in 1770... George Washington was the richest man in America, a man who enslaved 216 human beings who were not emancipated until after he and his wife had both died. Benjamin Franklin had a personal fortune worth at least $20 million in today's money. He was a champion of the Quaker plutocrats in Philadelphia and vigorously opposed the democratic western farmers of Pennsylvania.” America has always had racial and class stratification. “The wealthy merchant class grew fearful of the working class's power and made sure that delegates to the first Continental Congress in Philadelphia in 1774 were selected from the "ablest and wealthiest men in America." John Jay, later to become the first chief justice of the Supreme Court, was elected as president. His sentiment was a forecast of what the Constitution would establish: 'The people who own the country ought to govern it.'"
From jump street the fledgling US government used repressive measures to stamp out righteous grievances of the poor whites for redress of abysmal economic conditions favoring the wealthy. The wealthy merchant, banking and planter class used poor whites and blacks seeking liberation as cannon fodder in their war to break away from England. But they reneged on their promises to pay the soldiers which created even more hardship for the common men once the war was over. At one point an armed struggle erupted between agitated former soldiers and farmers and the government in Massachusetts. It was called Shay’s Rebellion after the former captain in the Revolutionary War Daniel P. Shay who led the farmers against the government. “The war's debt ultimately trickled down to consumers, in large part to small farmers. In addition, the tax system at the time- a direct capitation- was highly regressive, especially given the fact that there was a dichotomy in eighteenth century Massachusetts economics. Much of the western and central parts of the Commonwealth had a barter economy, as opposed to the monetary economy that existed in the eastern part of the Commonwealth. Compounding the east-west dichotomy, was the fact that certain mature western and central Massachusetts towns (such as Northampton or Hadley) possessed more developed monetary economies, whereas other towns (such as Amherst or Pelham) subsisted on a barter economy. As a result, to meet their debts, many small farmers were forced to sell their land, often at less than one-third of fair market price to eastern Massachusetts speculators. Loss of such property could reduce families to extreme poverty. It also often meant that such men might lose their right to vote since suffrage was often tied to property ownership.”'_Rebellion This set the stage for hundreds of years of repressive, brutal and oppressive state sanctioned violence against poor folks, dissidents, people of color and those who dared to challenge the lies, myths and operation of the prevailing social order.
We are familiar with COINTELPRO but most labor under the illusion covert police state campaigns were a one time thing or programs like that and the CIA’s Operation Chaos ( an anti-war counterinsurgency/destabilization program) no longer exist. Not so. “Over the past 50 years, clandestine work has become an essential part of the Bureau's mode of operation. Many of its senior agents are now specialists whose professional advancement requires that the government continue to rely on covert action. A similar group of "old hands" has emerged from the covert operations that the United States and its European allies developed in an effort to maintain control of their colonies and neo-colonies in countries such as Algeria, the Congo, India, Northern Ireland, Chile, and Vietnam. With Hoover's death and Webster's ascendancy at the FBI and then the CIA, the two sets of spies came gradually to coordinate and integrate their work. The combined experience of these veteran covert operatives has given rise to a growing literature and theory of counter-insurgency. Their widely circulated texts and manuals restate the basic precepts of COINTELPRO and pound home the necessity for continuous covert operations. The leading treatise, Low-Intensity Operations: Subversion, Insurgency, and Peacekeeping, by Frank Kitson, British commander in Kenya, Malaysia, Cyprus, and Northern Ireland, insists that infiltration and "psychological operations" be mounted against dissident groups in "normal times," before any mass movement can develop. Careerism, old boy networks, theories, and treatises help to perpetuate domestic covert action. The persistence of such operations can be fully explained, however, only in terms of their value to economic and political elites. Any social order based on inequality of wealth and power depends, to some degree, on political repression to control the disadvantaged majority. Modern U.S. elites have particular need for covert measures because the war at home is primarily the responsibility of the federal government, a government which is under intense pressure to appear to be democratic. The federal government has become the main arm of domestic repression through a series of historic developments. First, internal political conflict has come to focus increasingly on issues of public policy. Second, business and industry, which once played a major role, now rely on the public sector for unprofitable support services-from post offices, airports, roads, and job training to the pacification of workers and markets at home and abroad. They are no longer willing to maintain a large-scale in-house apparatus for repressing societal political dissent or to purchase such services from private agencies.” War at Home
by Brian Glick
“The typical American chief executive now earns 300 times the average wage, up tenfold from the 1970s. Continental Europe's bosses have seen nothing similar. This discrepancy has fostered the “fat cat” theory of inequality: greedy businessmen sanction huge salaries for each other at the expense of shareholders. Whichever explanation you choose for the signs of growing inequality, none of the changes seems transitory. The middle rungs of America's labour market are likely to become ever more squeezed. And that squeeze feels worse thanks to another change that has hit the middle class most: greater fluctuations in people's incomes. The overall economy has become more stable over the past quarter century. America has had only two recessions in the past 20 years, in 1990-91 and 2001, both of which were mild by historical standards. But life has become more turbulent for firms and people's income now fluctuates much more from one year to the next than it did a generation ago. Some evidence suggests that the trends in short-term income volatility mirror the underlying wage shifts and may now be hitting the middle class most... All in all, America's income distribution is likely to continue the trends of the recent past. While those at the top will go on drawing huge salaries, those in the broad middle of the middle class will see their incomes churned. The political consequences will depend on the pace of change and the economy's general health. With luck, the offshoring of services will happen gradually, allowing time for workers to adapt their skills while strong growth will keep employment high. But if the economy slows, Americans' scepticism of globalisation is sure to rise. And even their famous tolerance of inequality may reach a limit.” Inequality in America The rich, the poor and the growing gap between them
Viewed in these terms we can see why the Bu$hites ordered domestic spying even before 9-11, why what happened in New Orleans almost a year ago was actually a dry run for martial law, the lock down, dislocation and ethnic cleansing of an AmeriKKKan urban area to test the readiness of the plutocrats’ fascist New World Order agenda and the programmability and gullibility of the AmeriKKKan public. They know the policies of their plutocratic backers are causing grave concern and pain and they fear the masses. In order to keep them distracted they use the bogeyman of terrorism just like their parents used the fear of “global communism” to hype military-industrial-technological complex profits and fuel the overt and covert police state tactics we discussed earlier. They are terrified of what we will do when enough of us wake up to what they are doing! They fear you, they fear a modern day Shay’s Rebellion! Hence the need to employ psy ops and campaigns to disarm the public, take our weapons, distract Joe and Jane Sixpack, Jose and Carmen, Jaqwan or Booboo and Shanaynay; bamboozle and dupe them with fairytales about evildoers in caves who hate us for our freedoms who are so slick they can defy the laws of physics and make tall building fall like magic.



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