Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Israeli Anglo-AmerriKKKan Axis of Evil

The Israeli Anglo-AmeriKKKan Axis of Evil

“One day before the Israeli air strikes, the main partners and shareholders of the BTC pipeline project, including several heads of State and oil company executives were in attendance at the port of Ceyhan. They were then rushed off for an inauguration reception in Istanbul, hosted by Turkey's President Ahmet Necdet Sezer in the plush surroundings of the Çýraðan Palace. Also in attendance was British Petroleum's (BP) CEO, Lord Browne together with senior government officials from Britain, the US and Israel. BP leads the BTC pipeline consortium. Other major Western shareholders include Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, France's Total and Italy's ENI. (see Annex) Israel's Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Binyamin Ben-Eliezer was present at the venue together with a delegation of top Israeli oil officials. The BTC pipeline totally bypasses the territory of the Russian Federation. It transits through the former Soviet republics of Azerbaijan and Georgia, both of which have become US 'protectorates', firmly integrated into a military alliance with the US and NATO. Moreover, both Azerbaijan and Georgia have longstanding military cooperation agreements with Israel. In 2005, Georgian companies received some $24 million in military contracts funded out of U.S. military assistance to Israel under the so-called ‘Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program’.” The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil by Michel Chossudovsky

The corporate mind control apparatus is primed and pumped to propagate the party line about Israel’s right to defend itself (by engaging in acts that would be deemed war crimes if committed by people of color), being AmeriKKKa’s only democratic ally in a volatile region and now with the bogus tape supposedly from al CIA Qaeda’s second in command Ayman al-Zawahiri calling for an all out jihad against Israel the US media will go hog wild justifying the butchery Israel has unleashed in Lebanon and Palestine. “CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- Al Qaeda's No. 2 leader issued a worldwide call Thursday for Muslims to rise up in a holy war against Israel and join the fighting in Lebanon and Gaza until Islam reigns from ‘Spain to Iraq.’ In a taped message broadcast by Al-Jazeera television, Ayman al-Zawahiri said the terrorist organization would not stand idly by while 'these (Israeli) shells burn our brothers. ‘All the world is a battlefield open in front of us,’ said the Egyptian-born al-Zawahiri, second-in-command to Osama bin Laden. The media is also saying bin-Laden will make some type of message of support for the Arabs soon. “Another new audio or video message from bin Laden was also expected in the coming days and was planned to deal with Gaza and Lebanon, according to IntelCenter. The U.S.-based independent group provides counter terrorism information to the U.S. government and media.: That would be a neat trick considering the real Osama bin-Laden is dead!
The fact the US is supplying the ordnance and weaponry Israel is using to slaughter innocent civilians shows the Israelis and AmeriKKKan ruling elites are totally indifferent to the loss of innocent lives. The US media will even make a major leap of deception and spin it to make it seem Hamas and Hezbollah which were elected by their respective supports as part of the Palestinian and Lebanese governments are united with al-Qaeda! Meanwhile the real facts regarding the supposed flashpoint that started all this will be suppressed and swept down the memory hole as usual. As I have noted in previous posts, the lies Israel used to justify their war against Lebanon do not hold up under close scrutiny. The fact of the matter is, the Israeli troops and tank crew that were killed and captured (not kidnaped as the US media sock puppets reported) were in Lebanese territory, they had violated Lebanese territorial space. The Lebanese did not come into Israeli territory and kidnap Israeli soldiers and tank crews to facilitate a prisoner exchange! But the propaganda and psychological warfare surrounding Israel’s unprovoked aggression into Lebanon and Palestine are merely the tip of the iceberg in a much wider geopolitical and strategic operation. It is all part of the Anglo-AmeriKKKan and Israeli axis of evil’s overarching plan to invade, control and hold the region militarily, so they can expropriate and control the resources and the means of getting oil and gas from the Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf regions into global (Western and Asian) markets. It is part and parcel to the real reasons the US is in Afghanistan: to secure access to Caspian Sea resources via construction of trans-Afghanistan oil and natural gas pipelines (as well as control the opium trade). It is also why the US plutocrats and their NATO allies waged their illegal war in the Balkans: to prepare the landscape to secure European routes for gas and oil pipelines through that region and control the drug trade from Afghanistan into Eastern and Western Europe!
The US mind control machinery did an excellent job of suppressing information about the war crimes and lethal devastation the US and NATO committed in the Balkans. Unfortunately for the US and Israel, the Arab world has their own telecommunications setup. It makes it harder for the Western mind control apparatus to dupe the masses here when the photos and images of the carnage the US and Israel have caused in the region are being flashed around the world for all to see. Make no mistake about it, Israel is a key player in the Anglo-AmeriKKKan oil and resource scramble. Israel has its own energy and resource needs (oil and water). Like any true barbarian from the Steppes of Central Eurasia, the Khazars will pillage, plunder and take what is not theirs’ to get them. As reported by Michel Chossudovsky in his recent piece on the Global Research Website, the Ashkenazim are right in the thick of the war for oil.
“But there is another dimension which directly relates to the war on Lebanon. Whereas Russia has been weakened, Israel is slated to play a major strategic role in ‘protecting’ the Eastern Mediterranean transport and pipeline corridors out of Ceyhan. The bombing of Lebanon is part of a carefully planned and coordinated military road map. The extension of the war into Syria and Iran has already been contemplated by US and Israeli military planners. This broader military agenda is intimately related to strategic oil and oil pipelines. It is supported by the Western oil giants which control the pipeline corridors. In the context of the war on Lebanon, it seeks Israeli territorial control over the East Mediterranean coastline. ..Israel is now part of the Anglo-American military axis, which serves the interests of the Western oil giants in the Middle East and Central Asia. While the official reports state that the BTC pipeline will ‘channel oil to Western markets’, what is rarely acknowledged is that part of the oil from the Caspian sea would be directly channeled towards Israel. In this regard, an underwater Israeli-Turkish pipeline project has been envisaged which would link Ceyhan to the Israeli port of Ashkelon and from there through Israel's main pipeline system, to the Red Sea. The objective of Israel is not only to acquire Caspian sea oil for its own consumption needs but also to play a key role in re-exporting Caspian sea oil back to the Asian markets through the Red Sea port of Eilat. The strategic implications of this re-routing of Caspian sea oil are far-reaching.” The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil by Michel Chossudovsky
The events we see unfolding have been on the drawing board for quite some time now. The corporate elites and global bankers, the real shot callers, don’t care thousands of innocent lives will be lost; that too is part of their dastardly plan for global depopulation via perpetual wars mixed with public and private policies that promote sterility, create famine and deadly pandemics (see the National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) - April 1974 to see just how diabolical and psychotic these people are). Israel’s war on Lebanon is just one piece in a complex puzzle designed to benefit numerous players known and unknown: the Ashkenazim Zionists, the multinational oil consortiums, the military-industrial-technology hydra, the international financiers and the New World Order afficionados. They all have a symbiotic relationship with each other. They are working hard to bring their New World Order into existence, where the bulk of humanity will be reduced to cannon fodder, wage slaves, debt peons, Pavlovian consumers or prisoners. In this case the main culprits and identifiable axis of evil members are the US, Britain, Israel, their agents, pawns and operatives like the US Congress, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Enterprise Institute to name a few. Keep this in mind as events continue to unfold, the bloodletting and the carnage escalate.


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