Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Media Bias Is real and Deliberate

Media Bias Is Real And Deliberate

“Media bias does not occur in random fashion; rather it moves in the same overall direction again and again, favoring management over labor, corporations over corporate critics, affluent whites over inner-city poor, officialdom over protesters, the two-party monopoly over leftist third parties, privatization and free market ‘reforms’ over public sector development, U.S. dominance of the Third World over revolutionary or populist social change, nation-security policy over critics of that policy, and conservative commentators and columnists like Rush Limbaugh and George Will over progressive or populist ones like Jim Hightower and Ralph Nader (not to mention more radical ones). The built-in biases of the corporate mainstream media faithfully reflect the dominant ideology, seldom straying into territory that might cause discomfort to those who hold political and economic power, including those who own the media or advertise in it.” Methods of Media Manipulation by Michael Parenti from the book 20 years of Censored News by Carl Jensen and Project Censored http://thirdworldtraveler.com/Media/MediaManip_Parenti.

I went to Virginia for a family reunion last week. While relaxing in the hotel I was channel surfing and came across one of the corporate propaganda cable stations I think it was Fox News and they were actively rationalizing Israel’s bombardment of Lebanese civilian neighborhoods. Next I turned on CNN and there was Lou Dobbs (supposedly one of the good guys) speaking with a Lebanese ambassador attempting to get the man to denounce Hezbollah and make the Lebanese people who are the victims the criminals. To the ambassador’s credit he was having none of it and remained steadfast pointing to Israel’s fifty-eight year history as a ruthless aggressor engaged in ethnic cleansing and genocide. Shortly thereafter I turned the television off. The latest crisis in the “Middle East” is more of the same ol’ okey-doke where the corporate mind control apparatus goes into over-drive to demonize Arabs and Muslims while depicting the Ashkenazim invader/settlers as the rightful heirs to the land who are merely defending their right to survive. Implicit in the propaganda is the preposterous notion the Ashkenazim are God’s chosen people and their “Promised Land”, stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates Rivers.
No one in their right mind would ever deny there is a bias in the US media favoring Israel. The media makes it seem Israel’s interests and the interests of the West are identical when in fact, other than the racist violence directed towards people of color, they are not always the same. Meanwhile this same media demonizes and vilifies Arabs and Muslims the same way the US media dehumanized and denigrated Native Americans and Africans in years past. As far as the US media is concerned, Israel can do no wrong, no matter what they do, no matter how repugnant and ruthless their policies and actions are. The US mind control apparatus is spinning Israel’s latest aggression which by the way; was planned long before Hezbollah engaged, killed and captured ( they did not kidnap) Israeli soldiers and tank crews that knowingly (and probably deliberately) come into Lebanon territory as purely defensive!? Meanwhile the rest of the world that has not been subjected to the Zionist media blackouts, suppression and propaganda like we have here, sees the massive carnage Israel is inflicting on innocent civilians in Lebanon and their critical civilian infrastructure and the US uncritical support of the carnage as the same ol same ol’. Of course the US media sycophants justify Israel’s overkill, their use of high tech jets, tanks and heavy ordnance missiles because Hezbollah has fired “rockets” (which are nowhere near as lethal as the advanced weaponry and heavy ordnance Israel is using) into Israeli territory.
If it weren’t for the Internet or satellite television AmeriKKKans would not know or see the slaughter and havoc Israel has unleashed on Beirut and Gaza. Certainly one will neither see nor hear any reports that depict the level of violence from a Lebanese or Palestinian perspective in the US media . The news is almost always totally lopsided in favor of Israel. However this bias will not alter reality, just as the corporate media cheerleaders for the NeoCon debacle in Iraq has not altered the reality there or in Afghanistan or Haiti, three failed examples of Bu$h and Co.’s imperialistic regime change policies. “Not unlike Fox News and CNN, Mr. Uygur puts forward the distortion, in fact a lie, that Hamas and Hezbollah ‘started the hostilities,’ thus legitimizing Israel’s criminal and murderous behavior. As usual, the corporate media, and this includes the Young Turks and Sirius Satellite Radio, ignore the fact both Hamas and Hezbollah are resistance movements, completely legitimate under international law... Of course, lobbing rockets at Israeli citizens is a violation of this principle, but ‘kidnaping’ Israeli soldiers—who were, regardless of the lies spun by the corporate media, on the Lebanese side of the border when they were captured—is legal, as all sides in a conflict routinely take prisoners of war. As well, the puny rockets of Hezbollah, based on seventy year old technology, pale in comparison to Israel’s high-tech munitions, provided by the American tax payer, a chump as usual. http://kurtnimmo.com
If you want to really know what’s going on in the world, turn off the mainstream media, put down the New York Times, the Washington Post or their clones and search the news stands and the Internet for reliable sources of information. You can also listen to short wave radio, Internet radio or glean your news from media not as biased or distorted as the lap dogs for the NeoCon war/ethnic cleansing agenda. Make no mistake the bias is real and deliberate. The good news is we don’t have to go for the okey-doke.



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