Sunday, July 02, 2006

NeoCons Attempt To Unseat Cynthia McKinney Again

NeoCons and Shameless Sambo Try To Unseat Cynthia McKinney

“ - A little known African American woman announced Thursday that she will try to unseat Georgia Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who has been mired in controversy since she struck a U.S. Capitol policeman in the chest with her closed fist. Catherine Davis, a human resources manager who has never held elected office, said she is running because McKinney's ‘dismal legislative record and her outrageous behavior are an embarrassment to the hard-working folks in my district.’ McKinney represents Georgia's 4th Congressional District.”

The fascist plutocrats have renewed their attempts to unseat populous Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney one more time. McKinney was defeated in 2002 using money and resources from a coalition of NeoCon and Zionist (some say they are one and the same) forces and a willing stooge they plucked from the community to run against McKinney at a time when the NeoCons were hellbent on stamping out all forms of dissent and heresy to their fascist and imperialist agenda. McKinney was defeated because her adversaries took advantage of a Georgia law that allows Republicans to cross party lines and vote against her in the primary. The NeoCon cabal funneled mad dollars into her oppenent's campaign while simultaneously the corporate mind control apparatus vilified and demonized McKinney because she dared insinuate George W Bush had foreknowledge of 9-11. It has since been irrefutably proven he did even though his backers in the mainstream media have flushed this information down the memory hole.
McKinney was subsequently defeated by Denise Majette a DeKalb County judge who had never run for elected office having been appointed judge by Governor Zell in 1993. It seems she was plucked out of nowhere and given the nod and backing to unseat McKinney in the heavily democratic 4th Congressional District. With Jewish money pouring in and Republican zombies following the instructions of their Pavlovian masters to vote against McKinney in the primary, the people’s champion suffered a temporary setback. The mind control apparatus attempted to spin it as a vindication for “true Americans” when McKinney was defeated. But fate has a funny way of vindicating truth. It subsequently came out Bush had been warned by the CIA that a major attack against the US was in the works, and they did nothing to prevent it. The mainstream media revealed the Presidents’s Daily Brief by the CIA had warned bin-Laden was planning something big . What Bu$h’s media cohorts did not reveal was the Bu$h administration had also been warned ahead of time about 9-11 by such nations as Germany, France, Russia, Israel, Egypt, Morocco and even Argentina. It subsequently went downhill for the Bu$hites from there once they launched their ill fated invasion of Iraq. As time passed an avalanche of evidence emerged proving the Bu$hites lied about Iraqi WMD and they plotted to dethrone Saddam Hussein immediately following 9-11!
Ironically these revelations validated and vindicated McKinney not only in her former 4th Congressional District but around the country as well, much to the chagrin of the disingenuous Bu$h-Cheney cabal. Majette must have allowed the support the NeoCons gave her to go to her head. She hadn’t even warmed her seat in the halls of the US Congress before she decided to run for the US Senate. What was Ms Majette thinking? Did she believe being a Yale graduate made her one of the “good ol’ boys”? Majette’s intemperate decision opened the door for Cynthia McKinney to reclaim her seat in Congress. And reclaim it she did. McKinney returned with a vengeance and defeated an open field of five primary contestants and easily defeated her Republican opponent in the general election. McKinney returned to Congress as bold as ever despite being repeatedly dissed and spanked by the weak kneed and spineless “leadership” of her own party.
McKinney did not miss a beat, jumping into the fray on a myriad of controversial issues most of her emasculated Democratic colleagues wouldn’t touch with a ten foot poll like: Iraq troop withdrawal, challenging the Joint Chiefs about their simulated military exercises on 9-11 that undermined the military’s ability to respond appropriately on that fateful day and investigating the Bu$h administration’s criminally negligent response to Hurricane Katrina. McKinney was on a roll deviling the Bu$h administration every chance she got. She had the Bu$hites on the ropes but the trickster gods zapped her. Her run-in with a Capital Hill Police officer provided an opening for her opponents (the ones in her own party and the Bu$hites) to go after her. In much ado about nothing the US Attorney empaneled a federal grand jury to look into the incident which was fueled by the mind control apparatus’ attempts to demonize her and get her kicked out of Congress. But the ancestors stepped in to pull her through. Ms McKinney was pressured by her colleagues to apologize which she did, the grand jury subsequently refused to indict her on assault charges and she received significant support from folks outside the beltway who are not beguiled and bamboozled by the fascist group think of the Bu$h cabal. Plus in the over all scheme of things, with revelations of Congressional corruption and profiteering ever in the news, her incident with the Capital police officer was a non-issue.
McKinney is running hard against the fascist corporatist machine and its political lackeys. This time a black “NeoCon” Republican named Catherine Davis is being dusted off to run against McKinney in the general election in November. Like Majette, Davis has no prior history of elected office and is using McKinney’s persona non grata status within the D.C. establishment as her sole campaign platform. McKinney is in a tough primary fight and her enemies will attempt to do what they did in 2002, convince Republicans to cross over and vote against her. Cynthia McKinney needs our help. Don’t sit by and allow the Bu$hites to steal yet another election. Don’t allow self-serving sycophantic elements to take down one of the few genuinely people and issue oriented representatives serving in Congress. Cynthia McKinney doesn’t just fight for her 4th District constituents, she fights for all of us! Don’t allow the enemies of the world to unseat her. Don’t allow the warmongers and liars to usurp her seat. Don’t send another money grubbing, morally impotent coward to Congress.
Yes, as many of you know, I’m a vocal critic of the AmeriKKKan system because I know this system is racist and corrupt. I know she will be going up against overwhelming odds on both sides of the aisle; but without people like Cynthia McKinney the system would be totally unrepentant and thoroughly crooked. Please do whatever you can to support this Sistah, send her some money, volunteer for her campaign if you can’t do that, at least pray for her strength and safety. These are perilous times, we need a champion like Cynthia McKinney in our corner fighting for us to stem the tide away from domestic fascist militarism and war.



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