Sunday, July 16, 2006

Random Thoughts on Recent/Current Events

Random Thoughts On Recent/Current Events

When George W Bu$h was nominated to head the 2000 Republican election ticket most people raised their eyebrows and shrugged their shoulders and asked “Who?”. If Bu$h hadn’t been given the nod by the plutocratic shot callers and a free pass by their corporate media flunkies George W. Bu$h would have been laughed and mocked to scorn for his obvious unpreparedness to handle himself on the global stage. It was no secret Dubeyah wasn’t the sharpest knife in his family’s drawer. Nevertheless he had the backing of his family, their money, their connections and the total support of the corportocracy’s mind control and reality shaping apparatus. The media glossed over his malapropisms, his intellectual awkwardness and the seemingly unrealistic statements and promises he made about resurrecting morality in the White House, being a uniter rather than a divider, promising to boost military spending and cutting taxes; as the same media dogged his opponent and made mountains out of mole holes around any and every mistake Al Gore made
Once Debeyah’s daddy’s buddies on the Supreme Court handed him the presidency on a silver platter, his handlers started making their moves to improve his image in the media and denounce his detractors. Most of the nation was incensed by the Supreme Court fiasco but Bu$h and Co. pressed on. His first months in office were a bit shaky, then the China Spy plane incident occurred in April of 2001. Boy George who had gone AWOL for months during his tour as a reserve officer in the Air National Guard (to avoid active duty in Vietnam) got his rocks off threatening China and posturing in front of the cameras for the corporate media who continued to give him a virtual pass from criticism or critical analysis. We should have seen a trend there but we didn’t.
Bu$h made it through that crisis but his poll numbers still were not good. The UN Conference on Racism was a watershed moment as the US refused to send a representative and the imperialist powers and settler regimes of Europe and Israel were on the ropes for their roles in global colonialism, exploitation and oppression. Things weren’t looking so good for Bu$h and Co. Then out of the supposed blue came 9-11. The AmeriKKKan sheeple rallied around their leader during their time of shock and trauma ( which was amplified using subtle and blatant psychological warfare techniques on the AmeriKKKan people by the corporate media) and the ruling elites used the occasion to push their pre-planned fascist agenda whole hog on the unsuspecting and traumatized public. All of a sudden Bu$h’s approval ratings went up and he went wild whipping AmeriKKKa into a war frenzy; in the process squandering all the good will and sympathy 9-11 engendered for the AmeriKKan people around the world.
The boy emperor made tensions worse by banging the war drums in his effort to gain approval for his Nazi/Israeli like pre-emptive invasion of Iraq. World reaction was hugely unsupportive but Bu$h used disinformation, deceit and a cunning psychological operation to justify his invasion of Iraq. Around the world there were massive demonstrations against his move but they fell on deaf ears. Bu$h and the NeoCons were determined to use 9-11 as a pretext to invade Iraq so they and their cronies could expropriate that nation’s natural resources, preserve US petro-dollar hegemony and support Israeli expansion in the region.
Now here we are almost five years after 9-11, stubbornly and needlessly bogged down in Iraq, while Afghanistan is becoming a question mark as far as an AmeriKKKan victory in Bu$h’s Global War on Terrorism, regime change and global democratization ( the new term for AmeriKKKan imperialist neo-colonialism). Bu$h’s policies have bankrupted the nation, morally and financially. At home his poll numbers are horrible despite efforts by his handlers to create bogus hot button emotional issues to raise his profile and rally his shrinking core of ultra-right supporters and Christian religious fanatics. But Bu$h is far from set, more an dmore AmeriKKKans feel he has lead the nation over a moral abys and his own party is racked with scandal and inner squabbling. The press every now and then does its job and informs the public about something illegal and totally fascist the Bu$h cabal is doing. But the public may seethe a while but takes no action. There are rarely any demonstrations, no efforts to impeach Bu$h, no court challenges; nothing Bu$h in stead of backing off is now threatening to go after the press and he’s trying to intimidate and coerce them into being even more Milquetoast and servile than ever. There is hope, a woman named Sheehan has embarrassed and bedeviled Bu$h ad nauseam for over a year.
Now we have North Korea launching several missiles and Bu$h seems to have lost his bark after getting the US military bogged hopelessly in a no win occupation in Iraq where guerilla anti-occupation forces are befuddling the AmeriKKKan forces to which they respond using increasingly excessive military force. Their brutality further antagonizes the Iraqis and Muslims around the world These tactics on top of the prison scandals and abuses, the renditions, the black op death squads and the US military’s attacks against independent minded journalists have turned world opinion against the US. All of a sudden there are a rash of bombing and activities which are almost always attributed to Al Qaeda whether they occur in London, (Canada and Miami don’t count because they were obvious sting operations to garner pro fascist publicity) and now India. Even before there is an official investigation anywhere, the Western media proclaims al Qaeda did it Pretty good for an organization that was originally created, trained and funded by the US CIA. Is this coincidental? Israel is provoking war against Lebanon and threatening to take on Syria knowing full well Iran has a mutual aid and defense pact with Syria. The NeoCons most of whom are rabid Zionists have wanted regime change in Syria and Iran all along, this may well be a back door provocation to get the war the so desperately want
At home Fed induced inflation (a calculated rise in the money supply and interest rates) and “credit” policies are making it even more difficult for working folks to keep their heads above water and avoid drowning in a sea of debt. Things will get worse because the figures the Bu$h administration put out every month about how great the economy is and how low unemployment is are mostly lies. The chickens are coming home to roost, after helping rig elections around the world for years via bribes and CIA covert operations the same thing is going on here The unsuspecting masses will soon experience total frustration and subsequent apathy towards the whole process as it becomes increasingly obvious the plutocrats select the candidates and rig the elections to ensure their interests will always be looked out for. Only radical shifts in our values, priorities and behavior will alter the way this nation is headed. It will require sacrifice, moral courage, intellectual honesty and fearlessness and total commitment.
I fear AmeriKKKans of all colors and strips are too far down the road of fascism, too comfortable and used to the spoils of globalist imperialism to turn back now. Nevertheless, the Universal Law of Karma demands compensation, justice, balance and restitution individually and collectively. No amounts of Bu$h- speak, Neocon media razzle dazzle or spin can alter this inevitability. Be prepared, it’s going to be a heavy price to pay.


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