Friday, July 28, 2006

War of Wills

War of Wills

“Meanwhile something very dramatic, another least expected development has taken place. This time the surprise came from the battle fields of southern Lebanon. With the failure of the more numerous and well-armed Israeli commandos, backed by heavy artillery, tanks and air cover, to dislodge Hezbollah fighters from their strongholds, Israel seems to be in a state of panic. It may not be panicking apprehending defeat, but its failure in making much headway two weeks after the invasion is turning it nervous as this setback almost amounts to a defeat. While Lebanese media and people on the street have remained defiant, still publicly supporting Hezbollah and condemning Israel for the killing of civilians and devastating their country, some leading Western analysts, such as Robert Fisk and Christopher Dickey, are raising the very unpalatable questions for Israel: “Is Hezbollah winning? Is Israel losing the war in Lebanon?” Significance Of Al-Zawahiri Video: Is Hezbollah Winning? By Taj Hashmi 8 July, 2006

Any conflict usually boils down to a matter of will, which combatant has the greater will. There is an AmeriKKKan axiom that says ‘it’s not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” The world is witnessing the size of the fight in the Hezbollah militia as they’ve more than held their own against a much more heavily armed technically sophisticated and ruthless Israeli invasion force. Of course we who live under the hegemony of the Zionist influenced media in AmeriKKKa have been misinformed so we don’t realize Hezbollah effectively checkmated Israeli aggression when Israel invaded and occupied Southern Lebanon in 1982. “More than two decades later, Hezbollah has grown into an extensive political force in Lebanon, backed by Shiite Muslims who have become the largest religious community in the country. Hezbollah candidates run for elections. Hezbollah social service agencies provide health care and schooling for poor farmers. Hezbollah television, al-Manar, broadcasts technically slick and virulently anti-Israeli programs into Lebanese homes. Not least, a Hezbollah military wing, not the national army, fought year after year against Israeli troops who remained after 1982 to occupy a border enclave. Politically worn out, the Israeli occupation forces finally pulled out of Lebanon in 2000, a departure that has gone down in local historical narrative as a Hezbollah victory.” The Lebanese respect Hezbollah because their guerilla tactics were highly successful, Hezbollah stood up to the Israeli invaders, harassing and bedeviling them ultimately forcing them to withdraw from Lebanon. Throughout the Arab world Hezbollah unlike the CIA created bogus terrorist group al-Qaeda has a reputation for action and most importantly, effectiveness as the present generation of Israeli invaders is discovering. “It was Hezbollah's hardcore warriors - trained by Syria and Iran - who ultimately expelled Israel from Lebanon in 2000. It's difficult for Westerners - or non-Arab Asians - to understand how powerfully symbolic this is in the Arab world: it means that Hezbollah was the only Arab military force ever to defeat Israel. Not surprisingly, even Lebanese Sunnis approve what Hezbollah is doing - they interpret it as solidarity with Hamas and the Palestinian struggle (as Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah's leader, made it all too clear). Moreover, Israel's Leviathan-run-amok response has only served to rally Sunnis behind a ‘Lebanon under siege’ banner.”- Leviathan run amok By Pepe Escobar The other problem Israel has is the region has several pro-Arab communications operations that get both the message and the images out of what the Ashkenazim invaders are doing, the destruction of critical infrastructure, the indiscriminate killing of civilians, women and children; for both Israel and the Bu$h administration this is a PR disaster.
Despite Israel’s heavy handed aggression, which is taking a horrific toll on the population of Beirut, Hezbollah has not cracked. In fact, Israel now finds itself in the same position it was in during its’ first invasion/occupation of Lebanon and ironically the exact same predicament the US created for itself in Viet Nam and now Iraq; it possesses superior weaponry, is driven by hubris, but is up against a determined and skilled adversary whose will it is unable to break! “On the contrary, Hezbollah shows total solidarity with Hamas. And way beyond Israel identified as the common enemy, both Hamas and Hezbollah clearly identify the not-so-invisible big enemy behind, the US, for which Israel is a kind of "militarized offshoot", in the words of Noam Chomsky. Virtually every Lebanese knows that the missiles currently exterminating their compatriots were made in Miami, Duluth and Seattle. Whatever the outcome, blowback will be inevitable. Osama bin Laden, in one of his videos, told the world how he burned with anger when he saw the Israeli bombing of the 'towers' of Lebanon during the 1982 invasion. The new Osamas in the making may be Sunni or Shi'ite, it doesn't matter: what matters is what they identify as the American/Israeli license to kill (mostly poor, defenseless) Arabs.” ibid
The world is watching a replay of the David and Goliath allegory. Ironically in this instance, the Goliath barbarian invader is a Khazar masquerading as a Jew rather than a Philistine; while the role of David is played by the Arabs/Persians. The Arab and Muslim world looks up to Hezbollah as their champion taking on the Goliath of the AmeriKKKan-Israeli axis of evil. If history is any indication, this war of wills will not be won by Goliath.



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