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Zionist Psychopathy

Zionist Psychopathy

“A nation that mandates the primacy of one ethnicity or religion over all others will eventually become psychologically dysfunctional. Narcissistically obsessed with its own image, it must strive to maintain its racial superiority at all costs and will inevitably come to view any resistance to this imagined superiority as an existential threat. Indeed, any other people automatically becomes an existential threat simply by virtue of its own existence. As it seeks to protect itself against phantom threats, the racist state becomes increasingly paranoid, its society closed and insular, intellectually limited. Setbacks enrage it; humiliations madden it. The state lashes out in a crazed effort, lacking any sense of proportion, to reassure itself of its strength. The pattern played out in Nazi Germany as it sought to maintain a mythical Aryan superiority. It is playing out now in Israel. 'This society no longer recognizes any boundaries, geographical or moral,' wrote Israeli intellectual and anti-Zionist activist Michel Warschawski in his 2004 book Towards an Open Tomb: The Crisis of Israeli Society. Israel knows no limits and is lashing out as it finds that its attempt to beat the Palestinians into submission and swallow Palestine whole is being thwarted by a resilient, dignified Palestinian people who refuse to submit quietly and give up resisting Israel’s arrogance.” Atrocities in the Promised Land By KATHLEEN CHRISTISON former CIA analyst

As the world stands idly by, Ashkenazim converts (Khazar Europeans originally from the Caucasus region of Eurasia) use fraud to perpetrate the notion they have a right to a “promised land” that was never theirs in the first place. These impostors are forcibly and ruthlessly waging war and human rights violations on their neighbors. Using an incident whereby Ashkenazim soldiers trespassed into Lebanon were confronted and captured by Lebanese military as justification to execute imperialist plans drawn up way before the incident to bomb and kill civilians in Lebanon and Gaza. This ploy by the Ashkenazim was reminiscent of how the US provoked the Mexican-AmeriKKKan War. James Polk dispatched Zachary Taylor to Mexico, once Taylor and his troops were several miles inside Mexican territory they encountered Mexican troops. There were exchanges of gunfire, Taylor wired Polk telling him US troops were “attacked” by the Mexicans and Polk went before Congress to ask Congress to declare war against Mexico! Of course there was already sentiment for war against Mexico in the halls of Congress. That’s what made the whole thing work. The same is true of the Zionists.
The Israelis are using the incident which the lap dog US corporate media is calling a “kidnaping” to justify military incursions into Lebanon and Palestine. However an account of the situation from a more Lebanese perspective in the Asian Times Online says, “To them, it is legitimate self-defense. They back this argument by saying that Israel still controls the Sheba Farms, which are part of Lebanon, and still has Lebanese prisoners in Israeli jails. Also, they add that the Israeli tank destroyed by Hezbollah, and the soldiers captured and killed on July 12, had trespassed into Lebanon's side of the border with Israel.” 07-15-06.
The world is accustomed to Zionist propaganda depicting Israel as an aggrieved and suffering victim of Arab hostility, a civilized and “democratic” oasis in a literal desert of Arab barbarism but now the world is hard pressed to reconcile the resulting cognitive disconnect as we see the devastation wrecked by Israeli tanks rolling into Lebanon towns and Israeli jets bombing civilian homes, crucial infrastructures such as airports, electrical power stations, bridges and civilian neighborhoods in Beirut the capital of Lebanon.
“Israel switched gears in its military campaign against Lebanon Monday and Tuesday, launching a series of debilitating air strikes against privately owned factories throughout the country and dealing a devastating blow to an economy already paralyzed by a week of hits on residential areas and crucial infrastructures. The production facilities of at least five companies in key industrial sectors - including the country's largest dairy farm, Liban Lait; a paper mill; a packaging firm and a pharmaceutical plant - have been disabled or completely destroyed. Industry insiders say the losses will cripple the economy for decades to come.” This obvious civilian overkill indicates a deep-seated ruthlessness on the part of the Israelis. The Israeli tank and soldiers were in the wrong, they were on the Lebanon side of the border! Instead of negotiating with the Lebanese to resolve the situation, the Israelis went into attack mode, they went on a rampage of violence and destruction in both Lebanon and Palestine and have the audacity to call it “self-defense”!
This type behavior validates much of what Michael Bradley wrote about the Khazar ancestors of these Israelis in his thought provoking book Chosen People From The Caucasus. “Our present concern rests with the outlook of these Khazars who adopted Judaism some 1300 years ago and with their descendant the “Jews” or Ashkenazim of today... They originated in the Caucasus and the steppes to the immediate north- or, at the least, Judaism found them there. And, as such people, they can be presumed to have reflected strongly Neanderthal characteristics. They originated in the area of strongly lingering Neanderthal physical traits. Late Neanderthal sites, discovered by modern archeologists, abound in the old Khazar heartland. It may be no accident, and not only political convenience, that Khazars adopted primitive Judaism. Perhaps Old Testament law, and Jehovah’s personality, suited their own better than evolved Islam or Christianity.
However the Khazars are thought to have been one of the component parts of the Huns- of ‘Attila the Hun fame’ - who either remained in the steppes and did not join Attila’s celebrated invasion of Europe or who returned to their homeland once the brief invasion was over” pages 198-199. Perhaps this overkill, the bloodlust, pillage and conquest is a remnant from their ancestral origins in the Steppes of the Caucasus. If you listen to what they say about the Arabs (and other non Ashkenazim) you get a whole different picture of their mind-set. It is quite different from the "victim" charade they play in public. “The 1929 anti-Jewish riots in Palestine taught me that we had only two alternatives before us: surrender or the sword. I chose the sword. I was not surprised that the [Palestinian] Arabs fled [during the 1948 war]. It was natural reaction. It was the best of them who fled---the leaders, the intelligentsia, the economic elite. Only the small fly remained. I behaved toward them as a wolf in sheep's clothing---harsh, but outwardly decent. I opposed the integration of [Palestinian] Arabs into Israeli society. I preferred separate development. True, this prevented the [Palestinian] Arabs from integrating into the Israeli democracy. Yet they had never had democracy before. Since they never had it, they never missed it. The separation made it possible to maintain a democratic regime within the Jewish population alone. I was not a member of the MAPAI [which later evolved into the Labor Party], but I thought that if Ben-Gurion did not remain in power it would be a catastrophe for the state. My policy . . . . was not designed to provide votes for the MAPAI, but instead for Ben-Gurion's rule. At least, that was how I saw it at the time. . . The main problem was that of the infiltration [in the early 1950s]. We expelled a few thousand, but we failed to expel tens of thousands. In that sense we failed---the number of [Palestinian] Arabs in the country continued to rise steadily.” Yehoshua Palmon 1949. The native Palestinians reacted naturally with indignation that aliens would come in and take over their lands. The Ashkenazim were determined and ruthless. They engaged in ethnic cleansing and genocide as declassified Israeli documents reveal, “In the opening pages of ‘The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem’, Benny Morris offers the outlines of an overall answer: using a map that shows the 369 Arab towns and villages in Israel (within its 1949 borders), he lists, area by area, the reasons for the departure of the local population (9). In 45 cases he admits that he does not know. The inhabitants of the other 228 localities left under attack by Jewish troops, and in 41 cases they were EXPELLED by military force. In 90 other localities, the Palestinians were in a state of panic following the fall of a neighbouring town or village, or in fear of an enemy attack, or because of rumours circulated by the Jewish army - particularly after the 9 April 1948 massacre of 250 inhabitants of Deir Yassin, when the news of the killings swept the country like wildfire. By contrast, he found only six cases of departures at the instigation of local Arab authorities. ‘There is no evidence to show that the Arab states and the AHC wanted a mass exodus or issued blanket orders or appeals to the Palestinians to flee their homes (though in certain areas the inhabitants of specific villages were ordered by Arab commanders or the AHC to leave, mainly for strategic reasons).’ ("The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem", p. 129). On the contrary, anyone who fled was actually threatened with "severe punishment". As for the broadcasts by Arab radio stations allegedly calling on people to flee, a detailed listening to recordings of their programmes of that period shows that the claims were invented for pure propaganda.” The expulsion of the Palestinians re-examined By the French newspaper Le Monde Posted on NOVEMBER-16-2001 .
That same Neanderthal/Hun mentality is evident today in Israeli policies in Palestine and Lebanon. It manifests itself in the bowels of AmeriKKKan think tanks, foundations, the mass media, lobbying groups and the legislative and executive branches subject to massive Zionist influence. That is why in the midst of massive overkill of innocent civilians by Israel, there is such deafening silence, such lack of moral outrage and protest by the corporate media, and Western policy makers. Part of the problem is many in the media and many policy makers share that same psychopathic mentality. But it appears, even those who don’t share that mentality, are afraid to challenge the Zionist propaganda apparatus.



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