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The Israeli Occupation Is Also About Water

Israeli Occupation is Also About Water

The quest for water to supply the Jewish state is rooted in early-1890s Zionist attempts to include the Jordan and Litani rivers in plans for Palestine, and the Nile and Euphrates in those for Greater Israel. The borders proposed by Zionists after World War I began with a point on the Mediterranean north of the mouth of the Litani, then east to include all sources feeding the Jordan River (including Lebanon's Hasbani and Syria's Banias rivers), the eastern shore of Lake Tiberias and all the Yarmouk River tributaries, further east past Dera'a to Amman, and then south to the Gulf of Aqaba. Jordan's leaders have been sounding alarm bells about Israel's water appetite for years. Jordan is particularly vulnerable to Israel's aquatic expansionism, since Jordan already suffers from a severe shortage. In some villages, water is available as infrequently as once every 18 days. The chronic shortage can be credited, in large part, to Israel's claim to 100 percent of the Jordan River.” Water: The Real Reason Behind Israeli Occupations By Kathryn Casa

As the world watches in stunned horror, descendants of Eurasian Khazars calling themselves “Jews” callously and ruthlessly invade, murder and maim, helpless and hapless civilians in Lebanon. The Ashkenazim leaders of the rogue state of Israel (Israel has violated over one hundred and twenty UN resolutions and numerous international laws) are now pushing into Southern Lebanon ostensibly to root out Hezbollah but their real agenda is geo-strategic imperialism, this is more than a land grab, it is designed to gain access to most importantly water, oil and natural gas reserves and pipelines to transport these valuable resources within the region. The Zionists media machine is spinning this whole situation as a mission to get Israeli soldiers back who were supposedly kidnaped by Lebanon several weeks ago. This is all a bunch of horse and cow manure. The Israeli soldiers and tank crew members were captured by Hezbollah militia when they ventured into Lebanese territory and hit a land mine which killed several of the tank crew members! They were not taken in Israeli territory as the lying Western media sock puppets said. The resulting Israeli overkill is all part of a Zionist plan to occupy Lebanon to gain access to the Litani River for its much needed water. This has been on the drawing board for decades if not centuries. Only Hezbollah stood in the Zionists way.
The real reason the US is standing lamely by and allowing the Khazars to wreck havoc on Lebanon is because they know why Israel is doing it and they are in cahoots with them as part of their attempt to expropriate the resources in the region too. “The bombing of Lebanon is part of a carefully planned and coordinated military road map. The extension of the war into Syria and Iran has already been contemplated by US and Israeli military planners. This broader military agenda is intimately related to strategic oil and oil pipelines. It is supported by the Western oil giants which control the pipeline corridors. In the context of the war on Lebanon, it seeks Israeli territorial control over the East Mediterranean coastline. In this context, the BTC pipeline dominated by British Petroleum, has dramatically changed the geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean, which is now linked , through an energy corridor, to the Caspian sea basin...Also involved in this project is a pipeline to bring water to Israel, pumping water from upstream resources of the Tigris and Euphrates river system in Anatolia. This has been a long-run strategic objective of Israel to the detriment of Syria and Iraq. Israel's agenda with regard to water is supported by the military cooperation agreement between Tel Aviv and Ankara.” The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil by Michel Chossudovsky
Israel covets (what ever happened to thou shalt not covet thy neighbors...?) water from the Lebanese Litani River, the Nile in Africa and beyond. This is a tangent but it is an important point, much of the unrest in Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia is being fomented by Israeli forces to facilitate their access to the Nile River. “Arab observers now claim that is exactly Israel's intention in its relationship with Ethiopia. The link between Tel Aviv and Addis Ababa has been seen by the West primarily as an arms-for-immigrants trade-off, in which Ethiopia gets arms for its fight against Eritrean separatists and Tigrean insurgents. In exchange, Addis Ababa has reportedly agreed to allow an estimated 15,000 Jews remaining in Ethiopia to emigrate to Israel. But according to widespread reports in the Arab press, the real reason behind Israel's involvement in Ethiopia is to establish a foothold in its decades-old push for access to the Nile. Salem Nassar wrote in the July 1990 issue of the Paris-based Ab Dawliyeh International that Israel has supplied Ethiopia with technology and expertise for plans to dam the Blue Nile, a major tributary to the Nile. In another story, Said Shahat writes in the Cyprus-based Al-Shahed magazine that Israel has convinced the Mengistu government that it was sold short in a 1902 pact between Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda and Egypt, for water rights to the Nile. Shahat claims Israel plans to help pay for up to 26 dams on the Blue Nile which, according to a 1964 US government feasibility study, could produce a total of 5.4 billion cubic meters of water.”
Israel knows it needs more water and has plotted for years on both Lebanon’s and Jordan’s water. “For many years, the Israeli occupation of South Lebanon had been viewed in the context of the security of the Zionist entity's northern border. This claim, which was adopted by Israel's allies and mimicked by most of the world media channels, illustrates the magnitude of the Zionists influence in shaping the world’s opinion regarding the struggle in the Middle East in general and particularly in Lebanon. The Zionists interests in Lebanon date back to the beginning of their colonization project in late 19th century. In the process of drawing the maps of their alleged entity, the Zionists aimed at a northern border that runs along the Litani river in Lebanon. It comes as no surprise, thus, that the first stage of their occupation of the South, in March 1978, was named ‘The Litani Operation.’ The Litani river is one of the few major rivers in the middle east that runs entirely within one country. It’s 100% Lebanese. Yet, the Lebanese governments, for more than three decades, failed to find an international organization that agreed on financing the utilization of the river for irrigation and power generation. Directly and indirectly, the Zionists sabotaged the development of the ‘Litani Project’ only because their eyes were never off its water.” Occupation of South Lebanon 1978 - 2000 Background, Documents, Articles, Photos & Caricatures
When Israel occupied Southern Lebanon from 1978- 2000 it was not able to gain permanent access to the water because Hezbollah forced them to withdraw. Hence the current Zionist campaign of genocide and ethnic cleansing designed to wipe out significant portions of the population and force the rest to evacuate so they can gain total control of the Litani River. This is why the Khazars are still bombing Lebanese civilians. This is why they deemed anyone who lives in Southern Lebanon ‘terrorists”, the Zionist and NeoCon dehumanizing codeword akin to gook, nigger or spic. This makes it easier to kill them and for Bu$h and Co to go along with the Zionist’s genocidal program!
The Zionist care nothing about world opinion. These Khazar imposters are reenacting Biblical accounts of the Hebrew invasion and slaughter of the people of Canaan! Makes you wonder about believing in and serving a god who would order and sanction the invasion, murder and desecration of your fellow human beings. Humans fashion their notions of god based on their own consciousness and morality. In this situation the consciousness and morality ( total lack thereof) of the Ashkenazim is obvious.



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