Tuesday, August 01, 2006

When You Stop and Think About It...

When You Stop To Think About It...

“During the period between 1967 and 2000, Iraq was the subject of 69 Security Council resolutions. By comparison, Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East, has been the subject of 138 resolutions. Not surprisingly, most of those resolutions call upon Israel to comply with basic principles of international law embodied by the UN Charter. Many of them condemn actions taken by Israel and call upon Israel on more than one occasion to comply with previous resolutions that Israel ignored and continues to ignore to this day.” Mr. Bush, What about Israel's defiance of UN Resolutions? An Open Letter to George W. Bush by Michael S. Ladah & Suleiman I. Ajlouni http://www.mediamonitors.net/michaelsladah&suleimaniajlouni1.html

When you really stop to think about it, the ruling plutocrats must hold the AmeriKKKan masses in utter contempt. Their sock puppets in the corporate mind control apparatus tell us the most inane drivel to shape our world view to conform to their owners and bosses who want us to believe, down is up, wrong is right, evil is righteousness, war is peace and villainy is lawfulness. It is the oldest trick in the book to start a war. You lie and deceive people so you can manipulate them and send them off to fight wars that will enrich the ruling elites as they steal other folks’ lands and natural resources; all in the name of “national security’ or the most egregious lie of all, we’re killing to create “peace” Stop and think about this for a moment, to get the US public to go for the okey doke about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, the Bu$h administration and a psychotic Zionist NeoCon cabal pushing for perpetual war, accused Iraq of violating UN resolutions and having weapons of mass destruction. Yet they completely suppress the indisputable fact Israel has the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the region! The Zionist NeoConmen were so busy banging the drums for war, and lying about WMDs, their media lackeys were able to suppress the truth that Israel has violated more UN resolutions and International Laws with impunity than any nation in the region “The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) yesterday said that it ‘ is deeply concerned about the recent escalation in violence in the Near East and its humanitarian consequences. As the occupying power, it demands that Israel respect international humanitarian law in its military efforts to liberate a captured soldier. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), which is part of the DFA, has earmarked an additional one million Swiss francs for essential medical supplies for the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.’ It added ‘The recent escalation in violence has reached a new peak with the destruction of the offices of the Palestinian prime minister. The DFA is deeply concerned about this development and has renewed its appeal to Israel, as the occupying power, to respect international humanitarian law in the measures it undertakes to liberate the captured soldier. It appeals to the soldier's captors to treat him humanly.” Switzerland: Israel has violated international humanitarian law Palestine-Israel-Switzerland, Politics, 7/4/2006 http://www.arabicnews.com/ansub/Daily/Day
Suffice it to say the US media would never reveal the Swiss government condemned Israel for violating International Law. The US media are at the beck and call of the Zionists and they have given the Bu$h administration yet another free pass as it stands in total solidarity with their Lukid Party partner war criminals. When you stop and think about it, the NeoCons are like killer sharks, when they smell blood they become roused and energized. Amidst the daily gloom and dire news coming out of Iraq, the NeoCons were backpedaling, trying to distance themselves from the disastrous invasion and occupation. Some key former cheerleaders of the occupation were even jumping ship and publically condemning the Bu$h administration for the ongoing debacle. Now that Israel has unleashed an aggressive and indiscriminate assault on Southern Lebanon, the chicken-hawks in the Bu$h administration have become emboldened by the smell of blood in the air. As Israel targets innocent civilians in their immoral aggression against Lebanon, Bu$h and Co are rushing to resupply Israel with even more weapons of mass destruction as they don’t even try to give the appearance of neutrality. The warmongers and arms manufacturers hear the giant Kaching of increased profits as the Ashkenazim manipulate the stage for an expanded conflict by bombing and killing hapless men women and children and Lebanon’s crucial infrastructure knowing full well no Western country is going to do anything to stop them
When you stop and think about it, the Israelis have moved out from the shadows as the tail wagging the US dog and are now taking the initiative to “reshape” (destablize) the region. When you stop to think about it, Israel’s action and AmeriKKKa’s acquiescence to the slaughter of innocents, is putting major pressure on the US’s compliant/puppet regimes in Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Israel’s assault has further inflamed the Arab and Islamic world and has caused even more disenchantment with Israel’s US and British lapdogs. When you stop to think about it, it is now clear who is really calling the shots in all this. What is not clear is how Israel will handle being stymied and checked by Hezbollah or how the moral and material support Hezbollah is generating throughout the Arab world by standing up to Israel and blackening their eye; (similar to what the Iraqis are doing to the AmeriKKkans) will play out in the long run? When you stop and think about it, despite the heavy handed disproportionate and genocidal tactics the Khazars and AmeriKKKans are using in Lebanon and Iraq, and the Western media’s unequivocal support for the continuing massacre; the Iraqi and Hezbollah resistance fighters are showing the world neither Israel nor the US are invincible and the European invaders are not guaranteed a win



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