Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Random Thought About Current Events

Random Thoughts on Current Events

Robert Woodward the “ace” Washington Post reporter gained fame with his investigation and unraveling of the Watergate cover up conducted by Richard Nixon and his White House minions. Once this was done and Nixon was forced to resign, Woodward became a media icon and an insider given open entree into the halls of Washington power and influence. His latest book entitled State of Denial is making national noise and waves with his revelations Bu$h is delusional in his response to the debacle in Iraq. My question is when did Woodward have his epiphany because the previous two books he wrote about the Bu$h administration were flattering and present Bu$h in a favorable light? Bush At War and Plan of Attack Woodward previous books on the Bu$h administration were written by a consummate Washington insider who had access to transcripts of official documents such as National Security Council meetings, hundreds of interviews with those in the presidential inner circle, including four hours of interviews with Bush himself ad the book was favorable towards Bu$h and the NeoCon agenda immediately following 9-11 and the invasion and occupation of Iraq respectively. In these books Woodward who is a Washington Post assistant managing editor tended to promote Bu$h as a man of resolve action and determination. Like his newspaper his previous books were supportive of Bu$h, the NeoCon agenda and their “Global War on Terrorism”. But according to his latest book, Bu$h and his staff have somehow lapsed into a siege mentality as the situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate into a debacle of major proportions.

What happened? Why all of a sudden did Woodward author and publish a book that contradicts his previous works? What’s up with that? How did Bu$h go from being so optimistic and resolute about his War on Terror to being insular, delusional and deceptive about what is going on? In his latest book Woodward even chronicles a supposed incident where CIA Director George Tenet informed Condoleezza Rice about pending/potential attacks on US soil by terrorists and Rice blew him off! Why didn’t Woodward reveal this in his other books? As an insider granted open access to much of what goes on in Washington and supposedly such a creak investigative reporter, Woodward could have either gleaned or gathered some information to show the real deal. There were no WMDs in Iraq and the resistance was fierce shortly after Bu$h declared Mission Accomplished and uttered his famous 'Bring Em On" challenge. Woodward is receiving maximum exposure for his latest book, he was on CBS Sixty Minutes Sunday and the major mainstream media outlets are making a huge issue about Woodward’s assertions the Bu$h White House is now in disarray and that they continuously lie to the AmeriKKKan people about the assessment of the situation in Iraq.

Has the worm turned, have the ruling elites decided it's time to shift away from their failed agenda, dump the NeoCons and execute in a more benign form of imperialist globalization? Keep in mind Woodward is an insider; he is one of the good ol’ boys. He is in Washington at the Washington Post every day. He knows the real deal. Woodward has written numerous books about Washington politics and policies over the years including: All The Presidents Men and Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA. My question is, which book tells the truth, which book about Bu$h shows the real deal, Bush At war or State of Denial? Does Woodward have an agenda, is he being used to facilitate shift in perception about the Bu$hites or is he telling the truth?

* * *

The flap about Florida Congressman Mark Foley being a pedophile gives us a glimpse into the sordid workings of the Washington political process. The thing about Foley E-mailing teenaged boys inappropriate messages was bad enough; but the fact his Republican and Congressional colleagues knew about it for months and did nothing is an even greater indictment of the system. The Foley camp are now spinning it that he is an alcoholic, not a pedophile. Yeah right! When you consider the Hookergate scandal of last spring which was suppressed by the mainstream media (which I found odd because the mainstream media loves to promote and feature stories about sex and politics) which resulted in the resignations of CIA Director Porter Goss and several of his lower level underlings. Hookergate was squashed because it would have revealed the connection between our congress critters, defense contractors and lobbyists of all stripes. “While the mainstream media trod carefully, the blogosphere jumped in with both feet. Building on the reliable reporting of the San Diego Union Tribune, bloggers began cataloguing arcane details and trying to finger the targets of the widening investigation. The more the bloggers raked, the more muck they found. Shirlington Limousine, for example, Wilkes’ connection to a ready supply of prostitutes, turned out to have sweetheart contracts with Homeland Security and other federal agencies, even though its ex-con owner had a 62-page rap sheet. Scrutiny soon settled upon the highest echelons of the CIA. Kyle 'Dusty' Foggo, a bosom pal of Wilkes, and a mysterious person known as 'Nine Fingers' were identified as frequent guests at Wilkes’ bacchanals. They turned out to be, respectively, the No. 3 man at the CIA and a former staffer for CIA Director Porter Goss when he was chair of the House committee on intelligence. Goss lasted a few days before tendering a hasty resignation. Foggo followed the next week. Such is the power of Hookergate, and the best is still to come. It’s too early to say how damaging it will be, but it bids fair to become a campaign-season train wreck. As scandals go, it’s certainly a twofer, casting a harsh light on both the Bush administration and congressional Republicans. It’s unknown exactly who, or how many, but more congressmen are reportedly under investigation for their ties to Wilkes and co-conspirator Mitchell Wade. GOP strategist Ed Rollins opined—perhaps tactically—that as many as 15 members could eventually face grand juries.” http://www.inthesetimes.com/site/main/article/2652/

Because Hookergate had close ties to both the Republican leadership and the Bu$h administration, the story and investigations were torpedoed and hushed by the mainstream media. If we go back to the Jeff Gannon fake journalist flap in 2005 (Gannon was a homosexual who operated a male escort service and he was a frequent after hours guest at the Bu$h White House who posed as a journalist at Bu$h press conferences who asked Bu$h sickeningly soft questions) and rumors of pedophilia in the first Bu$h White House cogent people would logically conclude: the very people who run a game on us about being so moral and champions for "American family values” and “culture wars” are at least hypocrites and at worst perverts and pedophiles. What makes all this even more alarming is, with the wars and shift to open and obvious fascism; these patterns appear to be the way things are in today’s Washington.


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