Monday, October 23, 2006

They Are Attempting To Drive Us Crazy

They're trying To Drive Us Crazy

"We must look at the psychopathy of everyday life and must recognize we cannot have it both ways. We cannot about a people who have enslaved us, who discriminate against us, who insult us, who do all manner of other things against us and then use them as models of normality. We cannot use these people who are criminals, who have the world on the edge of suicide, who are now getting ready to negotiate about how many bombs they are going to keep for destroying the earth- how they are going to distribute death to the rest of the world as models of normalcy." Dr. Amos N. Wilson The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness Eurocentric History, Psychiatry and the Politics of White Supremacy page 70

We are the ongoing targets of an extremely sophisticated and cunning psychological war waged upon us by the ruling elites of the nation. The plutocracy that runs AmeriKKKa is by no means a monolithic body, yet they do have much in common both in their values, objectives and modus operandi. Their goal is to lord it over the rest of us, even their own and reduce us to peons, surfs and slaves in their global plantation/prison/laboratory system. Under the guise of spreading "democracy" and freedom around the world, a relatively small group of families and the multinational corporation executives plan to usher in a totalitarian regime that dominates and expropriates the world's wealth, human and natural resources for themselves. In order to accomplish this they must make the rest of humanity think their agenda (which for the most part is a hidden one) is normal, that it is the way things should be, that this is "progress". In the process they are attempting to alter the way the rest of us perceives reality, they way we behave and the way we conduct our lives.
Not only are the ruling elites attempting to bum rush the world, steal it's resources, and abrogate the natural order which in itself tells us a lot about Aryan psychology; these Europeans are in a very real sense attempting to debauch and desecrate humanity by driving us mad and reducing us to an animalistic consciousness. "The material wealth and the political-economic advantages that accrue to the non-Afrikan, as well as the psycho-social underpinnings of its/hi/her reality, white supremacy/racism are the intended outcomes of the denial and domination of the Afrikan world. The predator has attempted to reorder the world and reality to service its profoundly distorted conception of itself and reality. The desacrelization of nature, the denial of the Afrikan's humanity and disruption f Afrika's historic dynamic, the imposition of an intrinsically immoral economic and political system upon the world's populations, and the perpetuation of historic lies and distortions are stratagems of war." Kwame Agyei and Akua Nson The Sankofa Movement ReAfrikanization and the Reality of War page 234
Due to the Aryan's military (at least temporarily) economic and cultural hegemony over the world, they have exalted and lionized their barbaric behavior and socio-political systems as the ultimate form of civilization . Whether it is Greeco-Roman imperialism, capitalist or Marxist colonial and neo-colonial imperialism the European basks in his legacy of rapine pillage plunder and exploitative oppression. They have made invasion and plunder the definitive human paradigm. They propagate and celebrate their long history of conquest, social and ecological disruption as if they were the norm for human evolution and progress. In millennia past during their sojourn in the Steppes of Eurasia they originally developed their individualistic and predatory dog eat dog "culture" to survive (they were too lazy, backward or immoral to collectively gather, hunt or plant ,harvest and share their food the way First World people did). Subsequently the Eurasians employed and expanded their predatory norm, as a succession of elites (the tribal leaders, the monarchs, the Pope, the mercantile class, capitalists and corporations) over the centuries mastered manipulating the masses to get rich off of the wealth, resources and labor of the rest of humanity, including their own subgroups.
Today this predatory culture is promoted and flaunted around the world as the paragon of human deportment. Television soap operas canonize ruthlessness, covetousness and deceit. Eurocentric history makes icons of Indo-European invaders and holds them up as examples of statesmanship (Phillip of Macedonia and his son Alexander for example). The African form of creativity called Hip Hop has been high-jacked and surreptitiously used to promote alienation, predation, misogyny and self destruction within the African community. And the performers propped up by the white supremacist mass media are embraced and held up as icons in the black community?! As the victims of this cultural warfare, we must begin to see if for what it is; an imminent threat to the natural order and all humanity. "European nationalism is therefore dangerous to the rest of the world... But the content of Europan nationalism becomes problematical: 1) because it implies imperialistic aggression; and 2) because it is usually not recognized as the expression of group interest, thereby making it difficult for other groups to defend themselves against its effects." Marimba Ani Yurugu An African Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior. page 22
We must keep in mind that what we see is the expression of a group interest; the plutocrats (and their flunkies and stooges) who are the shot callers of AmeriKKKan society. We must wake up and connect the dots. Their behavior today in Iraq is no different than their behavior five hundred years ago when they set foot outside of Europe. We must recognize the psychology that motivates them today is no different then the psychopathy that motivated them to do what they did all around the globe to the First World People they encountered. They are insane, we must recognize them as such and act accordingly. As our venerated ancestor Amos Wilson reminded us, "We cannot look and shake our heads in sadness at the enslavement of our people, the death and killing of the Amerindians, the creation of the holocaustic weapons, the wars that have been perpetuated by an imperialistic people and split that kind of information off from the ideologies put forth by those people. They are one and the same and are part and parcel of the same reality. And it is the attempt on our part and the attempt by this system, to segment and cut off these things one from the other, to compartmentalize life and to compartmentalize reality, that to a great extent forms the basis for our mental, physical and other kinds of problems that are existent in our community today." The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness Pages 72-73 If we recognize we are in a war and we fail to act to protect of defend ourselves we have violated the first rule of nature: self-preservation, which in itself is a symptom of insanity. If on the other hand we have been brainwashed and programmed to self-destruct by not seeing the truth, it is incumbent upon those of us who have gleaned a glimmer of truth, those of us who are sane (no matter how uncomfortable and painful that may be) those of us who know the real deal to attempt to deprogram and reprogram the rest of us into a self-preservation self-transforming and self-actualizing mode. Amos Wilson said it succinctly, "The White man cannot be what he is unless we are what we are as a people. And one way of transforming the White man is through self-transformation. He cannot be what he is if we are not what we are. Therefore we must take responsibility for that part of our personality, that part of our community and that part of ourselves over which we have control and change that part." ibid page 94. If we fail our enemies will succeed. In order for them to succeed they must continue to drive us insane and we must continue to allow them to do so.


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