Thursday, November 09, 2006

Reflections On Recent Events


“The Democrats have swept the House and the Senate may well follow but did 7/11 really herald the defeat of the Neo-Con agenda or will establishment sycophants like Nancy Pelosi hijack and misdirect legitimate discontent and shield Bush from impeachment while blocking efforts to repeal legislation he passed?Pelosi is widely tipped to become speaker of the house but she is already on the record as saying that no impeachment proceedings against President Bush, whether it be for deliberately lying a nation into war or being complicit in 9/11, will take place. ‘Impeachment is off the's a is a waste of time,’ Pelosi told 60 Minutes recently.”

On November 7th the AmeriKKKan people overwhelmingly and resoundingly handed George W Bu$h a belated pink slip. Unfortunately it was two years too late. The landslide thumping (to use Bu$h’s own words) of the NeoCon Republicans actually happened in 2004 but Republican trickery, Karl Rove’s shenanigans and election fraud stole that election thus overturning the will of the people. But this time the people came out in mass and with a lot of help from the ruling elite faction who staged a coup of its own in an effort to reign in the NeoConcrazies and send them packing. Insider revelations about Bu$h administration foreknowledge of 9-11, a plethora of Republican scandals that exposed long standing perversion and corruption and ample warnings of potential vote fraud helped undermine the Republican base and prevent a repeat of 2004. That’s the good news. The bad news is the establishment Democratic leadership has already announced it has no intention of doing the right thing; bringing George W Bu$h and the rest of the NeoCon warmongers and liars to justice. However itis still not too late to inundate Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and the National Democratic leadership with E-mails, telegrams, faxes and phone calls demanding they begin investigations and impeachment proceedings against the Bu$h-Cheney criminal cabal. If they don’t respond in the affirmative, you will know exactly where they stand and we will have an opportunity to vote them out of office in 2008!

* * *

Was John Kerry’s comment about students who don’t do well in school ending up in Iraq a poorly articulated joke or was it a Freudian slip? Keep in mind there is a bill pending in Congress; H.R. 4752 entitled the Universal National Service Act of 2006 that was introduced by handkerchief head Negro Congressman Charles Rangel (his bill has no co-sponsors) that supposedly provides for “the common defense by requiring all persons in the United States, including women, between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes.” Does John Kerry know something the rest of us peons don’t? Are they planning to revive a military draft to allow the warmongers and imperialist fascists to continue their looting and pillage of the globe? Rangel's bill mandates all US citizens between the ages of 18 and 42 must serve two years of either active or reserve duty or community service. Go to and download or read a copy of Rangel's bill. Notice the emphasis on the President deciding who will do the military (active and reserve duty) and who will do the community service. There is no doubt in my mind the rich white kids will be the ones who do the community service and the black and brown residents of the barrios and ghettos of AmeriKKKa will be the ones doing the grunt work in Iraq and Afghanistan. Is this is what John Kerry was really talking about two weeks ago? Rangel’s bill is currently in these committees: House Armed Service and House Armed Service Subcommittee on Military Personnel. Keep your eyes on this and pass this information along to everyone you know.

Black folks have stopped signing up for Bu$h’s wars for oil and dollar hegemony. Black enlistment in the all volunteer military has dropped precipitously since the Iraqis mounted a massive resistance campaign to Bu$h’s ill fated and immoral invasion of their country. Rangels’ bill may prove to be the kiss of death for many black young people both male and female as it will make it mandatory they serve some form of military or community service. How ironic an establishment House Negro like Rangel could turn out to be the catalyst for providing cannon fodder for psychopathic warmongers and imperialists like Bu$h and Pelosi, that is unless the people unite, galvanize mobilize and put a stop to their shenanigans.



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