Sunday, December 31, 2006

US Cowboy Justice In Iraq

    US Cowboy Justice

"Saddam’s alleged crimes against humanity were more fiction than
reality—he was ultimately convicted of killing a handful of people in
response to an assassination attempt against him, never mind the
horrific stories of mass graves, containing the bodies of hundreds of
thousands, fantastic charges the puppet government, installed and
micromanaged by the perfidious neocons, were unable to make stick, even
with incessant media hype. Of course, Saddam’s crimes pale in comparison
to those committed by the United States, including the imposition of
sanctions against Iraq, resulting in the murder of more than a million,
500,000 of them children. Saddam did not kill 655,000, the number of
dead estimated by the Lancet to have perished since the United States
invaded. Not unlike a Mafia consigliere, Rumsfeld trotted off to Iraq to
shake Saddam’s hand and sell him weapons to kill hundreds of thousands
of Iranians. Meanwhile, the murderous Israelis sold the Iranians weapons
to kill Iraqis."

Within easy focus on a bookshelf in my study/studio is a book entitled
Without Sanctuary Lynching Photography in America, I keep it there as
a constant reminder of the deep seated psychopathy and history of
AmeriKKKa. It is a candid and ghastly pictorial chronicle of AmeriKKKa’s
favorite past time: killing, mutilating, castrating black males for
sport, fun and as a means of political control to “keep us in our place”
in the lethal death grip and stranglehold of global white supremacy.
When the US government handed the man we are told is Saddam Hussein over
to the Iraqis to be hung following a sham trial conducted by a kangaroo
court under the auspices of a puppet government set up by the occupying
Anglo-AmeriKKKan invaders it set an international precedent, instead of
the usual quasi-official lynchings like those conducted here in the US
that were sanctioned and approved by the local political establishment,
Hussein’s murder was more official. In this case the US regime was a
fully involved conspirator and participant. Hussein’s murder was pulled
off with the ascent of the AmeriKKKan people and the international
community. On December 30, 2006 Saddam Hussein was murdered, hung by the
neck until he died, just like they used to do to black men in AmeriKKKa.
Despite a frantic full court press by the media mind molding apparatus
to depict Saddam Hussein as a modern day Adolph Hitler, most of us knew
or we found out later there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
The fact of the matter is Bu$h and Co lied to justify their carnage and
plundering. Hussein was not involved with 9-11 in any way nor was he a
supporter of anti-Western terrorists. Saddam did support many victims of
Zionist aggression in Palestine which may be another reason he was
targeted for elimination; in addition to the fact he changed from the US
dollar to the Euro as his oil transaction currency and Iraq has all that
oil! White AmeriKKKan initially thought a relatively easy and casualty
free invasion and occupation of Iraq would lead to more and cheaper gas.
Alas that was not to be even if the anti-occupation resistence had not
flared up and rocked the Anglo-AmeriKKKan invaders on their heels. The
multi-national oil companies had no intention of lowering the prices at
the oil pump (the only reason prices dipped recently was because the
Republicans wanted to woo voters and trick us into voting Republican).
The ruling elites and their puppets plan to continue to gauge the
consumers to keep their profits at record levels. In fact the gas prices
are inching up to former levels as we speak.
Hanging Saddam Hussein was right up Bu$h’s alley. Bu$h a proponent of
cowboy justice executed more people as governor of Texas than any other
governor in AmeriKKKa. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone the AmeriKKKan
government under George W Bu$h pushed the Iraqi government to kill
Saddam Hussein. Keep in mind this is the same Iraqi government Bu$h and
Co. were trying to make the scapegoats to blame for the deteriorating
mess in Iraq. In fact there was public talk of getting rid of them a few
weeks ago. “The cycle of discord and strained reconciliation that has
broken into the open between Iraq’s Shiite-led government and the Bush
administration has revealed how wide the gulf has become between what
the United States expects from the Baghdad government and what it is
able or willing to deliver. Just in the past 10 days, Prime Minister
Nuri Kamal al-Maliki has rejected the notion of an American ‘timeline’
for action on urgent Iraqi political issues; ordered American commanders
to lift checkpoints they had set up around the Shiite district of Sadr
City to hunt for a kidnapped American soldier and a fugitive Shiite
death squad leader; blamed the Americans for the deteriorating security
situation in Iraq; and demanded speeded-up Iraqi control of its own
military... In the past week, Mr. Maliki has added a new, potentially
incendiary grievance against the Americans. In interviews that preceded
a placatory teleconference call with President Bush last weekend, he
said the poor security situation across Iraq was the Americans’ fault,
and demanded a more rapid transfer of command authority over the war.
With apparent unconcern for the war’s growing unpopularity in the United
States, he demanded more American money for the buildup of Iraq’s own
forces, and for reconstruction of the country’s infrastructure, on top
of the $38 billion the Bush administration says it has already spent on
civil and military aid to Iraq since the toppling of Mr. Hussein in 2003
and the nearly $400 billion for America’s own deployments. Mr. Bush
responded by dispatching his national security adviser, Stephen J.
Hadley, on an urgent trip to Baghdad on Monday, and agreeing to work on
ways of accelerating the transfer of authority, especially in regard to
the Maliki government’s ability to control the deployment of Iraqi
If the Iraqi government are students of history they better start making
plans to avoid the noose or assassins bullet the US and its criminal
cohorts in London and Tel Aviv will order up in a New York minuet if
they fall to go along with the Western NeoCon/Neoliberal agenda. A
kangaroo court had the audacity to condemn Saddam Hussein who was an
active US puppet in their effort to undermine the fundamentalist regime
in Iran during the ‘80's after the US toppled the Shaw of Iran which
eventuated in the blowback of anti-AmeriKKKan Islamic fundamentalism.
Most of the US claims about alleged war crimes and crimes against
humanity were at the behest of the US during the Iraq-Iran war or when
the US tried to off Hussein and he found out about it and murdered those
involved (after the US abandoned their stooges and left them at Hussein’s
“mercy”). Of course one way to prevent this from coming to light was by
murdering Saddam Hussein following a rigged sham trial. Unlike Southern
lynchings which often were totally devoid of even a sham trial, Hussein
was at least given a sham hearing and then sentenced to hang. What we
just witnessed was an example of AmeriKKKan “frontier justice”.



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