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Uncle Sam In Africa

Uncle Sam In Africa

“STUTTGART, Germany — For U.S. forces, the new Africa Command will mean more of the same: troops training their African counterparts, medics providing medical and dental aid, and airmen providing flights from place to place. The headquarters itself would be staffed by middle- and senior-level military and civilian personnel. In fact, the missions that have typically been carried out by younger troops are expected to continue. There might even be more of them, according to Rear Adm. Richard K. Gallagher, director of the U.S. European Command’s Plans and Operations Center.” Deployment of U.S. troops to Africa will pick up pace
AFRICOM means more missions, training By Charlie Coon, Stars and Stripes
Mideast edition, Thursday, February 8, 2007

The United States government like most Con Artists never tells the mark what their real intentions are. The term Con Artist is s shortened form for “confidence game” or confidence artists. Obviously the object is for the Con Man to gain the confidence of the mark so he or she can fleece, defraud, swindle or gyp the person out of something valuable like their life savings, their jewelry or their very lives. In the case of AmeriKKKa the Euro-AmeriKKKans gangsters in suits who represent the multi-national corporations and financiers approach their marks, so called third world countries, with noble sounding phrases like humanitarian aid, democratization, freedom and liberation. While they are beguiling them with noble verbiage, they are sizing them up leading them on, setting them up for the proverbial and literal kill.
While the economic hit men are setting their marks up the snake oil salesmen politicians and media are also doing a massive con job on the AmeriKKKan public to dupe Joe and Jane Sixpack into sacrificing their children on the alter of AmeriKKKan imperialism. They have to do this because sooner or later the countries their economic hit men are setting up figure out they have been swindled, they get pissed off and try to reclaim their country’s resources and land. Of course this is a no-no so the economic hit men tell their bosses to tell Uncle Sam to send in the, Seals, Special Ops or if the natives get too rowdy the Marines and Army.
This what is happening in Africa now. The monopoly capitalists have set their sights on the resources rich continent of our forefathers and mothers, they covet the gold, oil, water and other resources that abound there. Under the pretext of humanitarianism or the even more bogus Global War on Terrorism, AmeriKKKa is increasing its presence in Africa. An article in the latest edition of Stars and Stripes the US military’s internal propaganda vehicle, downplays the nefarious mission of the US war machine choosing rather to merely highlight the increase in missions. These amorphous “missions” will increase over time, “As the new Africa Command, also to be based in Stuttgart, begins taking shape, EUCOM will continue overseeing missions in Africa. The Defense Department is garnering more money for missions in what it calls ‘Operation Enduring Freedom — Trans Sahara’: From $31 million in 2006 to $81.7 million in 2007 to approximately $100 million annually for 2008 through 2013, according to figures provided by EUCOM. OEF-TS is designed to bolster nine nations in the northern and western part of the continent. The money is to pay for sending U.S. troops into the nations to train with host-nation militaries and other missions.”
By that reckoning we can expect more Somalia type missions where US airships blast and kill innocent civilians as they fight their bogus war against terror. It has not dawned on most people due to the incessant propaganda and brainwashing aimed our way, you cannot wage a physical war against terrorism because “terrorism” is not a human enemy, it is not a country; it is a tactic! The recent US heavy handed air attack in Somalia resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians. But of course the US media suppressed that information. “Instead of killing Fazul Abdullah Moham-med, Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan and Abu Taha al-Sudani, supposedly ‘al-Qaeda’ operatives responsible for the 1998 US embassy bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, the Pentagon killed ‘herdsmen … gathered with their animals around large fires at night to ward off mosquitoes’ in Somalia, according to the Independent. ‘Oxfam yesterday confirmed at least 70 nomads in the Afmadow district near the border with Kenya had been killed. The nomads were bombed at night and during the day while searching for water sources. Meanwhile, the US ambassador to Kenya has acknowledged that the onslaught on Islamist fighters failed to kill any of the three prime targets,’ described as ‘backfir[ing] spectacularly’ by the British newspaper... It is of no concern to the Pentagon that above mentioned ‘terrorists’ were not killed and innocent nomads suffered instead. In fact, such reckless behavior will serve as a ‘blueprint’ for future operations against Muslim enemies. ‘U.S. commandos’ military operations in Somalia and the use of the Ethiopian army as a surrogate force to root out al Qaeda operatives there provide a blueprint for counter terrorism missions across the globe, Pentagon strategists say,’ reports the neocon propaganda syndicate, the New York Times. ‘U.S. officials said the recent military efforts in Somalia have been led by the Pentagon’s joint Special Operations Command, which directs the military’s most secretive and elite units, including the Army’s Delta Force.’”
The US could care less they killed innocent nomads looking for water, since they were Africans. This is what the rest of the continent has to look forward to as Uncle Sam increasingly casts his covetous eyes on African resources. The US government will continue to flim-flam countries like Ethiopia bribing them with US aide and support to allow them to be used as surrogates in their crusade against Islamic nations that just happen to sit over vast stretches of natural resources, in this case Somalia which has oil and geo-strategic importance.
The power drunk imperialists plan use the recent Somalia incident as their blueprint for their total African campaign. “Troops have been used increasingly in Africa in recent years. U.S. Naval Forces Europe, for example, had forces in the Gulf of Guinea for less than 20 days in 2004, but for approximately 140 in 2005 and more than 300 days last year. African Contingency Operations Training and Assistance events coordinated by U.S. Marine Corps Forces Europe is increasing from eight in 2006 to about 12 in 2007... ‘The activities we do in Africa are coordinated with the host nations,” Gallagher added. “Everything that we do, we coordinate with the U.S. embassy in the country and with host-nation military and government authorities, so that we are working in each other’s best interest.’” The US claims it is working in partnership with the host nations. But we know what that really means, they are setting them up for the proverbial (and literal) kill.



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