Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blacks Are Supposely Being Recruited By Al-Qaida

Blacks Are Supposedly Being Recruited By “Al- Qaida”

“Al-Qaida is aggressively recruiting black Americans for suicide operations against the homeland, say FBI analysts who have reviewed recent videotaped messages from the terror group's leaders. A speech released May 5 by Osama bin Laden's deputy confirms earlier fears that African-Americans are the No. 1 recruiting target for the next generation of attacks. Al-Qaida has been trying to lower its Arab profile to reduce the odds that its terror cells will be subjected to security scrutiny.”

The Bu$h administration must be really desperate to amp up their fear mongering campaign. An article on the World Net Daily Website says the creation of the CIA Pakistani ISI and Israeli Mossad commonly called “Al-Qaida” is recruiting Blacks as terrorists in the US using Malcolm X as a recruiting tool. I’m serious it’s come down to this, the FBI is actually saying “Al-Qaida” leaders are attempting to lure Africans in AmeriKKKa into their terrorist network. This would normally be a laughable FBI COINTELPRO ploy especially since World Net Daily is a right wing leaning propaganda tool but too many AmeriKKKans are gullible enough to believe this type of nonsense. According to the World Net Daily in an article with no by-line but under a deliberate fright inducing banner of “Homeland Insecurity” we read, “‘Federal and local law enforcement authorities should be aware that al-Qaida terrorists may not appear Arab,’ warns a recent Homeland Security intelligence report obtained by WND. ‘Non-Arab al-Qaida operatives could find it easier to avoid unwanted scrutiny since they may not fit typical profiles.’ In the latest message, al-Qaida No. 2 Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri clearly seeks to sow political and racial discontent among African-Americans. He makes frequent references to what he calls the ‘martyr’ Malcolm X, and says ‘I want blacks in America to know that we are waging jihad to lift oppression from all mankind.’”
Of course no names nor any intelligence agencies other than the long discredited FBI are mentioned in this article. The World Net Daily writers appear to be the ones attempting to escalate racial tensions and fear, amongst their gullible readers. (World Net Daily is the type of medium that promotes knuckle draggers like Ann Coulter. ) We know most whites are afraid Blacks will exact vengeance for what this system is doing (and has done over the years) to us anyway, so this is an opportune way for World Net Daily to juice up their fears while continuing to criminalize Black people at the same time. This is a classic “twofor”. The fear mongers, war hustlers and New World Order fascists continue to hype the “Al-Qaida” bogeyman while dragging Black folks in their omnipresent terrorist scenario.
Actually I’m surprised they haven’t done this earlier, what with the majority of Black folks opposing Bu$h’s reckless policies of war and regime change in Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq. In a fascist state such as AmeriKKKa dissent is not tolerated. That is why most people who oppose the totally bogus “War on Terror” have been demonized by the US corporate media. But the NeoCon agenda is so bogus most people are starting to see through it now and speaking up and out against it. It’s not that most Black folks are that in tune with world geopolitics, we’re not, we’ve just intuitively known since day one George W Bu$h is an idiot. We figured out long ago Bu$h and his posse are up to no good, that they have a reverse Midas touch. Everything they do and touch turns to rust, ashes and disaster. But somehow miraculously for them, they end up making tons of money off of it. Ask the Iraqis and the residents of the US Gulf Coast.
But back to the World Net Daily piece, it claims the FBI is worried Blacks may become a fifth column for Al-Qaida recruiters/terrorists. “The FBI worries blacks could be the next face of terror in America. Since 9/11, the agency has already disrupted several homegrown terror plots involving black Muslim converts, including: A group of black Muslim converts in Miami who allegedly conspired to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago (some had rap sheets). A Chicago black Muslim, Derrick Shareef, who allegedly plotted to blow up a local shopping mall. A black U.S. soldier, Hassan Abujihaad, who allegedly fed terrorists classified information about U.S. battleship movements in the Strait of Hormuz. Black ex-con Muslims in Torrance, Calif., who allegedly planned to attack military recruiting stations and synagogues in the state. The plot was initially hatched in prison.
Still, some analysts doubt al-Qaida's pitch will resonate in today's black community beyond a handful of malcontents. They point out that African-Americans are no longer held back by institutional racism, and are growing wealthier as evidenced by the expanding black middle class.”
Keep in mind this is the same FBI that was notorious for murdering, framing and slandering dissidents, militants and Black people of all stripes back in the ‘60's and ‘70's under its infamous COINTELPRO agenda, the same FBI that bungled the Oklahoma City bombing case, the very same FBI that dropped the ball on tracking the “terrorists” who supposedly executed 9-11. This is the same FBI that has admitted there is no evidence Osama bin-Laden actually was the perpetrator of 9-11 and the same FBI who after investigating Pro-Zionist spies in the US who the FBI knew turned sensitive information over to the Israelis allowed them to walk. Knowing the history of the FBI and this government it is highly unlikely they discontinued COINTELPRO. What they did was morph it into something else, something less obvious.
World Net Daily is being used as a media pawn to keep the fright and fear machine humming along. They also are water toters for the absurd notion Blacks have no reason to harbor any animosity or critique towards the US since so many of us are now “middle class”. According to the World Net Daily’s logic only psychopathic malcontents have any reason to question AmeriKKKa’s values or direction. Shows you just how out of it they are.
Recently the FBI has been involved in some very questionable and laughable headlines where undercover agents supposedly exposed alleged “plots” by looney tune type “terrorists” in Miami and New Jersey. The most recent one where six guys who had been in the country for over twenty years, long before 9-11 and who were not Arabs were supposedly planning to bum rush Fort Dix with assault rifles and small arms!? Six pizza delivery guys planning to attack an Army base with over thirty thousand US well equipped soldiers? Come on, AmeriKKKans are mentally challenged but we’re not that stupid. But psy-ops do take strange twists and shapes to bamboozle the public. I suspect the ruling elites in the media and government have latched on to and executed ways to capitalize on what Henry Mencken said years ago, “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”.



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