Friday, May 25, 2007

Psychopathic Babble

Psychopathic Babble

“psychopath: 1. an individual suffering from a mental disorder, 2 an individual with a personality disorder not psychotic in nature, which is lacking a manifest anxiety and involves inadequate social adjustment.” Dictionary of Psychology

Our venerated ancestor Amos N. Wilson reminded us that the true psychological nature of the European is not found in their psychology books or their intellectual dogma, rather their real psychological nature and functioning can best be discerned by looking at their history. Looking at the history of the Indo-European offers a clear indication that something is amiss with them mentally and spiritually. Their collective behavior towards themselves and humans worldwide indicates a collective (cultural) mental and personality disorder. “History as seen through the clear eyes/vision of the knowledgeable and culturally connected AfriKan, has made it apparent that the misrule of the European (including his Arab/Semitic brothers/sisters) has been one characterized by an avalanche of murders, the desacrelization of the human spirit, the defilement of nature, the perversion of human development and the denial and domination of his feminine twin self. This is the legacy of ‘Western Civilization’”. The Sankofa Movement ReAfrikanization and the Reality of War by Kwame Agyei and Akua Nson Akoto Page 202
Looking at Europeans (those over there and their invader/settler kin around the world) in this light and from this perspective it is easy to see Europeans present a very imminent danger and threat to both humanity and the natural ecosystem. It is from this vantage point we must view the European ruling elites’ push for continuous war, ecological devastation and subverting of the natural order as a modern continuation of their millennial behavior patterns of incessant internecine tribal wars, invasions and assaults on Non-Europeans and an ongoing desecration of nature. With respect to the interaction with humanity, it is clear the Europeans’ have demonstrated an obvious inadequate social adjustment and lack of morality. The Bu$h administration’s War on Terror is merely them doing what they have done for thousands of years only now they conduct their looting, pillage and plunder as high tech barbarians.
Africans being the first humans and the first civilized beings recognized the importance of speech and language. Our ancestors also realized as great a tool as language is for communication, speech also carried with it a moral responsibility to speak truth, be positive and be of true word. From an African perspective speech is a metaphysical tool, it is divine aspect of our nature to be used as co-creators with Omniety. “Indeed speech is the gift of the Creator. The often repeated formula whereby the Creator in the form of one of the divine aspects (e.g. Ptah) proclaims, ‘Words Spoken I have given all Life, Power and Health’, implies that not only did the Creator give those particulars, but also the words that convey the message, Medew Netcher or Divine Speech, thus encompasses what the Europeans designate as metaphysics, the branch of philosophy that deals with origins.” Jacob H Carruthers MDW NTR Divine Speech A Historical Reflection of African deep Thought from the Time of Pharaohs To The Present Page 40
Looking at speech from an African perspective we can see how Europeans use speech is a clear indication of their collective mental and personality disorders (psychopathy). Europeans have a natural aversion to telling the truth, to using speech in a positive fashion. They lie so much it is to the point you cannot believe much of anything they say. Their greatest industries and institutions are those that specialize in lying: advertising, religion, education and politics. The Native Americans observed this about the pale faces, early on and said succinctly “The White Man speaks with forked tongue.”
From this perspective when the Bu$h cabal: Bu$h, Cheney, Powell, Wolfowitz, Rice, Rumsfeld et al, their NeoCon/Zionist cohorts in the mass media and Think Tanks lied about 9-11, lied about regime change in Haiti, lied about Osama bin-Laden, lied about the Taleban, lied about Saddam Hussein, lied about Social Security, lied about low unemployment, lied about the state of the economy and lied about the war in Iraq they were merely exhibiting a coordinated and deliberate form of psychopathic behavior. They are what our African ancestors would call workers of Isfet (chaos, deceit, injustice). Isfet the opposite of Ma’at (Divine Order, Justice Balance, Harmony, Truth, Righteousness and Reciprocity). Ma’at was the guiding principle of not only the ancient Nile Valley cultures but we find these notions of propriety, rectitude and harmonious social relationships practiced throughout Africa and most of the non-Indo-European world even today. Some theorize the melanin deficiency within Caucasians is one of the root causes of this malady, their inability to tell the truth or use language in an uplifting manner.
Contrast the African position on speech and righteousness with the past and recent history of Europeans and you begin to discern a fundamental difference between whites and humanity. From an African perspective where speech is seen as a divine tool we can see the speech of the Bu$h cabal also initiated universal metaphysical principles. However true to their a-spiritual barbarism, more war, more, death, more destruction of human lives, physical infrastructures and the planet’s ecosystem have resulted from their use of the tool of speech. This is a clear reflection of their consciousness or lack thereof. It is not a case of them not knowing better (there is a saying if they knew better they would do better). That is not the case. Europeans have a cultural pattern of lying, lying about themselves by creating a false and inaccurate self-image (white supremacy is a form of mental illness) and lying about non-Europeans (Xenophobia is also a form of mental illness). Their mental and spiritual maladies, their lack of self-control and self-restraint have resulted in social cannibalism, incessant wars and genocide, psychological damage and ecological devastation everywhere they’ve set foot on this planet. This savage history has been duly documented and is irrefutable. No matter what they say, their actions speak louder than their babble. For those whose eyes are open, the Europeans’ behavior and babble are signs of their deep seated and worsening psychopathy.



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