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War and Thievery Under The Guise of Humanitarianism

War and Thievery Under The Guise of Humanitarianism

“It is apparent that one of the principal reasons behind the unequivocally hostile United States policy towards Sudan is the current administration’s independence from regional U.S. geopolitical objectives and interests. Sudan’s stance of economic independence in particular has brought the government into direct conflict with U.S. interests. The independent Muslim journal Crescent International affiliated to the Toronto-based Institute for Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT) noted in 1999 that Sudan “has vast agricultural and mineral resources, is blessed with two large rivers, the Blue Nile and White Nile, and is Africa’s biggest country.” Sudan is also brimming with oil fields and began exporting oil for the first time on 30 August 1999 in contravention of U.S. interests. “Sudan is now producing 150,000 barrels per day, and intends to increase this soon, while domestic consumption varies from 60,000 to 65,000 barrels per day. Sudan is not only self-sufficient in oil now, but also in a position to earn valuable foreign currency”. Domestic resources in Sudan are liable to be utilized in emerging policies of independent development.” United States Terrorism in the Sudan The Bombing of Al-Shifa and its Strategic Role in U.S.-Sudan Relations y Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

George W Bu$h recently imposed economic “sanctions” on the government of Sudan, because of the alleged “genocide” and ongoing conflict in the Darfur region. “United Nations, June 1 (AP): Sudan's UN ambassador accused President George W Bush of imposing new economic sanctions against his country for domestic political reasons and said Americans should feel "ashamed" because the government is making progress on peacekeeping, political, and humanitarian issues in Darfur. In an interview yesterday with The Associated Press, Ambassador Abdalmahmood Abdalhaleem Mohamad, said US sanctions ‘will cripple the humanitarian situation in Darfur’ and elsewhere in the country, because they target railways, airplanes and other transportation links. But he noted that when the US first imposed sanctions nearly 10 years ago, ‘we make miracles ... and we emerged as an oil exporting country because of their sanctions. Now maybe it is a blessing in disguise,’ Mohamad said. ‘We will prove to them that we are resilient and we will grow stronger than what they think. We will transform the challenges into opportunities.’

Most folks have been hearing about the conflict in Sudan for the past four years but have not taken the time to peek beneath the headlines of the corporate mind control apparatus to see what is really going on. If we were in our right minds as African people, we would be extremely skeptical if not down right antagonistic towards any and all European calls for intervention in any part of Africa, let alone a country like Sudan that is blessed with abundant natural resources coveted by the larcenous West. Is there actually conflict in Sudan? Yes. Will intervention by the West, NATO or a puppet African Union resolve the core issues in this struggle? Probably not because the last thing the Europeans want is real lasting peace and stability in the region. Is there conflict in the Horn of Africa? Yes. Does this conflict threaten to destabilize the whole region? Yes. Is this conflict because of the megalomania, ineptitude and corruption of the African leaders? Some, but most of it is based upon the geopolitical realities of Neo-Colonialism and the resource wars that are heating up between the West, its surrogates like Israel and emerging powers like China.

It’s no secret most of the nations targeted for regime change by the Bu$h cabal are Muslim and just coincidently (if you believe in such coincidences) happen to sit over massive reserves of oil or other natural resources coveted by the larcenous Western powers and their client state Israel. Europeans long ago realized they were a minority of the world’s population and the only way they could dominate the world was through maximizing the tactic and strategies of “divide conquer and rule”. Everywhere they’ve set foot on this planet outside of the Eurasian continent they have employed this strategy. A cursory review of European contacts with non-Europeans dating back several thousand years will reveal how they developed and modified their divide and rule program over time. In the modern era they did/do it by fomenting strife and conflicts between differing ethnic or tribal groups, arming both sides and sitting back watching them(or prompting and helping them) kill each other. This is exactly what is happening in Sudan and Darfur.

“From the early 1990s onwards, the U.S. implemented a two-pronged strategy against Sudan designed to destabilise its government. The policy enlisted the support of three of Sudan’s neighbours - Uganda, Eritrea and Ethiopia – and involved support for rebels from the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) fighting in the south. According to the National Security News Service (NSNS) reliable reports in the French media show that: ‘The SPLA rebels receive political and indirect military support from the United States, via American military assistance to Uganda, Eritrea, and Ethiopia.’ The NSNS reports that U.S. military support of the SPLA has been confirmed by Roger Winter, Director of the U.S. Committee for Refugees, and was further confirmed when U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright officially met SPLA leader John Garang in January 1998 during her trip to Africa. Africa Confidential, for example, reported that in Uganda the SPLA ‘has already received U.S. help via Uganda”, while U.S. special forces are on 'open-ended deployment' with the rebels.[39] As the Boston Globe elaborated: ‘To the peril of regional stability, the Clinton Administration has used northern Uganda as a military training ground for southern Sudanese rebels fighting the Muslim government of Khartoum.’ Eritrea and Ethiopia are used similarly to provide military assistance to the SPLA. The Sunday Times reported that: ‘The Clinton administration has launched a covert campaign to destabilise the government of Sudan... More than $20m of military equipment, including radios, uniforms and tents will be shipped to Eritrea, Ethiopia and Uganda in the next few weeks. Although the equipment is earmarked for the armed forces of those countries, much of it will be passed on to the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), which is preparing an offensive against the government in Khartoum.’” United States Terrorism in the Sudan The Bombing of Al-Shifa and its Strategic Role in U.S.-Sudan Relations

The Sudan People’s Liberation Army has been co-opted by the West and is being used to destabilize the central government in Khartoum. “And so, while John Garang’s Sudan People’s Liberation started out as a true African liberation force, liberation is something the Western world will not accept for African populations, especially when there is American oil under their soil. Every single liberation struggle has been co-opted or curtailed by Western powers. John Garang’s Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A), through clandestine deals with powerful Western institutions, was transformed, fairly early on, from a people’s movement to just another mercenary army serving the imperatives of power and private profit. The SPLA leader John Garang was a Christian of the southern minority Dinka tribe with a degree from Grinnell College (Iowa) and advanced degrees from Iowa State, and with military training from the U.S. Army's Fort Benning Georgia, the U.S. military academy which includes the infamous School of the Americas, notable for training Latin American militaries in torture, massacres and assassinations.” Oil in Darfur? Special Ops in Somalia? The New Old "Humanitarian" Warfare in Africa by Keith Harmon Snow

“There is no mistaking this: the conclusion that can easily be drawn, if we reduce the Darfur situation to the simplest terms, is that it is about oil, the Chinese and Arabs have it, and we want it. Who is ‘we’? While some powerful corporate factions connected to the Anglo-American-Israeli power structure are cooperating with the Government of Sudan, others are excluded from the profits to be made on oil and, as we will see, other things. So how do powerful corporations excluded from a piece of the Sudan pie get at that pie? Divide and conquer. Covert operations. Psychological operations. Unwittingly obtuse English professors jumping up and down and screaming, ‘atrocities, atrocities, atrocities.’

Here’s the scenario.

First: create instability and chaos that gives the appearance of Arabs fighting Africans (it’s always those other people over there killing each other). Second: wage a media campaign that focuses a laser beam of public attention on the rising instability. Third: whip up public opinion and fury among a highly manipulated Western population who will, quite literally, believe anything. Fourth: make sure the devil—this time it’s the Janjaweed—comes on horseback. This latter point underscores the tight, unwavering narrative of good versus evil. Fifth: demonize the ‘enemy’ [read: dirty A-Rabs] and their partners [Chinese oil companies]. Sixth: onward Christian soldiers and their ‘humanitarian’ armies; enter ‘Save Darfur!’ and, voila!, a movement is born. Seventh: continue to chip away the power of the enemy by chipping away at their credibility. Eighth: under the banners of high moral approbation, and with full support of a deeply caring Western public, overthrow the malevolent forces [of Islam and the Orient] and instill a benevolent, peace-loving, pro-democracy government. Last: wipe away the sanctions, no longer needed, and bring much-needed ‘development’ to another backward country. And there you have it: yet another civilizing mission to conquer those barbaric Arab hoardes, and those starving, helpless, uneducated, diseased, tribal, Africans.” ibid

The US is not the only mischief maker in the region. Israel which covets the water from the mighty Nile River (Sudan hosts both the Blue Nile and the White Nile) as well as other mineral resources, has also been active in fomenting and supporting discord in the region. “Just as it was becoming apparent that peace would break out in the south, in 2003 another civil war flared up in the Darfur region in western Sudan. Starting in February 2003, well-armed rebels of the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), supported by USA and Israel through the intermediary countries of Eritrea and Chad respectively, launched a series of attacks on police stations in Darfur killing many hundreds of police officers. With this police infrastructure gone, Darfur, a remote region (in an impoverished country) with many groups competing for farm and grazing land, turned into a violent lawless zone with many armed groups fighting each other, e.g., SLA, JEM, the Sudanese military, the Chadean military, local militias of all ethnicities and aligned with all sides of the conflict, and bandits. The situation deteriorated through 2004. Thousands of Darfurians were killed by violence by the various armed groups. Life was disrupted so agriculture, on which most people in Darfur subsisted, became difficult or impossible. Hundreds of thousands of people became refugees. Tens of thousands died from disease and famine.” Stop the War Against Sudan

Don’t go for the okey-doke. Any time whites speak of humanitarian aid or altruism, double and triple check to see what the real deal is. Actions speak volumes over words. Always go beyond the rhetoric and propaganda, seek the real facts. Usually you will discover most of what the corporate media says is a sham, another lie, one more wolf in sheepskin con game designed to fool the unsuspecting, the uninformed and the uninterested so the Europeans can continue their unbridled and ongoing legacy of pillage, rapine and plunder.



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