Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Beat Goes On

The Beat Goes On

On the surface George W. Bu$h’s commutation of the three year prison term of Irvin Lewis Libby (Liebowitz) to just a fine and probation appears to be merely another example of the good ol’ boy network at work. It was like when white juries would routinely acquit a white man of murdering a Black man or of raping a Black woman or child back in the day. In many ways Bu$h’s intervention on behalf of one of the prime movers behind the disinformation and lies about Iraqi WMD used as the pretext to launch an illegal and preemptive war against a sovereign nation that posed no threat to the US is part of that same old good ol boy legacy. However on a deeper and more nefarious level, Bu$h’s actions are the continuation of his family’s ongoing crime operation/legacy that stretches back four generations.
Most recently, when Bu$h’s father was Vice President he functioned in the Ronald Reagan White House pretty much as Dick Cheney functions in his administration, the behind the scenes Svengali whose fingerprints were all over every dirty trick, covert op and scandal known and unknown. Take the Iran Contra fiasco for example. The Reagan/ Bu$h administration knowingly plotted to violate US law by arming Nicaraguan insurgents to overthrow the socialist Sandinista government through a series of convoluted arms transactions in which Israel served as the middle man. When Congress found out about it and held sensationalist media hearings several lower level henchmen were targeted for investigation. Lt Col Oliver North and John Poindexter were the two most prominent culprits but culpability went all the way up the political chain. The enlarging scandal (the US sold arms to an avowed enemy at the time, Iran, in violation of US laws with the aid of Israel, there were also widespread allegations of massive drug running and money laundering that were also a major part of Iran Contra) soon enveloped the Reagan/ Bu$h administration. Some of the far reaching machinations and implications of the administration’s illegal operations were exposed for all the world to see. (Ronald Reagan was really out of it mentally by then after having barely survived an assassination attempt by the son of one of George H.W. Bu$h’s friendly Texas neighbors [is this merely a “coincidence”?], a bout with cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, [this is another similarity to the current Bu$h administration except this time, baby Bu$h serves as the brain dead puppet being manipulated by the more criminally astute Dick Cheney]) Much of the criminality was suppressed. What did emerge was the fact George H. W. Bu$h ran the arms and drug smuggling operations out of the National Security Council office where Oliver North worked. Investigative reporter Gary Webb erred when he said it was the CIA that was running drugs and using the money to arm the Contras. Yes the CIA were a part of the overall operation but the CIA was not calling the shots. The drug running, at least the South American portion was being run by North out of the NSC office at the behest of George H.W. Bu$h
Ronald Reagan took the hit public relations wise, but his media manufactured popularity helped him weather the resulting storm. He and George H W Bu$h should have been impeached and prosecuted for knowingly and deliberately violating US and international laws. But as usual they were given a pass. Congress barked but did little else to get at the heart of the scandal, thanks to the good ol boy network and the wheeler dealer influence of George H.W. Bu$h a former Director of the CIA. The Tower Commission Report that investigated Iran Contra was essentially a whitewash. Tower was discredited around Washington by Republican operatives for being a womanizer and lush. The resultant report was soon flushed down the memory hole to be forgotten or ignored.
Another Congressional Committee that could have shed more light on what the Bu$hites were doing was the investigative work of a young US Senator named John Kerry who uncovered the drug link within the Reagan/Bush Iran Contra network. Even more importantly Kerry began documenting the involvement of Democratic Party blue bloods with the criminal operation known as Bank of Credit and Commerce International or BCCI. Some say Kerry’s work was sabotaged by a plethora of bipartisan players. Others say he backed off once he saw where the trail led. Either way, the international crooks were given a pass. Many of those same players remain big on the scene today.
When George H.W. Bu$h was elected president in 1989 following a divisive and racially charged campaign. He quickly pardoned all the insiders involved in Iran Contra criminality: Robert McFarlane, Elliot Abrams, Casper Weinberger, Duane R. Clarridge, Alan Fiers and Clair George. When you take a look, many of the same players in the current Bu$h administration were active players in the Reagan-Bu$h administration too. The criminality continues and the corporate mind control apparatus keeps us distracted with a steady diet of banal fare so we don’t connect the dots and see the whole picture.
The Libby commutation was done by George W Bu$h to prevent Libby from talking and exposing the sordid details of how Cheney, the NeoConmen and the corporate media manipulated the “intelligence” to make Saddam Hussein to be the second coming of Adolph Hitler as a pretext to invade Iraq, overthrow Hussein, save the US dollar and steal Iraqi oil. Iran Contra lives on in 2007. Iran Contra has many implications for current events. Many of the actors in the Iran Contra scandal and the other criminal operations run by the Bu$hites and their cronies on both sides of the aisle are active in the current administration’s push for war, oil, US dollar hegemony and drugs: Elliot Abrams, John Poindexter, John Negroponte, John Bolton, Michael Ledeen, Robert M Gates, David Addington and Dick Cheney. All of these men are staunch advocates of raw and unbridled US military power, circumventing the US Constitution to attain it and US imperialism. These psychopaths plot and plan. They foment wars and polices that send your kids to die in far off places so they can enrich themselves and their cronies using words like freedom, spreading democracy and national security as the ruse to do so. The beat goes on. The Libby commute is just one more sour note in an ongoing cacophony of crime, corruption and warmongering.



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