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AmeriKKKa's Legacy of Nuclear terror

AmeriKKKa’s Legacy of Nuclear Terror

“The atomic bombing, the world's first, killed more than 140,000 people in Hiroshima. As they do on every anniversary, survivors, relatives of the deceased, residents and officials will attend a memorial service and release doves at the Peace Park at 8:15 a.m. Monday (7:15 p.m. EDT Sunday), the moment 62 years ago when the bomb struck. The ceremony will take place near an arch-shaped cenotaph which holds 77 volumes filled with the names of those who perished.” America Spread Hiroshima Legacy

Because the AmeriKKKan propaganda machine, the “educational system”, mass media and religion promote the dominant myth of the goodness of AmeriKKKa as the pretext and justification of all the vile and evil things the ruling elites do most folks are brainwashed into going along with their evil. Monday August 6, 2007 marks the sixty second anniversary of AmeriKKKa dropping atomic bombs on civilian cities! The US rational for this dastardly deed was it would shorten the war and prevent future US and Japanese casualties. Anyone who is sane and not under the spell of the US mind control apparatus can figure out that that is just so much malarkey and cow dung. The US dropped the atomic bomb on two Japanese cities, on civilians not military targets! Sixty two years ago the psychopaths in the US military and their civilian commanders chose to unleash a nuclear holocaust on innocent men, women and children thus establishing AmeriKKKa as the sickest nation in the history of the world.
Now three generations later the descendants of the war mongers/criminals who dropped the atomic bomb on Japan have the audacity to use the bogus threat of nuclear attack as their rational to invade, pillage and plunder Iraq and are preparing to do the same thing to Iran, Pakistan or whichever country is on their hit list ! The PsyOps behind that strategy is evilly ingenious. They used projection, ( attributing one’s own traits, attitudes, values or faults to others- Dictionary of Psychology Second Revised Edition Page 358) to fuel their propaganda and preparation to wage war and do their dirt. For example they claim the Iraqis and Iranians will murder innocent people using nuclear weapons when in reality the only nation to actually employ nuclear weapons is the United States. Not only did the US drop two atomic bombs on Japanese cities Nagasaki and Hiroshima sixty two years ago, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children, now they are using depleted uranium in their bunker busters and cluster bombs in Iraq!!!
“The Pentagon has developed tactical nuclear weapons to reach the most heavily fortified and deeply buried bunkers. The idea is to marry a small nuclear bomb with a penetrating bomb casing to create a weapon that can penetrate deep into the ground and then explode with nuclear force. The B61-11, available since 1997, is the current state of the art in the area of nuclear bunker busters. From a practical standpoint, the advantage of a small nuclear bomb is that it can pack so much explosive force into such a small space. (See How Nuclear Bombs Work for details.) The B61-11 can carry a nuclear charge with anywhere between a 1-kiloton (1,000 tons of TNT) and a 300-kiloton yield. For comparison, the bomb used on Hiroshima had a yield of approximately 15 kilotons. The shock wave from such an intense underground explosion would cause damage deep in the earth and would presumably destroy even the most well-fortified bunker. From an environmental and diplomatic standpoint, however, the use of the B61-11 raises a number of issues. There is no way for any known penetrating bomb to bury itself deeply enough to contain a nuclear blast. This means that the B61-11 would leave an immense crater and eject a huge amount of radioactive fallout into the air. Diplomatically, the B61-11 is problematic because it violates the international desire to eliminate the use of nuclear weapons. See Low-Yield Earth-Penetrating Nuclear Weapons for details.”
The US has and is plotting the use of nuclear weapons all over the world! “The Bush administration has told the US military to greatly expand preparations for the use of nuclear weapons in future wars, according to press reports on the weekend which have been confirmed by the Pentagon and White House. The Pentagon has been directed to develop contingency plans for nuclear attacks on seven different countries. These include China and Russia, the two powers which have long been targeted by the US nuclear arsenal; Iraq, Iran and North Korea, the three countries demonized by Bush as the ‘axis of evil’ in his State of the Union speech; and Libya and Syria. An initial draft of this report, called the ‘Nuclear Posture Review,’ was delivered to Congress on January 8. A copy of the classified material was obtained by William Arkin, military columnist for the Los Angeles Times, and the newspaper reported its contents March 9. The New York Times obtained the same material a day later. In addition to the naming of targeted countries—the first such list ever made public—the Nuclear Posture Review outlines a much broader range of political, strategic and tactical scenarios under which the US government would use nuclear weapons. The report says the Pentagon should be prepared to use nuclear weapons in an Arab-Israeli conflict, in a war between China and Taiwan, or in an attack from North Korea on South Korea. They might also become necessary in an attack by Iraq on Israel or another neighbor, it said.” US plans widespread use of nuclear weapons in war Bush orders Pentagon to target seven nations for attack By Patrick Martin 11 March 2002
Notice the quoted material from is over five years old. The European ruling elites actually sit down to create and plan how to aggressively deploy weapons of mass destruction under the guise of “defense” and “peace”?! We need to keep this in mind. We need to also remember their depopulation programs, and their sick plan to establish their New World Order. Using nuclear weapons is no different that their early tactic of using biological weapons (their own diseases) to wipe out millions of First World people from the fifteenth century on. We should not be fooled by their hypocritical rhetoric. Our learned and astute Sistah Dr. Marimba Ani points out the linguistic and political hypocrisy of the Europeans’ rhetoric. She calls it “Rhetorical ethic- culturally structured European hypocrisy. It is a statement framed in terms of acceptable moral behavior towards others that is meant for rhetorical purposes only. Its purpose is to disarm intended victims of European cultural and political imperialism. It is meant for export only. It is not intended to have significance within the (European) culture. Its essence is it deceptive effect in the service of European imperialism.” Yurugu An African Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior Glossary
The anniversary of AmeriKKKa dropping of the first atomic bomb is muted here. The corporate mind control apparatus hasn’t made a big issue of it, probably because they don’t want the few free thinking folks left to make the logical connection from that to what the US is doing in Iraq or what the Bu$hites are planning to do to other countries. But just because they aren’t talking about it, the powerfully revealing lessons contained in that history should not be lost on us.



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