Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Imagine If...

Imagine If...

“Can the anti-war movement in America join forces with anti-war movements in Europe, Asia and around the world? Can we organize planetary boycotts of industries that pollute our children's air and water, and of corporations that poison our bodies and minds? Are Americans big enough, wise enough, to internationalize their problems or must we turn everything over to our overseers - our politicians and the lobbyists and media barons they serve and service? Can we remand war criminals like Bush and Cheney, Kissinger and the like to the International Court in the Hague and other international judiciary bodies, or must we resort once again to the tired formulations of impeachments, pardons and the same ugly crimes reappearing, somewhat reconstituted, somewhere down the road?” The Empire Without Clothes by Gary Corseri, August 8, 2007

As AmeriKKKa morphs into a totally fascist police state and global empire the natural reaction to resist being its next victim is motivating people around the world to take action to counter US hegemony. We can see it in international events. Unlike AmeriKKKans who were brainwashed by watching Rambo and James Bond movies into believing the Anglo-AmeriKKKan-Israeli axis is invincible, the rest of the world who have a stake in maintaining their own sovereignly know that the US is really a paper tiger. Over the last forty years the only wars AmeriKKKa has won are the proxy wars they fought in places like Afghanistan (where the US, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan created Osama bin-Laden and “al Queda”) parts of South America and East Timor. Of course they also lost their share of proxy wars too, like in Angola and the 2006 Lebanon war. AmeriKKKa’s invasion of Iraq following its attack on Afghanistan and its illegal intervention in Haiti has convinced most of the world AmeriKKKa is a predatory/rogue nation. “With America's image declining in many parts of the world, favorability ratings for the United States continue to trail those of other major countries. In Europe, as well as predominantly Muslim countries, the U.S. is generally less popular than Germany, France, Japan, and China. However, the U.S. fares somewhat better in Asia; in fact, Indians rate the U.S. higher than Germany, France, or China and only slightly below Japan. However, America's favorability rating has dropped 15 points in India since last year...Nearly five years after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, international support for the U.S.-led war on terrorism continues to wane. Outside of the U.S. only two countries - India and Russia - register majority support for the war on terror, and it remains particularly unpopular in predominantly Muslim countries, although support has risen eight points since last year among Pakistanis, whose government is a key partner in efforts to combat Al Qaeda. Among several of America's traditional allies, support has fallen steeply since 2002, and it has virtually collapsed in two countries, Spain and Japan. In the former, the percentage who favor U.S. efforts against terrorism now stands at 19%, down from 63% in 2003, while among Japanese it has tumbled from 61% in 2002 to 26% today.” America's Image Slips, But Allies Share U.S. Concerns Over Iran, Hamas
Imagine if all the peace loving people in the world decided to support peace by refusing to buy products manufactured or sold by corporations involved in human rights violations, global pollution or war? Imagine if the people of the world spent as much time discovering and studying who the multinational corporations are that formulate, fund and execute the policies of perpetual war and ecological devastation as we do following our favorite sports team/player or celebrity. Imagine if people were committed enough to peace, human rights, economic justice and personal empowerment to act with conscience and conviction by deliberately boycotting every store and every product made or sold by warmongers, polluters and sweat shop operators? What impact would that have on economic and political policy? What implications would it have on our sense of self-esteem, empowerment and accomplishment?
We are not powerless beings. We don’t have to sit back passively and acquiesce to multinational corporatist fascism (also known as Globalism). We don’t have to go out like the Italians and Germans in the 1930's who blindly followed Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler, both of whom rose to power through trickery, deceit and coercion. History shows that neither man nor their fascist programs were challenged due to fear, or a mind set and values that resonated with their program. The question we have to ask ourselves is, does the New World Order globalist program resonate with our values? How we see ourselves and our vision of the world? Do we even have a vision for the world?!
Do you feel comfortable with the direction the US is headed? Most AmeriKKKans as brain washed and mentally comatose as this culture has become, intuitively know something is wrong, they know the country is not headed in the right direction. “Washington - Most US voters think the country is on the wrong track and remain deeply unhappy with President George Bush and Congress, but still feel good about their finances and optimistic about the future, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday. Eighteen months before Bush leaves the White House, nearly two-thirds of Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction and give the president negative marks for his job performance. An even bigger majority, 83 percent, say the Democratic-controlled Congress is doing only a fair or poor job - the worst mark for Congress in a Zogby poll.” Americans feel system is broken By John Whitesides The question is, what, if anything are we going to do about it?
What can we do? We can begin to take a serious look at how and where we get our information and perspectives on things. If you are reading this it is safe to say you are not being mesmerized by Fox news CNN, PBS, ABCNBCCBS or any of the other corporate propaganda mind control organs. Think for yourself. Think about voting and acting with your wallet. While the ruling elites clearly don’t care about people nor morality, they do care about bottom line profits and we can greatly influence those. In July consumer spending was down because folks just didn’t have the money to spend as their wages stagnate and inflation shrinks their paychecks even more. But imagine if we decided to be proactive and selective in our spending? What would our world look like? Imagine if we boycotted and staged general strikes in protest of the economic and political polices of the ruling elites and their flunkies in Congress? How would that change things, if at all? Imagine if we were unafraid of retaliation by the state, what would we do, what could we accomplish? The fascists can’t lock us all up for selective patronage, or for not spending our money! Nor can their flunkies in the media ignore us if we act en mass, organize and galvanize across ethnic and class lines. The elites can only win by keeping the masses divided, cannibalizing each other, ignorant and disorganized. Once we get organized and become unified on purpose will have the last word given our access to instant media via the Internet.
All is not lost, we can fight back using the non-violent, tried and proven tactics of Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr unless we are too disorganized, cowardly and lame to challenge obvious psychopaths and their genocidal policies. If that is the case, ultimately we will get exactly what we deserve.



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