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Establish Peace As The FOundation of Your Life

Establish Peace As The Foundation of Your Life

The importance of peace in our lives can be seen in the fact that when we are at peace, as opposed to being upset (angry, afraid etc) our thinking is clearer, our IQ is higher , we exhibit better health and healing , we perform better and so on.” Ra Un Nefer Amen MAAT The 11 Laws of God page 34-35

Many Sistahs and Brothers upon encountering another Brother or Sistah greet each other with the salutations “Peace and Blessings”, Asalaam Alakim or Hetepu. This is a sincere recognition on their part of the power and efficacy of peace and a genuine extension of their desire for the other person to experience peace and blessings. It is a profound desire to share peace and vibrate within a consciousness of peacefulness. Inner peace, calm confidence, a tranquil receptive state are the key to an outwardly healthy and successful life. The great truth of being is, life is lived from the inside out not the other way around. This is the great secret of our existence. Our power to exist, the animating life force that gives us life, the energy within us is peaceful. Our natural state is one of peace. We have the innate power through our minds, our thinking and cogitation to establish and maintain inner peace no matter what is going on around us or happening to us.
Peace is our natural state of being. We offset this inner peace when we entertain thoughts of envy, anger, animosity and fear. Fear is the great destroyer of our mental and emotional peace. It is the spigot or the valve that opens a torrent of negativity, negative thoughts and emotions. Energy follows thought. Our thinking and perceptions trigger our emotions. Our emotions trigger glandular and physiological reactions within us like the fight flight response. So it is important to realize this process is occurring during both our waking and unconscious moments. Yes this is going on even during our unconscious moments. Have you ever been jarred from your sleep by a bad dream or night mare returned to consciousness to find yourself sweating and noticeably agitated? This is the power of our mind, even during sleep. This is also the power of our unconscious thoughts those ideas and feelings we try to keep out of sight, the psychological masks we often wear thinking we are disguising our true feelings. There is no disguising. In the Bible Yeshua Ben Joseph the man the Romans renamed Jesus said, “There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.” Yeshua’s primary message was one of metaphysics, psychology and spiritual transformation. He was telling his followers our thoughts are revealed in our attitudes, emotions, behaviors and ultimately in our health and environment. For example take a look at your immediate environment, if it is one of negative drama and contention it is because you and those around you are acting out your thoughts and feelings of anger, drama and contenciousness.
Ancient masters, the avatars and sages understood the importance of peace of mind. Ancient writings, sacred texts and esoteric teachings all touted the profundity of maintaining a peaceful (full of peace) inward state which in turn would express in a serene countenance and appropriate behaviors. The masters taught one way to attain inner peace was through meditation, stilling the conscious mind, using deep breathing, reflecting on the good, being receptive and focusing on the quietude of our indwelling Higher Self. For example an ancient proverb from Kemet says, “When the soul gets to know the creator of its peace, it’s filled with love and forgetfulness of every ill and can no more keep from the Good: truth ad righteousness. Never can an embodied Soul that has gotten hold upon the truly good and true, slip back into the contrary.” From Egyptian Proverbs edited by Muata Ashby
The best way to know the Creator of your Soul’s peace is to know/experience the Creator yourself. We do that by going within because Yeshua also said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” Aside from the Quakers,Unity and Science of Mind “mainstream” Christian churches and clerics don't preach this message. Western culture has convinced us life is lived on the outside, that the main focus of life is external. They have brainwashed and manipulated us mainly using the tool of fear: fear of death, fear of their idea of God, eternal damnation and punishment to make us more outer directed and conforming. Fear mongering is not the exclusive prerogative of religion. Secular elites also use fear to manipulate the masses. The Bu$h administration uses fear, fear of a long dead Osama bin-Laden, fear of terrorist bogey men supposedly lurking around every corner to justify endless invasions, foreign wars, domestic spying on all AmeriKKKans and foisting a totalitarian police state on us in the name of “national security”.
Do not allow the fear mongers to play this game on you. Don’t go for their okey-doke. They have no power over you. The truth will make you free. The truth is, you have the power to establish and maintain both peace of mind and peace in your physical environment. You have the power to control your thinking. In so doing you will control your emotions which will control your physiological responses, your behavior and ultimately your environment. Do not allow outsiders (people outside yourself) to make you so outer directed and dependent upon their stimuli you abdicate your powers of thought, ideation, imagination, volition and determination. Do not allow psychopaths like George Bu$h, Dick Cheney the NeoCons and their corporate media flunkies to trick you into acquiescing to and embracing ignorance and evil. Become the ruler of your own mind and master of your own fate.
In the Odu Ifa our African ancestors admonished us to : “speak truth and do justice, be kind and do not do evil. Truth travels on a narrow path but the wicked wander on a wide road. Speak truth, do justice. Do justice speak truth. For one who is righteous is supported by the Divine.” Ogbe’ Sa’ 33 translated by Maulana Karenga. This teaching sounds similar to the teachings of Yeshua Ben-Joseph who in his Sermon on the Mount said, “Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: and the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.”
Establish your peace of mind upon your inner rock, the indestructible foundation of your Higher Self. The storms of life will come because no one escapes them, they are an integral part of the life process. Have confidence and peace, that adversity will not destroy you. They have no power over you. Tap into your indwelling reservoir of strength. Establish and maintain peace of mind and the rumors swirling around you, the hard times, the set backs, defeats and failure shall not overwhelm you because you are supported by the DIVINE.


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