Monday, November 05, 2007

Resonating Consciousness

Resonating Consciousness

As we each are resonating at the unique frequency of our own Spirit, the impaction of another frequency into our field alters our consciousness, if even only briefly. Should we place our Attention upon that presence come into our field of consciousness, we establish a connection with that Spirit. Its Power, or Life Force, then flows into us in an interactive manner. We have established relationship with the Spirit of that entity, integrating its frequency into our own. Some interactions of Spirits within our field of consciousness produce desirable advances, while others may be disagreeable.” The Mythos of Consciousness

At our core we are spirit beings manifesting in physical bodies to experience life in this physical dimension. We are animated by the DIVINE LIFE FORCE/MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS that permeates our being giving us life, growth, the ability to move and be aware of ourselves and our environment. This resident power imbues us with intelligence and the ability to tap into INFINITE INTELLIGENCE at will which allows us to create our own reality and to shape our environment to our values and will. Within the animating life force are varying levels of consciousness: conscious, subconscious etc. The West defines consciousness as: the totality of experience at any given moment as opposed to mind which is the sum of past consciousness. Whereas the deep thinkers of ancient times understood our consciousness has many interconnecting facets and layers that link us to an even greater reservoir of awareness beyond our physical senses.
We are powerful (full of power) beings. We have the ability to discern and be aware of things beyond our sense perceptions. We are like living tuning forks vibrating at varying frequencies sending and receiving signals both internally within ourselves and externally in and to the world outside ourselves. The great tragedy of life is that we do not know ourselves, we don’t fully comprehend just how powerful and gifted we really are. We have allowed others who are ignorant and misguided to influence us and browbeat us into believing the worst about ourselves. This is especially true of Africans. We have internalized all the anti-African propaganda and lies of our adversaries and oppressors. We now think and act just like they want us to act, throwed off, out of sync and antithetical to our true DIVINE selves.
We have allowed the negative vibrations of others to influence our rates of vibration to the point we resonate to their lower consciousness frequencies to the detriment of our self-esteem, our peace of mind, our sanity and our health. What we call “culture” is one form of collective vibration/consciousness, response and behavior. Culture really is the habitual ways of thinking, perceiving and responding to situations, acting and interacting with one another and our environment. It is operational on the micro and the macro levels, in the family, community, tribe or nation. Those who covet and misuse “power” seek to coerce , bamboozle and force us to vibrate/resonate to frequencies they determine, operate from states of consciousness they feel comfortable setting that help them actualize their agendas!
One reason Africans in AmeriKKKa are so diseased (out of harmony, balance and depressed) is because we find ourselves in a culture that is antithetical to our natural state, one that is hostile towards us in mind and attitude if not in outward behavior. We acutely sense their cultural and ethnic animosity, we see how it has been codified and institutionalized despite their disingenuous protestations they are not racists. We intuitively feel it despite their claims AmeriKKKa is a free, just and open society. Unfortunately too many of us have internalized their vile anti-African sentiments and we even amplify them towards ourselves and those who look like us. Our natural resonance has been thrown off kilter, we now vibrate and resonate to the unhealthy alien frequencies of our enemies. “Consider that the Soul is our Life Force field contained within the physical form of the body. In its neutral non-affected state it resonates simply at the frequency pattern of our own individual Spirit. The imprint of another's Spirit, such as a parent, spouse or antagonist, alters that resonance. We now experience ourselves in reference to that other person. The alteration may be pleasant and supportive or fraught with agitation and anxiety. When we find that we are in a state of exaltation when connected with a person, it is a consequence of spiritual interaction and the resultant mutual transfer of vital force between the two parties that accounts for the altered state we are experiencing. And, when we experience agitation in the presence and interaction with another, it is again due to this transfer of vital force, though the frequency of the soul force of that person is detrimental to our equilibrium. It is in the understanding of the nature of Spirit that we can bring to resolution the disruption that is experienced in relationship with another.”
The sad reality for Africans in AmeriKKKa is too many of us resonate at the lower consciousness European culturally induced frequencies of fear, anger, covetousness and chronic xenophobia. We remain stuck in a mental rut and associate with like minded (people in the same mental and psychological ruts as we are) folks and we wonder why we are miserable and unhappy. We suffer because we have not been taught how to elevate our consciousness. We lack the wisdom to attune ourselves to the higher frequencies of the DIVINE within us! We depend on the immature, the spiritually deaf, dumb and blind and the foolish to be our guides and role models. All we have to do is employ the teachings of our ancient ancestors, relearn, remember (rejoin together) and actualize the teachings and admonishments restore and live MAAT (DIVINE ORDER, BALANCE, TRUTH, JUSTICE, HARMONY, RECIPROCITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS) and we will be healed. Afrocentric scholars and venerated elders such as Jacob H. Carruthers, Dr John Henrik Clark, Dr. Amos N Wilson, Dr. Molefi Asante, Dr. Marimba Ani, Dr. Maulana Karenka, Dr. Kimbwandende Kia Bunseki Fu-Kian, Anthony Browder, Ra Un Nefer Amen, Kwame Agyei and Akua Nson Akoto, Oba T’Shaka and others have done the research, they have published the books, now it is up to us to familiarize ourselves with an alternative vibration, a more natural and harmonious way of resonating both personally and collectively.
It is time we begin to actualize a better way of living for ourselves and our community. We can do this by elevating our thoughts, quieting our minds, limiting and filtering out the dissonance of the outer world and listening in quiet receptivity to the Higher Self within, the still small voice of OMNEITY. We have the ability to determine our own thoughts, form our own perceptions and decide how we will employ our power of imagination. We can alter our vibrations by thinking about positive things, mentally, vocally claiming good for ourselves and others. Some call this affirmation, our ancestors called it “speaking and doing MAAT.” Notice it takes more than words, it takes action, “speaking and doing MAAT!” We can train ourselves to think and envision good, believe and expect it will come to pass in DIVINE ORDER and PERFECT WISDOM rather than our own limited way of seeing and doing things. Cease resonating to foolishness and lower vibrations, attune yourself to the good, do good and send out good vibrations. That is what you will get back.



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