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Class Warfare In AmeriKKKa Is Real Part 1

Class Warfare In AmeriKKKa Is Real part 1

“Hard as it may be to believe, all major US policy from the 1970’s through the misnamed sub-prime crisis today, had a connecting continuous thread. Key Fed and Treasury and other US policymakers always held their ‘eyes on the Prize.’ The ‘Prize’ was untold financial gains to be won through a rollback of major concessions to the working blue collar and middle income Americans, concessions granted during the Great Depression by powerful establishment circles led by the Rockefeller and Morgan banking groups, to forestall a more radical revolt. Social Security was one target for rollback. Financial deregulation and above all repeal of the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, was another. Here a well-connected Wall Street banker named Alan Greenspan was to play the decisive role on behalf of the financial deregulation agenda in his tenure as Federal Reserve Chairman lasting from 1987 through 2006. Securitization of sub-prime or junk mortgages was to have been his crowning legacy. As it looks at this writing, it certainly will be, though perhaps not as he and others in Wall Street intended. It will more likely be a crown of disgrace. ” The Financial Tsunami: The Financial Foundations of the American Century by F. William Engdahl http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?

The current economic meltdown is the consequence of a designed policy by the ruling elites to consolidate, transfer and redistribute all wealth in their hands. This relatively small cadre/cabal of megalomaniacal psychopaths has set in motion plans that will make their robber baron ancestors look like saints and philanthropists by comparison. To see a concise synopsis of their overarching socio-political and financial objectives go to www.hermes-press.com/index.html . To better understand the historical implications of the current financial meltdown read the series: The Financial Tsunami: The Financial Foundations of the American Century by F. William Engdahl at http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context These Websites provide additional pieces to the puzzle to help you better understand why things are unfolding the way they are. This way you will not fall for the okey-doke being put out by the corporate mind control apparatus whose primary job is to keep us bamboozled, distracted and misinformed about what is really going on in the world as they program us to be mindless Pavlovian automatons complying without question.
The ruling elites know that there will be some resistance to their plans for a fascist New World Order and they are preparing the legislation (USA PATRIOT ACT I and II, HR 1955 RFS and its Senate version, S.1959 Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007) to legalize their reactionary oppressive police state. They have already set up FEMA concentration camps, US Army Labor Camps http://www.army.mil/usapa/epubs/pdf/r210_35.pdf and have the Executive Orders in place that will allow Bu$h or his successors to implement martial law whenever they deem fit. More than likely they will create another false flag pretext like 9-11 so they can launch their dictatorial agenda under the guise of “national security”.
The federal government’s response to Hurricane Katrina is a prime example of what we have to look forward to in the not too distant future. The Bu$h cabal’s response to Katrina was a dry run, a test to work out the kinks in their domestic population control, marital law, dislocation, relocation plan. They were also able to test the use mercenaries to: disarm, control and intimidate the public. Using the media to characterize people scuffling to survive as “looters” and “thugs” when in fact most of the charges of vandalism, rape and pillage never really happened was also part of the plan. However the media on the ground unwittingly thwarted that part of the program by reporting a different spin on just how bad things really were. Another problem Bu$h and Co. encountered was the mass media spun Bu$h’s reaction as callous incompetence which did not go well for him on top of an illegal pre-emptive invasion/occupation that was neither popular nor a success.
In the meantime the plutocrats are planning another 1929 type economic catastrophe that will leave most AmeriKKKans debt slaves and wage peons. Keep in mind, the Stock Market crash of 1929 didn’t just happen, it was the result of Federal Reserve policies in conjunction with their Wall Street/ international banking buddies plans to loot the country. The Pecora Commission that studied the causes of the 1929 crash discovered the bankers were actively involved in stock manipulation, shaky credit deals, major fraud and wild speculation very similar to what went on with the Savings and Loan fiasco, Enron and the current “Subprime” debacle. Their schemes and policies created the perfect storm for the meltdown that is just beginning to unravel. I say just beginning because the real problems are just starting. The media and the elites are trying to spin the situation as if Bu$h and Fed have the problem under control but they really don’t. Things are so bad now their largest banks and investment firms are becoming insolvent or going belly up. To survive they are being forced to seek outside help from China, rich Arabs and central banks around the world. Since 2006 over two hundred major mortgage companies have imploded or gone belly up. The number increases daily and some of the largest names in the business are teetering on the brink of disaster. All the so called solutions are really designed to bail out the bankers and give them immunity from litigation.
Much like the Titanic which in its day was dubbed “the ship to big to sink”, banks and lenders like Countrywide Financial Corp, Bear Sterns, Sallie Mae, CITICorp and Merrill Lynch were considered too big and too well established to fail. Well, just like the Titanic we may see many of these go down in 2008 unless their intervention schemes save them. What does that mean for us on the bottom rungs of the AmeriKKKan socio-economic ladder? It means that like in ‘29 banks may close or be merged with other banks so they will not default or be sapped by runs on their deposits. An example is what happened recently to Northen Rock in England. This also happened to several major banks in France, Germany and Asia that bought heavily into the US mortgage/bond packaged deals that are now going bust. The Fed ( a private bank that controls the US money and credit supply) is printing money like crazy. It is lending to banks at reduced rates just so commercial banks won’t default leaving their depositors, investors and borrowers blowing in the wind.
We are impacted because real inflation (meaning the actual rise in the money supply) is causing the US dollar to lose more and more value every day. This fact is making the cost of living go up which means making ends meet will become harder and harder. For working class folks, our consumption will slow or our debt will continue to rise unless we wake up to the scam being pulled on us. Long term our standard of living will rapidly fall. When you couple all this with the so called “trade” policies that sent US manufacturing jobs overseas, the government’s (both political parties’) vicious assault on organized labor, and an ever widening gap between the rich and the rest of us; it is clear to see there is deliberate class warfare going on in AmeriKKKa.
“Federal Reserve monetary policy has been typically misrepresented as a series of ad hoc pragmatic responses to recurring crises in post-war banking and finance. The reality is that it has faithfully followed a coherent hidden thread of policy that was first laid out in 1973 by the spokesman then for America’s most powerful establishment family. The policy was outlined in a little-noted book titled, ominously enough, ‘The Second American Revolution.’ It was written by John D. Rockefeller III, scion of the powerful Standard Oil and Chase Manhattan Bank empire, and, along with his three brothers—David, Nelson and Laurance—architect of the world arrangement after 1945 known as the American Century. In his book, Rockefeller declared the establishment’s determination to roll back concessions grudgingly granted by the wealthy and powerful during the Great Depression. Rockefeller issued the call in 1973, long before Jimmy Carter or Margaret Thatcher came to office to implement it. He called for a ‘deliberate, consistent, long-term policy to decentralize and privatize many government functions…to diffuse power throughout the society.’ The latter was a witting deception as his intent was not to diffuse power, but just the opposite—to concentrate that economic and banking power into the hands of a tight-knit elite. Privatization of essential and socially useful government functions that had been established often with great social agitation and political pressure during the difficult crises of the 1930’s, was the Rockefeller agenda. In brief, it was the removal of Depression era government regulations on all aspects of economic and social life in America. Above all, deregulation of Wall Street and financial markets was the goal, along with a radical reduction in the equalizing of wealth, as seen by Rockefeller and friends, inherent in such programs as Social Security. The George W. Bush ‘tax cuts for the wealthy’ were just a continuation of a three decade agenda of the powerful establishment circles.” The Financial Tsunami: The Financial Foundations of the American Century Part 2 by F. William Engdahl http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=7813
We are being used as cannon fodder for the ruling oligarchy and their puppets. One of their minions, Henry Kissinger once publicly referred to people not of his social and ethnic groups as “useless eaters”; hence their diabolical global depopulation strategy which includes massive death and carnage from their perpetual wars. As we move deeper into 2008 look for socio-economic conditions to worsen, more banks and mortgage companies will become insolvent, fail or be consolidated to prevent them from failing. More companies will take US jobs overseas. Major industries will weaken due to the credit crunch. Unemployment will continue to rise as will homelessness. Many more AmeriKKKans will lose their homes to default and foreclosure and the money supply will continue to rise; lowering the standard of living as real wages remain stagnant.
More importantly for us, the elites’ lies will begin to become obvious, the manipulated government statistics, the real deal will become known as more hedge funds and derivatives (the Shadow Banking system) feel the pinch of the bad loans made by their banking buddies. Because the truth of the matter is we are being lied to daily. “Sadly, the one result of a false government inflation figure is that our interest rates are set unrealistically low. This cheap money fuels massive borrowing. The borrowing creates massive liquidity and a buying boom in such items as real estate, stocks, commodities, and consumer items. All these items rise in a dangerous price bubble. The economy looks good for a time, but the day of reckoning starts to appear as the U.S. dollar gets hit increasingly hard in international currency markets. In addition to cooking the key inflation measure (CPI), our government has ceased publication of M3, a popular measure of money supply that economists use as a gauge of future inflation. Government figures have been ‘doctored’ for many years, under Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Carter. The former President George H.W. Bush began efforts to lower the reported CPI systematically. Clinton set the stage for a new and lower inflation CPI. So, our present government is not content to cook just the CPI. Their inflation lie is spreading to other statistics as they try to keep the lid on the real inflation rate and to expand on the inflation ‘cooking’ expertise of President Clinton. It is not just commentators such as Lou Dobbs and us who have expressed major concerns over stealth inflation. As we have often reported, former Fed chairmen bankers, who are not known to rock the boat, such as in Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan, have expressed their concern in public. Even senior bankers, such as Gerald Corrigan of Goldman Sachs, and successful fund managers, such as Rudolph-Riad Younes of Julius Baer, have shared their growing inflation concerns.” http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1773119/posts
In part two we’ll continue our look at how all this impacts us.



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