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Global Pipeline Wars

Global Pipeline Wars

“Asia Times columnist Pepe Escobar said to look at Camp Bondsteel and the Albanian Macedonian Bulgarian Oil Corp. (AMBO) for answers as to why the United States is interested in Kosovo’s independence. The $1.1 billion AMBO pipeline will take oil from the Caspian Sea, bypassing the heavily trafficked Aegean and Mediterranean seas and routing it through Macedonia to the U.S.-friendly Albanian port of Vlora, ultimately taking the oil to refineries in the United States for significantly less cost than it now incurs. Camp Bondsteel will serve to provide ‘security’ in the region, defending critical pipeline areas while also serving as ‘a sort of smaller — and friendlier — five-star Guantanamo, with perks like Thai massage and loads of junk food,’ Escobar said.” Kosovo’s Independence A matter of Western oil interests, not democracy By Aditya Ganapathiraju http:/www.informationclearinghouse.info/article19504.htm

The corporate mind control apparatus is painting the Kosovo push for independence from Albania as a good thing, a quest for “freedom and democracy” something the US rightfully should support. Of course the corporate media is spinning the events in that region from the perspective of their owners, the ruling oligarchs who also own and control the major trans-national oil companies. The truth of the matter is the unfolding tensions in Kosovo are part and parcel of a global agenda to expropriate and control natural resources, in this case oil and natural gas. Kosovo is directly connected to what I call a series of global pipeline wars. To fully overstand the implications of all this all you have to do is look at a map to grasp the geo-strategic importance of Kosovo. Go to the US government’s Energy Information Administration’s Website http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/cabs/SE_Europe/Background.html, peruse the whole site then click on Southeastern Europe and read the material on the that particular page. Keep in mind they are not going to tell you developments in Kosovo are the result of US intrigue and mischief. But you can read between the lines or get an aha! moment as you read the maps. Click on the Maps link at http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/cabs/Caspian/Maps.html and you will get clearer insight into what is going on in that region.
The US ruling elites covet oil, particularly the mother load in the resource rich but landlocked Caspian Sea region. The Caspian Sea lies in close proximity to Russia. It also borders many of the former Soviet Union Stans and is close to Warsaw pact nations to the West as well as China to the East. But to gain access to the oil and gas, Euro-AmeriKKKans must do what they and their cousins have been doing for hundreds of years, foment discord, war and strife to set the stage for their divide and rule tactics. Looking at these maps you can clearly see what is going on and why in that region. For example look at how close Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan are to each other and the existing and proposed pipelines on these maps. Now you can see why Bu$h wants more wars. It’s all for oil, natural gas and geo-strategic positioning for pipelines that will carry it to market. Israel is also in the equation for imperialistic reasons.
Take a broader view of a map of Central Asia, Southeast Europe and the so called Middle East. Now think about all the strife that is going on across that region. Keep in mind the invasion of Afghanistan was planned months before 9-11. 9-11 was a false flag operation, an inside job probably coordinated directly by Dick Cheney. It was used as a pretext for Bu$h’s bogus war on terrorism which is really a global war for resources. Afghanistan will serve as a conduit using a trans-Afghanistan pipeline to carry the oil and natural gas from Central Asia to the India Ocean. On the other side, in Southeast Europe, one of several proposed pipelines cuts through Albania to take gas and oil to a port where the Adriatic Sea meets the Ionian Sea. We know the Taliban refused to deal with the multi-national consortium headed by the California company Unocal who wanted their pipeline to cut through Afghanistan. The white boys told the Taliban “either accept a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs.” Hence the invasion of Afghanistan under the pretext of going after Osama bin-Laden. The Taliban asked the US to provide them proof bin-Laden was the one responsible for 9-11. Since bin-Laden didn’t do it (See FBI Website for verification) and the US was preparing for war anyway they launched the invasion of Afghanistan.
In the 1990's Bill Clinton bombed Yugoslavia (Belgrade) and unleashed and air war on Bosnia under the pretext of preventing ethnic cleansing and genocide. Imagine the hypocrisy of using humanitarianism as an excuse to indiscriminately bomb and kill people. But I digress. Take a look at the maps at http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/cabs/Caspian/bosporus%20bypass%20map.pdf. Examine the existing and proposed by-pass pipelines in Bosnia. Think that’s coincidental? If so I have an imaginary bridge I’m willing to sell you real cheap. The mainstream press kept that Balkan war under the radar because the US was killing white people in Europe. The US is not beyond killing and slaughtering innocent white people to get what they want. They want the right of way for these pipelines!
US oil imperialism is not just limited to Central Asia or Iraq. Much of the US involvement in Columbia is to protect pipelines frequently targeted by rebels. The US military has sent troops and Special Forces to Columbia to protect the 500 mile pipeline. “Sometime in the next month, in a significant shift in American policy, United States Special Forces will arrive in Colombia to begin laying the groundwork for the training of Lieutenant Zúñiga and his 35-man squad in the finer arts of counterinsurgency. Over the next two years, 10 American helicopters will bolster the Colombian counterinsurgency efforts, and some 4,000 more troops will receive American training, which will begin in earnest in January, Bush administration and American military officials said in interviews in recent days. The policy shift dovetails with the Bush administration's new, global emphasis on expanding and diversifying the sources of America's oil imports, with an eye to reducing dependence on Middle Eastern oil. That new approach, outlined in the administration's energy report issued last year, is gaining ever more importance with the threat to Persian Gulf oil supplies from the looming war with Iraq. The $94 million counterinsurgency program is also an important element in the offensive by Colombia's new government against two rebel groups and a paramilitary force that dominate much of the country. Pipeline bombings by the guerrillas cost the government nearly $500 million last year -- a blow in a country where oil accounts for 25 percent of revenues. The two main rebel groups, which view Occidental as a symbol of American imperialism, have bombed the pipeline 948 times since the 1980's, while extorting oil royalty payments from local government officials... Bush administration officials have said the reliable production of oil is imperative if Colombia is to have the resources to combat the guerrillas and paramilitaries. But oil is also critical to the national security planning of the United States, which by 2020 will count on imported oil for 62 percent of its oil needs, up from half today. Much of that new oil will come from the Americas, which already supply the United States with nearly 50 percent of its imported oil. Along with Venezuela and Ecuador, the Andes now provides the United States with more than two million barrels a day, about 20 percent of its imports. ” New Role for U.S. in Colombia: Protecting a Vital Oil Pipeline By JUAN FORERO http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9D04E3D8163BF937A35753C1A9649C8B63
The US is in Africa creating mischief and mayhem. Most people don’t know that there are major oil reserves in places like Darfur and Somalia. “In the western region of Sudan known as Darfur, the preferred tactics are burning and pillaging, castration and rape -- carried out by Arab militias riding on camels and horses. The most sophisticated technologies deployed are, on the one hand, the helicopters used by the Sudanese government to support the militias when they attack black African villages, and on the other hand, quite a different weapon: the seismographs used by foreign oil companies to map oil deposits hundreds of feet below the surface. This is what makes it a war of the future: not the slick PowerPoint presentations you can imagine in boardrooms in Dallas and Beijing showing proven reserves in one color, estimated reserves in another, vast subterranean puddles that stretch west into Chad, and south to Nigeria and Uganda; not the technology; just the simple fact of the oil. This is a resource war, fought by surrogates, involving great powers whose economies are predicated on growth, contending for a finite pool of resources. It is a war straight out of the pages of Michael Klare's book, Blood and Oil; and it would be a glaring example of the consequences of our addiction to oil, if it were not also an invisible war.” War of the Future: Oil Drives the Genocide in Darfur by David Morse http://www.commondreams.org/views05/0819-26.htm
As far as Somalia is concerned, this is the real deal, “Bush Senior went into Somalia with 20 thousand US troops in December, 1992 when he had been defeated in his re-election bid by Bill Clinton and was a lame-duck President. Why such a major overseas undertaking by an outgoing president was a question that perplexed many. His excuse was that US was in Somalia on a humanitarian mission to beef up the UN effort to stave off a bloodbath from civil war and anarchy. The real mission for Bush Senior was something else. He went in there to save the interest of US oil giants from his native Texas. After all, he had made his fortunes in the oil industry before making a mark in politics. The powerful and influence-peddling oil cartel had bankrolled him into politics, and he was anxious to pay back in kind. He might have lost his own bid for re-election but he had sons waiting in the wings to inherit his mantle. He had to lubricate their passage into high-stakes politics by obliging his powerful friends. Bush’s interest in the countries around the Horn of Africa, marking the nexus of the Red Sea with the Arabian Sea, began in the mid-80s when he was Vice-President to Reagan. Hunt Oil Company, a Texas-based oil giant, had explored for oil successfully in Yemen and discovered oil deposits there of up to one billion barrels. Geologists believed that there was a natural trough of oil that extended across the Red Sea into Somalia from Yemen. The World Bank had an intensive technical study on oil prospects in the region around Yemen done by its principal petroleum engineer, an Irishman by the name of Thomas E. O’Connor, in the mid-80s. O’Connor was dead certain that ‘it’s there. There’s no doubt there’s oil there.’ Somalia beckoned, just as Yemen had lured them earlier.
Their doubts, if any, put to rest by this independent WB study, Bush’s friends in the oil cartel of America saw a bonanza for themselves and swooped down on Somalia in hordes. Bush used his office and influence to egg them on.” The Name of the Game in Somalia is Oil
By Karamatullah K. Ghori http://www.milligazette.com/Archives/15032002/1503200246.htm.
Study the maps, read between the lines; the real deal about Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Darfur, Columbia and many other places is oil, AmeriKKKan economic hegemony and military imperialism. Now that Admiral Fallon the head of US CentCom the man who resisted Bu$h’s insane plan to attack Iran has resigned, the door is open for Bu$h to reward his NeoCon and Zionist friends by attacking Iran. The Cold War is heating up. Russia is flexing its military muscles due to Bu$h provocations in Central Asia and Southeast Europe. China will not back down either. We could be on the verge of global Armageddon given the mind set of the psychopaths that run this country. Perpetual resource wars will continue to sap the nation’s wealth and lead to further moral, economic bankruptcy as well as a total military collapse.



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