Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Infamous List

                                                           From The Ramparts
                                                        Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                                          The Infamous List

    If you want to see just how corrupt the US system really is, go to the blog and check out the US Congress critters in both parties who have increased their wealth during the years 2004-2008. This list  also shows their net worth in 2009. Looking at the names you will probably see your own so called representative. I say so called because over the last few years its been clear the people in Washington have not I repeat have not represented our wishes and interests, or the interests of ordinary working folks. If you doubt what I’m saying just check the voting record of your Congressman and Senator and the voting records of their peers.  For example most Americans opposed the invasion of Iraq, the Wall Street bail outs, the TARP program and even the so called health care reform legislation that was passed and is scheduled to go into effect in 2014. None of that benefited us and even the health care legislation is not what it was cracked up to be. Yet they voted for them anyway.
Check out and look for your Congress person’s name on the list. What you will see is a disturbing trend, so called public servants who are supposed to be doing the will and work of the people are getting fabulously rich as their bank accounts and net worth increase exponentially far beyond what you and I are making by not doing the will of the people. Now I do not begrudge anyone earning a living or accumulating great wealth if he or she does it honestly and honorably. But what we are seeing today in this country and around the world and this list bares this out, is the people entrusted with running the country, supposedly doing what is right and making the decisions that impact the lives of not only people in America but around the world are feathering their own nests rather than doing what is best for us. These vampires are getting rich at the expense of we the people !
We hear so much about corrupt despots, and ruthless dictators in Latin America, Africa and Asia who have squirreled away millions in European or Carribean bank accounts but see for yourself what is going on under our noses right here in the US by our own elected officials. That’s why I call the US a banana republic. Last year I wrote a piece entitled Blood Sucking Congress Critters, in it I said, “This is no conspiracy theory or wild speculative accusation. It is fact. The Opensecrets Website and Project Censored have documented the fact US Congressmen and Senators are heavily invested in the companies that make the body scanners being used in all the major airports in the country. If you doubt what I’m saying on this topic go to and read the facts for yourself. They name names and where possible tell how much each one has invested in  the companies based upon the lawmakers own financial statements.
That’s not all, Project Censored which monitors the corporate media and routinely exposes the major stories they suppress is on the case. One story tells how the Congress critters invested in stock of the defense contractors making billions on the bogus War on Global Terrorism that is wrecking havoc around the world. In their book Censored 2010 The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008-09, censored story number 14 was Congress invested in Defense contracts. ‘The nonpartisan Center for Responsible Politics has calculated that more than 151 members of Congress have up to$195 million invested in major defense contractors that are earning profits from the US military occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan... ’ So our elected representatives are making huge profits off of  the laws they pass. This is a clear conflict of interest if not outright unethical. It shows just how morally bankrupt this country has become and how deeply the rot is spreading  throughout this society.  Remember, these two stories are just about the military industrial complex and Homeland Security industries. When you factor in big Pharma, oil and energy, agribusiness, insurance (Healthcare for example) and Wall Street (bailouts, protection from fraud prosecution by the SEC and Justice Department etc) we can understand why when our Congress critters  vote, they vote the interests of their benefactors and for money making opportunities for themselves not the interests of we the people. This means Congress is getting rich off the deaths and maiming of US soldiers  and the innocent people all around the world our drones, missiles and bombs are killing .”
This is one list the congress critters definitely don’t want us to see, but all the information I’ve quoted is available to the public; check it out for yourself. Once you do you will understand why things are going the way they are. However the good news is we don’t have to go out like this as a people. If we want a different world and we aught to, all we have to do is visualize a different reality by thinking beyond existing parameters, believe in it,  work towards it and it will manifest because I genuinely believe there are more of us around the world who want peace, harmony and justice than those working for and getting rich off of conflict, war and oppression.




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