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Things We Need To Know

                                               From The Ramparts
                                               Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                              Things We Need To Know

            "The Catholic Encyclopedia states that no-one knows the true date of the birth of Jesus Christ. The Roman Sun God’s birthday was December 25. This celebrated the lengthening daylight which begins on December 21 – the Winter Solstice or beginning of winter. The Christians, seeking to convert believers in the sun god, chose that date for the birth of Christ."

            Many of us will be hustling and running around like chickens with their heads cut off to prepare for a "holiday" we really don't know anything about. Too many folks will  go into debt, paying hard earned money for items designed and manufactured to last only a few years like your flat screen TV's, video games and other consumer products. It's ironic so much emphasis is placed on material goods and things these days, that the purported message of the holiday, the "reason for the season" as some say, is blocked from our consciousness. The "Christmas holiday" at least in the US has devolved into a phenomenon of crass materialism, mindless consumerism motivated by Madison Avenue advertisers to create a profitable retail shopping season that begins earlier and earlier as the corporations scheme, plot and connive to get us to spend our money on their products.
            At the root of this "holiday" is the supposed birth of Christ, the Anointed, the Messiah, the redeemer of the world. The truth of the matter is no one knows the exact date when Yeshua bar Joseph (Jesus is the Latin variation of the name Yeshua or Joshua) was born. Neither the Bible of the Roman Catholic Church nor any of the various Protestant versions including the King James translation state the exact day Yeshua was born.  Little is really known about the time of year it happened or exactly where it occured because the Bible itself (or at least in the King James translation the writers) differ on the details and happenings surrounding Yeshua's birth.
             In a scholarly and well researched book by Marcello Craveri entitled The Life of Jesus  many of the discrepancies and contradictions amongst the Gospel accounts of Jesus' birth are  examined. For example in Chapter Three entitled The Gospel of The Nativity Craveri says,  "Luke tells us that in the year in which Jesus was born, an event of major importance occurred in Palestine: a census of the entire population ordered by Cyrenius the Roman governor of e province of Syria of which Palestine was a dependency. Matthew however reports that at this time Herod was king. The two accounts are not difficult to check. The only census of Palestine known to history was ordered by Publius Sulpicius Quirinus (whom Luke calls Cyrenius) but it took place in A.D.  6 and 7-that is six or seven years after the date generally accepted for the birth of Jesus. Therefore the Nativity would have to be re-dated as has been proposed by among others H.J. Holzman. This creates serious problems, however since the date of birth would no longer agree with the other dates supplied by he Gospels (baptism, death etc); or else the life of Jesus which is traditionally considered to have covered at least htirty years would be reduced to barely twenty-three or twenty-four.
            The Christian exegetes to avoid putting Luke in error, have been constrained to postulate another census, earlier than that of  Quirinus. But no historical evidence confirms this and Luke himself says explicitly that the census to which he refers was the first in Palestine: 'And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria' Other translations 'this census was the first of those taken under Cyrenius' or 'this was the census that was taken before Quirinius became governor of Syria'- suggested by M. J. Lagrange and others are tendentious          and false" from The Life of Jesus by  Marcello Craveri translated by Charles Lam Markmann Grove Press Inc New York page pages 33-34
           This is just one of many inconsistencies and inaccuracies Craveri points out throughout his book. The other important fact we need to realize is December 25 held great significance in ancient times because it was directly related to the Sun, Sun gods and astronomy/astrology. "As with Easter, the early Christians did not celebrate Christmas. In fact, the first Christmas was celebrated in Rome in the fourth century. It’s not surprising, then, that everything surrounding Christmas has its roots in paganism and astrology. The list of sun gods throughout history is very long. The list above is hardly exhaustive. Why were all these sun gods born on December 25 after an immaculate conception? Again, we must look to an astronomic phenomenon as an explanation. December 25 is the winter solstice. The winter solstice is the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (Birthday of the Invincible Sun). During the winter solstice, the, the sun remains at 23 degrees/27 minutes from the South Pole. Because the North Pole is facing away from the sun, it takes six months for full day light to reach it. Yet, it takes three days and three nights for the southern tip of the Earth to pass the sun and move toward the vernal equinox. To Earthbound eyes peering at the sky from the northern hemisphere, it seems as if the sun is dead because even at its zenith, it is very low and the days are very short and dark. This is what the women were weeping over in the Bible (Ezekiel 8:14-15), the death of Tammuz, a Babylonian/Sumerian/Mesopotamian sun god. After three days the sun begins to rise higher in the sky each day. At that time, the constellation Virgo (not to be confused with the sign Virgo) is at its brightest, so the sun appears to be born from a virgin. See the similarities between the Egyptian nativity scene and the constellation. This constellation was seen all over the world and is the reason why so many sun gods are born of a virgin."
            For an in depth examination of these and other truths about ancient Sun gods/saviors read Black Historian John G Jackson's Christianity Before Christ. I am not sharing this information to debunk anyone's religion, undermine your theology, dogmas or embarrass anyone. I am sharing this information so you know humans have thought about the universe, the nature of existence, our place in it, our destiny and the deeper implications of "reality" for thousands of years.
           Throughout human history unscrupulous men and women have high jacked the deep philosophy/cosmology of the ancients and appropriated them for their own aggrandizement. Kings, wanna be rulers and potentates have used ancient wisdom and teachings to exalt themselves and their agenda over the masses. For example many of the Roman Emperors and early Catholic Church founders' motives were more secular, worldly and megalomaniacal than history suggests. They met in secret in informal and official councils, synods and used conspiratorial deliberations to forge a way to further their agenda and control the masses, propagate an orthodoxy and establish themselves as the leaders and overseers of their work. "In times of greater toleration, Christian leaders felt sufficiently secure to hold councils governing their see or metropolitan area. None of the councils of this period gathered representatives from all the Christian churches, or even from those throughout the Roman Empire. Only of a few are the written acts preserved. Most are known only from accounts in works of church historians and other writers. These include: the Council of Rome of 155, the Council of Rome of 193, the Council of Ephesus of 193 the Council of Carthage of 251,the Council of Iconium of 258, the Council of Antioch of 264, the Council of Arabia of 246–247, the Council of Elvira of 306, the Council of Carthage of 311, the Synod of Neo-Caesarea of c. 314, the Council of Ancyra of 314, the Council of Arles of 314. Such councils began to appear only in the middle of the 2nd century, at first at local level, but from 175 onward they involved several communities together, with such activity particularly marked in Italy and Asia Minor. At the end of that century, it became the practice to inform other communities of the decisions taken at such assemblies. In the 3rd century, the meetings began to be held at regular intervals, a custom that appeared first in the Roman province of Africa. In the second half of that century, councils were held at Antioch that gathered representatives of Christianity throughout the Middle East, from the Black Sea to Egypt. These were a prelude to the holding of the first assembly of all bishops, the First Council of Nicaea, the event that marked the end of the period of the ancient pre-ecumenical councils.
            The above list does not include all the subsequent councils, synods and meetings from the Council of  Nicaea onward some of which are recognized by Rome, the Greek Orthodox Church and later Protestant denominations while others are not. Unfortunately oceans of blood have been shed over the various doctrines and dogmas as well as who would be the leader, head and Chief Mucketty Muck of the "Kingdom of God on Earth".
            Again I am not sharing this to discredit anyone's religion. I am sharing the truth and providing food for thought to make you think and reason for  yourself.
             Only a fool believes the universe created itself out of nothing. There has to be a creator and a sustaining force out of which everything else emanated and evolved. I share our ancient African ancestors thinking that the CREATOR is unseen, intangible, it is an all  powerful SPIRIT/INTELLIGENCE/ENERGY/CONSCIOUSNESS that infuses and embeds itself into all creation, thus it is intimately linked and involved in all creation. When Aboriginal people attempted to explain this concept to the Johnny Come Lately Caucasians they weren't able to comprehend it. The benighted Europeans irreverently called in pantheism. Being without spiritual insight/wisdom the Aryans thought it was non-sense because to them it defied their five physical sense orientation of reality.
            When our ancestors tried to explain to whites how our rulers were priestly servant leaders, the whites could not grasp that either.  The wandering, marauding invaders coveted the way our people gave deference to Aboriginal Elders, Chiefs, Kings and Queens and the whites envied the jewelry, regalia and adornment they saw our leaders wearing not knowing its true symbolism, significance or meaning. So they blindly copied it but without knowing it's deeper meaning.
            As the corporate mind control apparatus lies and hypes our emotions to promote ever more wars to enrich the military industrial complex and the 1%, let us be more discerning about the various doctrines, dogmas and "traditions" the elites use to manipulate and control us. Give yourself the gift of an open mind this season!


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